Success Alert - Conversations with Successful Internet Entrepreneurs

It's not easy to be surprised these days by the claims made by so many Internet authors peddling ebooks about how to be an Internet millionaire in three easy lessons.

Most have something valid to offer, but we're often left with the feeling of being short-changed, waiting for really valuable information we can use. Unfortunately, most books just don't have it.

Not so with John Evans' new book "Success Alert - Conversations with Successful Internet Entrepreneurs".

As an Internet newbie, John wanted to gain as much useful information as he could from those who have made it big in the Internet business, so he did his research and set about interviewing 60 Web entrepreneurs, 10 of whom made it into this book.

It's unlikely you'll have heard of most of them before. The 10 examples John has chosen have simply come up with a unique idea they've each built on in their own way. The only common denominator is that they've all achieved success and the kind of incomes most of us only dream about.

What they have to say will amaze you - John asks the questions that give you the answers. You'll learn how each of them got started, their advertising and marketing strategies - what worked and what didn't - traffic building techniques, and the kind of information that will motivate and inspire you to want to emulate their success.

No hype, no magic formulas

The success stories range from web sites about parrots, magic tricks, and socks to credit cards and vacuum cleaners. Even the kitchen sink rates a mention.

One guy has sold over $2.7 million in big-ticket items for other people on eBay, another earned $250,000 in affiliate commissions in one year, while another has doubled his annual revenue to $1.2 million in just two years, with 60,000 unique visitors each month.

The $250,000 affiliate gives you valuable insights.

For example:

    He tells you which of his affiliate web sites is the most successful - and gives you the link.
    He also shows you six more of his affiliate sites.
    He tells you why Google penalized his sites at one stage.
    He describes how he chooses topics for sites.
    He explains why he favors sites that earn $500 to $1,000 a month.
    He tells you how he gets articles for his site without writing them himself.
    He discusses the importance of AdSense, and so on.

There's no hype, no magic formula, just the strategies and techniques used by 10 ordinary folk that have yielded extraordinary results, and turned them into Internet millionaires (or soon-to-be millionaires). And they're not afraid to share the secrets of their success.

As John says, "I expected reluctance in sharing their powerful insider techniques ... when they openly started revealing their proven big money tactics, my jaw visibly dropped..."

There's a whole lot more to the book than the $250,000 affiliate. My favorite chapter is the one on the guy who's selling big- ticket items on eBay. He's doing stuff that no one else is doing and, so far, has no real competitors.

If that chapter doesn't set your pulse racing, you don't have a pulse.

"Success Alert - Conversations with Successful Internet Entrepreneurs" is a book I'd recommend to anyone who's serious about achieving Internet success.

Once you start reading the first story you won't be able to put it down.

Read more about John Evan's powerful book here...

 Success Alert

You won't be disappointed.

[UPDATE: I've made a special arrangement with John so you can get a $20 discount on Volume 2. Just use the following code: SA2AG.]

September 7, 2004

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