Using news trends to increase website traffic

If you want to see an increase in search engine traffic - which happens to be the best kind because its so delicious and free - try this trick that works every time: Write content that includes some aspect of news headline trends that relate to your niche.

For example, if you have a website that is dedicated to teaching newbies how to set up a blog to earn online income, you could integrate popular headline terms to create an article with a title like, "Online Business: A Real Stimulus Package" or "Recession-proof Income Strategies".

Both of these titles will capture the attention of a wider audience because they connect broad national concerns to your niche. Your article will turn up in more searches allowing more people who are looking for ways to fight the economic downturn to find your website more easily.

But don't try to trick people into thinking your article is going to offer tips for fighting the recession if all you're really going to do is make a blatant sales pitch. You've got to devote some thought into including actual strategies for earning "recession-proof" income. You're going to have to offer some valuable information that could potentially help someone.

Creating headline-inspired titles that relate to your niche is going to require some creativity on your part, but when executed properly, these titles and corresponding content could bring in new sources of targeted website traffic that you would never have be able to generate otherwise.

To give you an example of how well this can work, consider this: one night I was watching television and was delighted by the young singer, Gina Marie Incandela, the 7-year-old who sang the Star Spangled Banner for the playoffs. I was so awestruck, what started out as a brief comment-type post about the young singer, developed into an full-fledged article that I was able to relate and integrate with my niche topic. Within days, I noticed an increase in website traffic that came from visitors who were looking for information about the young singer. My new visitors were able to find the information they were looking for and then some. I gained some new followers this way.

Although the increase for this particular subject was short term, it demonstrates the potential increase that anyone could achieve by repeating this process with more popular headline-inspired posts. If applied often (at least twice a week) you could find your site turning up in search results you had never considered before. Seize this opportunity to draw in unlikely visitors and increase your website traffic. For a step-by-step guide on this, read Headline-Inspired Content in 6 Steps

July 21, 2009

Comments (3)

Said this on March 20, 2010 At 02:24 pm
Thanks for the info Kiesha. Very helpful. Just the insight i needed to help me along with writing articles. I'll be applying these tips starting today.
Said this on January 17, 2011 At 08:20 am
Thanks, Great Information!
Said this on May 21, 2011 At 06:36 am
Hi Kiesha,

I really like your approach to this. It seems like you're saying to be honest with your headlines and users, whilst working a 'trade-off' between SEO & readability. Or perhaps I read it wrong - it is early in the morning!

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