The Fast Traffic Blueprint Review

It would be an understatement to say that Neil Shearing has been online for a long time. Scam Free Zone has been around since 1997 and Neil is well known among his Internet marketing peers as a straight shooter.

In other words, he works well within the whitehat boundaries. Like, Neil’s products contain quality information and use methods that are reliable and well tested.

When he contacted me about a new product he was releasing, I was very interested to see what he had been up to lately. Actually, I found out what he’d been up to for the whole of last year.

That’s right, his latest project is a year long case study of how he built a new site from scratch - with a new domain name - to 122,180 visitors in 12 months. Actually, calling it a case study makes it sound a bit bland. Let’s say he documented and videoed the process so that you can do what he has done.

In Neil’s words, “The Fast Traffic Blueprint describes in detail what I did to launch a new blog ( ) last year and get a ton of free traffic. I didn't leverage any of my existing websites or lists and I didn't buy any traffic.”

Fast Traffic Blueprint Review - Stats

One thing I like about this project is that he didn’t try to take on the whole of the world but focused on UK-specific rankings. Because he localized the website,  67% of all the traffic is from within the UK from a tight 3D TV niche.

So how well did the blog do?

- 1,639 visits in the first month from 577 different keywords and 49 different referring sites.
- 22,248 visits in the first three months from 5,544 different keywords and 229 different referring sites!
- 61,157 visits in the first six months from 12,856 different keywords and 463 different referring sites!
- 122,180 visits in the first year from 24,350 different keywords and 826 different referring sites!

Those are pretty good traffic stats for a localized niche site.

After writing about 50 blog posts in the first 2 months, Neil followed up with a maximum of only 3 each month thereafter. That works out to about 100 blog posts in a year... Were they successful in the search engines? Well, those 100 posts got traffic from around 24,350 different keywords! Not a bad effort in anyone’s book.

What did I think of Neil’s Fast Traffic Blueprint?

The blueprint is a surprisingly easy read and I found it was easy to digest and understand. Not only does Neil step you through each process but he explains why he did it so that you understand the reasoning behind each phase.

While he has documented each step he took, Neil hasn’t wasted words on irrelevant content. He gives you what you need to know without trying to increase the page count of the book with useless filler.

He covers laying the foundation of the site such as buying the domain, getting hosting and installing WordPress. Then talks about which plugins he uses to spread the content and build links back to his site. An example of one plugin is Article2PDF, which turns every article into a PDF that the search engines can index. It also makes your articles more print friendly.

Fast Trafic Blueprint Review

In the next step, Neil talks about “finding your blogging voice”. This is one thing that I have always tried to do. You need to be able to connect with your readers but also find a way to write that allows you to get words out easily. Once you find this “voice”, writing becomes so much easier.

He also has some great ideas on how to come up with the topics to write about using some of Google’s built in tools. I particularly like the way Neil approaches this step, especially when he combines it with themed content words. I hadn’t come across the tool he uses before now but am going to investigate it a bit further to see how I can use it to improve my writing.

Neil talks about mixing up your content types from reactionary content (content about things happening right now) through extended content (long posts). In my experience, this is a very important point as no normal print medium would have all the articles the same size. They would vary depending on the story. I believe a website should reflect this too.

To round out the process, Neil has used a variety of methods to build what he calls a “Promotional Cascade”. In doing this, he has aimed to do as little work as possible (sweet!) by automating the “cascade” as much as possible. He utilizes a set of article distribution sites using a spun article. But, this is not just any spun article. You have to see it to believe it! I’m pretty sure it will pass Google’s duplicate tests without any problems.

My Final Thoughts

Fast Traffic Blueprint Reveiw - FamilyThis is a great case study/report on how to go from nothing to traffic. For a beginner it is built on solid search engine safe principles. For the advanced affiliate, it reminds you that locally targeted sites work and introduces some tools that you may not have used before and explains why they are chosen.

Neil is selling the Fast Traffic Blueprint as a 63 page book with a bonus of a blueprint diagram, Google Penalties report and The One Secret report for only $37.

He does have one upsell but it’s for the videos documenting how he built his site. After watching the videos myself, I suggest you grab them too. They make the process even clearer and you can watch them while you build your site.

Click here now to get reading and start building your new site today

March 1, 2011

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Comments (7)

Said this on March 3, 2011 At 12:38 pm
Thanks Brad!

I was just looking at this program yesterday.

Thanks to your review I'm going to take a pass on this product and stay focused on my current methods. It doesn't look like a bad program, I'm just working my current plan.

Appreciate the emails and insights.

Said this on March 3, 2011 At 04:09 pm
Thank's for this, i especially love the part about the plugin Article2PDF, which turns every article into a PDF that the search engines can index. Now that's good news.
Said this on March 3, 2011 At 06:29 pm
I've always respected Neil's ideas and this is no exception however, on another note, so many people refer to Google's duplicate content penalty as you do in this post.
While this penalty has never been proved and is surrounded in mist and uncertainty, your reader might be interested in the following video posted on YouTube and comes directly from the horse's mouth so to speak.

It enlightens the mists and myths associated with the duplicated content issue and the following short article appeared on another blog.

"For the past couple of years, I have read so much about how Google looks at duplicate content. Since I have several sites all on the same host plan, this concerned me. Thankfully, Google has given us the answer. As long as the content is not on the same domain, it will not be considered duplicate content. For more information, check out the video below:"
Said this on March 3, 2011 At 08:03 pm
Hi Sean,

Interesting points but you need to consider the age of the video - Sep 15, 2009. A lot has happened since then.

Thanks for the feedback :-)

Said this on April 10, 2012 At 09:27 am

can i use the program for acquiring localized traffic here in the Philippines?

Said this on April 10, 2012 At 05:46 pm

Hi Marilyn, Yes, you can use the program to learn how to attract Philippines-specific rankings, or target any particular country.

Said this on April 11, 2012 At 07:43 am

thank u allan, i ask about it since i'm planning to create a website intended for attraction marketing, but my network marketing company only targets filipinos since our products mainly consist of prepaid loads, meaning i only need a localized traffic 

thanks again

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