Videos, autoresponders, and 50,000 visitors a DAY

Associate Programs Newsletter #437

Today we get into how to attract, manage, and keep your visitors.

Plus, six secrets from a super affiliate millionaire.


1. Using Online Video To Create A Stickier Site
2. Autoresponder Tips To Boost Your Affiliate Business
3. How Elad Gets 50,000 Visitors A Day
4. The Top 6 Super Affiliate Millionaire Secrets       
5. Thought For Today: Increasing Productivity

1. Using Online Video To Create A Stickier Site

Thinking about getting into online video?

You can create a "stickier" site by following these tips!

Check out Part 3 of our series here...

How To Use Online Video To Create A More Interactive Site

2. Autoresponder Tips To Boost Your Affiliate Business

Started using autoresponders yet?

If not, find out what you need to know about using these little gems...

How Autoresponders Can Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Business

3. How Elad Gets 50,000 Visitors A Day

Here's a remarkable case study...

Elad Shippony, who owns a group of sites, is getting a total of 1.5 million unique visitors a MONTH.

His traffic has increased by 500,000 a month on last year's traffic.

He does it by creating entertaining, useful sites, forming powerful connections with his visitors, who contribute their stories.

Do the math... 1.5 MILLION visitors a month = 50,000 visitors every single day.

Imagine having 50,000 people a day seeing your AdSense ads and affiliate links.

Elad is using SBI 2.0 and the Content 2 (C2) module, which enables his visitors to contribute thousands of pages that are ideal for lucrative long-tail traffic. Sometimes he gets HUNDREDS of pages contributed in a day.

Instead of having to write these pages, Elad reviews, edits and optimizes them.

Come to think of it, you may not want quite as much success as Elad. A fraction of it would be very handy, though.

As he approves C2 pages, Blog It! automatically adds these new pages to the site's RSS feed, pinging every major feed directory.

Subscribers visit. They read and add comments, contributing MORE content. They don't just visit a blog, read his latest post and leave. They get emotionally involved, engaged in the site, explore it, click on AdSense links and buy things.

Just in case you're wondering if you can believe these visitor stats... All the traffic is tracked by SBI. These aren't unverified claims made by some unknown affiliate. They're stats from a company we've been dealing with for a decade. Elad really does get a total of 1.5 million visitors a month to his sites.

As you know, success leaves clues. You'll find plenty of them here.

Check out Elad's case study and his updates...

Learn more about the C2 module he uses here...

4. The Top 6 Super Affiliate Millionaire Secrets

There's a report that's just come out that you need to know about as an affilate.

It's by Mark Ling, and called "The Top 6 Super Affiliate Millionaire Secrets".

While there's a lot of new info out there really isn't too helpful - this is very different.

In fact, the stuff that's packed in here is what many other people would charge for, it's that good.

If you've ever got stuck with keyword research, felt overwhelmed from information overload, struggled to get your head around 
affiliate marketing, or just want to know what's what from somone who's really nailed affiliate marketing, you want to get this.

There's new info here that will make you sit up and take notice - and that doesn't happen too often these days.

Plus there's also a great 90 minute video of Mark speaking at a recent Las Vegas event in front of a live audience, which you'll love.

You'll find that Mark's totally upfront about just how he got to be able to rake in dollars that sit in high 7 figures a year. He tells it like it is, with a lot of fantastic info to boot.

Grab his low-down here...


Underground Affiliates Are Making $10K a Month With Us. Are You?

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Copy it now. See for yourself if I'm right:

5. Thought For Today: Increasing Productivity

"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort." - Paul J. Meyer.


All the best

Allan Gardyne and Sally Evans

November 19, 2009

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Said this on November 21, 2009 At 12:01 am
This is very useful and informative
Said this on December 18, 2010 At 12:58 pm

I've heard good things about SBI even though it is pricey! Seems like Allan likes SBI.

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