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Marlon Sanders is a name that has become synonymous with Internet marketing success. Since the early days, Marlon’s Amazing Formula has been recognized as one of the “essential reading” courses about selling online. I still read it at least once a year.

Marlon’s insights into the processes and systems of selling online have made many Internet marketers and affiliate marketers a lot of money over the years so any time that he brings out a new product, I believe it’s worth owning, reading and applying. Remember… a single tip can be worth thousands of dollars to you.

Personally, I own at least 4 of his products with my first, I think, being Push Button Sales Letters. Now, even though I bought it years ago, I dropped the CD into the drive last month and all my work was still there, stored online for me to access. You can be sure that Marlon’s products are here to stay.

This week, I’m going to quickly review his Traffic Dashboard.

Over past weeks, I’ve looked at some basic skills in keyword research, article and content writing and product/list creation. Marlon’s dashboard will take you much further down the traffic track and give you a more specific series of steps to take to improve the traffic to your affiliate website.

In his own words:

“Here's the deal:  I'm all about WINS and RESULTS.  When you get a  "win" it means you get something done or accomplished that you were struggling with or were stopped by before. The whole goal of the Traffic Dashboard is to get you taking bite-sized steps that get you WINS and traffic.

"I DO guarantee your money back if you don't get traffic.  Fair enough?”

Seems pretty fair to me ☺

The Dashboard

The first thing you note after logging in is the clear, easy to understand dashboard home screen. The training is broken down into 6 weekly steps and 6 daily traffic processes laid out with their own icons. These 6 steps include:

  • Article marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Banner ad marketing
  • Email drops
  • Affiliate marketing (running your own program)

To learn more about each step, you start by clicking the first icon in the row. This will take you into the training page. For example, if you click on the YouTube icon, you’re taken to a page that is broken into steps about YouTube marketing.

In there, you’ll learn about 4 different levels of YouTube marketing from “Do a quick question and answer video regularly” to leveraging multiple video sharing services on a daily basis.

When you have an understanding of these levels, you can move on to the more specific steps where Marlon takes you through the process of planning, shooting, editing and leveraging a video and its content. 

I found this part made it very clear covering what I had to do. The quite extensive instructions were easy to understand and read. They contain all you need to know right down to the format, size and codec of the video output that you should be uploading.

I’ve always wondered what the best output was.

One of the more notable aspects is that Marlon has added a Recent Updates section to the right sidebar. It’s in here that he adds tips, tricks and other helpful content like this below:

Secrets Of That White Background Look

You know how you see those videos done with the nice white background? This isn't as easy to do as it looks!

You need great lighting to pull it off. I personally found that it's easier to use a green screen or a backdrop than try to get that nice white background look. If you want to take a stab at it, here's how to do it: Create studio quality white backgrounds

Personally, this is what I class as the “good stuff”. These are the little tips that make you thousands and save you hours.

Each daily task follows the same layout and formula to teach you what you need to know about building traffic with that technique, what resources are the best to use and what other websites might help you to succeed in implementing it.

Navigating around

Marlon has made the site as easy to get around as possible. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can easily go back, forward, home or print the page to read offline. Also, at the bottom of each very long page he’s added a nice simple “Return to top of page” link to take you back the navigation bar.

Why you should get your Traffic Dashboard

I could go on and on about all the different types of traffic that Marlon covers but you can see that in the screenshot of the dashboard. What you really need to know is that if you want to improve the traffic to your affiliate website, this dashboard will step you through a lot of skills which you need to learn, using clear instructions that you can refer back to.

One thing I particularly like is that it’s all written out for you. You don’t need to wait for videos to play to get to the bit you wanted to review. You can leave the dashboard open and switch back and forth while you’re following the instructions to see what to do next. And, if you like a printed copy, you can have one to sit beside your keyboard.

I think a lot of modern marketers have forgotten that we read much faster than video or audio deliver content. Thankfully, Marlon knows this.

Even if you’ve been marketing online for over 10 years like me, there is content in the Traffic Dashboard that will be new to you. In the first section I read about a topic I thought I knew well, and I picked up 2 new techniques that I’m now looking to apply. Every affiliate marketer can benefit from Marlon’s new Traffic Dashboard.

Marlon also throws in a pile of great bonuses as well as trial access to some of his other excellent products, which is typical of his “over deliver” philosophy. You should also consider grabbing his Push Button Articles software for an extra $20 (Lifetime access). It’s normally $15 a month. It’s a huge timesaver that I’ve used myself from time to time.

Click here to learn more about the complete Traffic Dashboard package and bonuses

June 14, 2011

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I will start to use some of your stuff.That article is very good and this web site has a lot of good stuff.
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