The Best Christmas Present Ever for Yourself

Inside of everyone is an idea waiting to burst forth on to the Internet, take the world by storm and generate millions of dollars into your pockets.

This holiday season, why not give yourself a special gift? Go out and spend $5 on a spiral bound notebook. Used correctly, it could be the best gift you ever buy yourself.

I have a couple of A4 books that I keep on my shelves filled with the musings of my fertile entrepreneurial imagination. Idea after idea is jotted down and stored for later review. My wife refers to me as “idea a minute” man - rather sarcastically I might add ☹

But, this is my way of not being drawn off task by “bright shiny object syndrome”. Writing it down means I can release my mind and still keep what could be a killer idea without wasting hours thinking it over when I should be working.

You could doodle a diagram, nut out a flow chart, make a list of parts, write out a problem to find a solution for, or just sketch out an invention. You might have a layout for a website, a new way to use social media, a method to harness your affiliate skills to win a product launch competition or even a new mobile app.

Every month or so, I dig out one of my books and read through the ideas. When I see one that tickles my fancy, I take a little more time to jot down a diagram, more notes or bullet points to fill it out with more details.

Slowly over time, the better ones get built into products, courses, books or videos depending on what I think suits them best.

Many of my ideas will never see the light of day unless I turn them into a book for other entrepreneurs to run with. That doesn’t matter though because the ones that have worked out have been great successes.  Mind you, I’ve had some superb flops too!

You have a million business ideas inside you! Get them out and on to paper because you never know when you might be in the position to launch one. I had a meeting just the other day with someone who had exactly the right skills to turn an idea into reality.

It was pure chance and I had no idea that he could do this sort of programming. If I hadn’t written the idea down two years ago, it would have been gone from my mind by now. Will it fly? Who knows, we’ll see…

This holiday season a simple spiral bound notepad may change your future. We succeed because we choose to succeed and take steps to do it. Take the first step, get what’s in your head out and on to paper.

As a wise man once said, "Don't go to your grave pregnant with potential."

December 15, 2010

Comments (7)

Said this on December 16, 2010 At 11:58 am
I like this post! For a long time I have kept several notebooks that I take notes in and refer to as I work. I find sometimes the sheer volume of how-to information is overwhelming, and this is a way that I can keep track of it. Over the past year, I decided to get one to keep in my purse and with me all the time. This I use to capture those errant snatches of all kinds of things: names of songs I hear playing, quotes that I hear, ideas that I have for business and contacts that may have potential for one thing or another. The business inspirations get transferred to a notebook in my office, if they seem to have merit. I tend to be a tad distracted and have found that writing these things down keeps them from floating about and intruding when I need to be focused.
Said this on December 16, 2010 At 12:10 pm
It might not always be convenient to be carrying a spiral notebook, or there might be times when you simply forget to bring it along.

But there are very few times when one does not have one's mobile with oneself. Which is why I use my mobile's "Notes" facility (most phones have such an app) for quickly recording ideas before they get lost in my thought stream.

Just my two cents :)

Lucky Balaraman
Said this on December 16, 2010 At 07:02 pm

Another great suggestion. The reason I use notepads is anything electronic always ends up getting wiped somewhere along the way LOL. But if I transfered it across, that would good.

Said this on December 17, 2010 At 12:35 am
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Said this on December 17, 2010 At 01:03 am
Yes, that sounds like a good figure to start at ;-)

Said this on December 24, 2010 At 03:16 pm
Great idea. I've actually been trying this for a month already and it works pretty good.

Also, just as a heads-up to my fellow affiliate marketers, beware UniversalMarketingMedia. They owe me over $135 in commissions and every time I contacted them about it they claimed they were switching banks, etc, but assured me I would eventually get paid. I never did. Now, fast-forward 1.5 years...they are back in business with a new website and running an affiliate program again and, true to form, ignore my request for payment.
Said this on December 28, 2010 At 03:24 am
The holiday season invariably leads into New Years and before we know it, we're making resolutions, toasting each other's success and then the time is gone.

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