Top Paying Keywords

Are you wondering what topic to choose for your next affiliate website?

One sound approach is to build your site using valuable keywords, to increase the payouts you receive from AdSense.

This makes a lot of sense because it's often much easier to generate revenue from AdSense than affiliate programs.

As I describe in my Affiliate Program Tutorial you can get a quick, rough idea of the value of keywords by checking them out at [UPDATE: If you want to use this tool, you now must have a Yahoo! Search Marketing Account to see bid amounts.]

(It's faster than looking them up at Google's AdWords, but not as accurate, because it's really AdWords bids that you want to know.)

For example, with a bit of brainstorming and a lot of research, you might stumble upon some of these valuable keywords...

$5.08 divorce attorney
$2.75 dental practice management
$4.01 serotonin
$1.29 diet patch
$4.17 sql server hosting
$2.11 false claims act
$5.55 irs debt
$12.05 refinance

(The prices shown are yesterday's maximum bids.)

Nice numbers, aren't they? If you build a site targeting any of those phrases and paste in AdSense ads, you earn a share of that loot.

But what about all other valuable keywords you can't think of and haven't discovered?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone had compiled a massive list of valuable keywords?

The good news ... someone has done exactly that.

You can get a database of more than 39,000 keywords, most of them valuable. More than 16,000 of them have bids above $1 and more than 3,000 are above $5. Quite a lot are even higher.

They're arranged in order, with the outrageously expensive ones - over $100 - at the top, so it's easy to find the ones you want to concentrate on.

The list also includes a chunk of 5 cent key phrases. You might want to avoid those topics.

You can scan the list, choose a topic to research and build a site, knowing that AdSense is going to pay you handsomely for every click.

With a list of 39,000 keywords, perhaps you can find a topic you love that will also richly reward you.

Find out more details here...

Top Paying Keywords

Happy hunting!

(By the way, don't design a site purely for AdSense revenue. That's against the rules. Add some affiliate links.)

January 20, 2005

Comments (2)

Graham Sykes
Said this on January 31, 2007 At 05:00 pm
Excellent the chance to BUY a load of lists with the above chucked in as a freebie.
Said this on November 3, 2011 At 09:23 pm

Ad clicked in the US was paid more than ad clicked in Asia. Location do matter.

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