Tips for affiliate beginners

First, make sure you've checked out these pages:

32 useful hints about associate/affiliate/referral programs
How affiliate/associate programs work and how to choose the good ones. "When my visitors ask me a question about associate programs I invariably send them over to Allan Gardyne's site, as it has the most information about them on the 'Net." - Joshua Reimer. Hey! That's THIS site he's talking about.

My Free Affiliate Program Tutorial
You've joined an affiliate program. Here are the 18 steps to take next.

Useful sites for beginners

Links to good, solid information for people new to creating a website and doing business on the Internet:

PC and Internet newbies
At last, here's a free ebook that's actually worth having! Get the 29 Tutorials ebook when you subscribe to the Newbie Club. Just go to the most revolutionary Newbie website on the Web and subscribe here. You can even get FREE tech support - and the Newbie Club is free.

1st Site Free
A topnotch site which covers almost everything about starting and promoting a new website.

The HTML Tutorial
An easy to understand tutorial on how to build websites.

A very good tutorial on the basics of creating a website. The webmaster-to-be will know how to program basic HTML quite well after taking it.

HTML: An interactive tutorial for beginners
Part of Dave's Site. Highly recommended.

Website Designs
Steve Cartwright's site includes The Do It Yourself Zone, a place for learning the arts of web site promotion, winning web site awards, finding tips and tricks to help you out. It also has a self-help discussion page for webmasters, would be webmasters and graphic designers. The site was painfully slow-loading when I visited.

Photo Shop Tutorials
Nathan Segal's tutorials on monitor calibration, graphics file formats, compression, scanning issues, white balancing and more. You'll find specific articles that show you how to get the most out of Photoshop and the devices that work in conjuction with it.

A Webmaster's Toolkit and Tricks
For do-it-yourselfers, here's a good introduction to useful tools for creating, building, coding and running websites.

Building and Promoting Your Own Website
David Herron's site is a free tutorial in designing, building, and promoting small web sites. He writes in a style that's easy to understand.

The Affiliate Marketing Primer
Are you wondering where to begin? Have you found it all too bewildering and don't know where to start? Are you just too busy to track down the information you need to get started? Well, Sherry Gordon has a heap of free information which is aimed at people like you.

Promotion World
A useful site which includes a 40-page, easy to understand tutorial designed to teach beginners the basics of website promotion with a little bit of humor thrown in for good measure.

How To Internet Your Business
Rod Aries has a series of useful articles such as "Optimizing Your Web Site: How to "Wu-Wu" Your Title", "Search Engine Secrets That Don't Work", pages on how to submit to search engines, plus "Search Engine Tips & Secrets" for various search engines.

November 2, 2005

Comments (11)

Said this on November 20, 2008 At 04:23 pm
Susanne |
Hi Allan Gardyne,
I am also trying to find easy-to-use advice for beginners in Affiliate Marketing and found your page here, after I read some of your posts, I really don't know what else I can add to the newbies, that you haven't already written about here.
So what I will do is leave a link on my page like some one else has done, I can see further up on this page... ;o).
Why try to do something, when you have already covered it so well.

Said this on December 7, 2008 At 09:25 am
Thanks for this comprehensive list
I think the major stumbling block for affiliate marketing beginners is the psychology of affiliate marketing

The unrealistic expectations due to all the hype, finding out that this business actually does require a certain amount of hard work, the fact that returns on investment are often not immediate. These are but a few examples

I wonder if you could suggest any site that addresses this mind set of an affiliate marketer

[My free Affiliate Program Tutorial discusses the mindset of an affiliate marketer. It's not just 18 steps to follow. If you click on the "Beginners" link at the top left of this page, you'll find it. Allan.]
Said this on June 23, 2009 At 03:06 am
Really a great great list to lok on for beginners.Myself a clickbank affiliate marketer is earning a good living using the tips given in one of the e-book which I am recommending to all who are interested in CB affiliate marketing.
Said this on September 26, 2009 At 06:28 pm
Ami, I think your point is very well taken. Internet Marketing is a job just like any other, it still takes work.

For beginners I would highly suggest becoming a member of popular webmaster forums such as

These forums are packed with tons of information and you can ask your own questions as well.
Said this on April 29, 2010 At 03:07 am
I've found that alot of people overthink when it comes to internet marketing. I know I did! I try to not to think so much now and "JUST DO"... you can't make any progress when all your doing is research and "thinking" about what your going to do. The most successful people in the world... "HAD A THOUGHT" and ran with it... "They are DO-ERS... Not Thinkers... they didn't spend days, months, or ever years trying to figure it out... that was my mistake when I started! :-0
Said this on May 3, 2010 At 06:06 am
Some people do defer action by reading everything they can get their hands on. Obviously, anyone intending to make money from Internet marketing needs to do the appropriate reading and research, but I agree that all the knowledge in the world won't help you make money unless you apply what you have learned. Learning when to STOP over-thinking and START acting is as important in Internet marketing as it is in any other business. However, I certainly wouldn't recommend that anyone rush into it without some basic knowledge and there's plenty of information on our site to help them get started.
Said this on May 7, 2010 At 07:29 am
Nice information, I really appreciate the way you presented.Thanks for sharing..
Said this on October 19, 2010 At 09:15 am
Really very helpful list for any beginner. Thanks for this wonderful list.
Said this on January 27, 2011 At 01:12 pm
I appreciate the list. The forums mentioned in the comments are also good source for affiliate tips.
Said this on October 29, 2011 At 07:23 pm

Great List. I covered a couple of good points for beginners in my blog at as well. Thanks for your insight.

Said this on August 2, 2012 At 05:55 am

Great article thanks Allan,

I would like to add that the latest Google Penguin update has also reminded everyone owning a website that we all need to keep up to date ourselves with the latest algorythm changes to maintain rankings. You can get more information at the Google blog about what makes a high quality site.



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