Starting an ebook publishing business

Associate Programs Newsletter #283

This issue looks at a new, easy way to start your own ebook publishing business...launching your own products... and tips for affiliates whose revenue has stalled.



1. Want your own ebook - or ebook publishing business?
2. If you're planning to launch your own product...
3. What about Keyword Elite and AdSense Dominator?
4. How to protect a Blogger blog
5. It's been 3 years now, still hopeful...
6. It's our eighth birthday
7. Thought for today: Wanting something so badly


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1. Want your own ebook - or ebook publishing business?

At some stage in your affiliate marketing career, you've probably considered creating and selling an ebook.

You may have even toyed with the idea of launching your own ebook publishing empire.

Perhaps you've started writing an ebook and abandoned it.

The problem is, there's all that work... Locating a profitable niche, doing the research for the book, planning the chapters,and then there's the actual writing...

For many of us, it all turns out to be too time-consuming and so it never gets done.

A couple of friends of mine, Adam Maywald and Robert Blackstone, have solved this problem for you.

They'll provide you with not just one professionally written and edited ebook but FOUR ebooks every month which you can sell and keep 100% of the proceeds.

Combined, Adam and Robert have some very useful skills.

Adam is a search engine optimizer, affiliate and owner of the private site. When AdSenseNiches was launched in February, it sold out in less than a day. It has 400 people on its waiting list trying to get in.

Robert writes niche info-products and owns a string of affiliate sites. I know first-hand how good he is because at least one of his niche sites is competing very effectively with one of mine. That's OK. There's room for all of us.

Adam and Robert are wonderful, genuinely helpful guys. You've probably seen them on our affiliate forum, where they're frequent contributors. Between them, they've made more than 2,400 posts.

(Adam is "Voasi". Robert is "robertb".)

You can tell by the quality of their posts that they know what they're talking about and they like helping people. That's quite a combination.

They're good guys. You can trust them.

So when they send you four ebooks each month, they don't just leave it at that. You receive an enormous amount of additional help.

Here's a sampling of the sort of assistance you receive...

For each ebook, as well as the PDF file, you receive a doc file you can edit, graphics, a mini course you can put on an autoresponder, a salesletter, a keyword list...

There's even a video showing you how to use Open Office software to turn a doc file into a PDF ebook containing affiliate links.

There's also a private forum where you can ask questions and get tips from Adam and Robert and other members.

You can also request topics for future books.

As I told Adam and Robert, they seem to have thought of everything.

Enrollments are strictly limited to 300, which is much fewer than many private sites.

For each ebook, you won't have anything like 300 competitors. Let's face it, you have to actually take action to be a competitor, and that's where most people come unstuck.

Also, unless you're super organized, you probably won't choose to sell all four new ebooks every month. You might launch only one - 12 ebooks a year instead of 48. It's your decision.

You might just choose the ebooks which interest you most.

Book topics include computer security, planning various types of parties, various aspects of health improvement, a variety of hobbies, and much more.

Here's what you can do with each ebook:

  * Sell the ebook. The recommended price is $15 to $30. The simplest way would be to use ClickBank. You keep all the  profit.

  * Insert affiliate links and give away the book. You collect the commissions.

  * Use parts of the ebook to create a free PDF report to entice new subscribers to your newsletter or email list.

  * Use sections of the ebook to create an autoresponder course containing affiliate links - a nice hands-off way of selling.

  * Use the ebook to add lots of new content for your website. Earn revenue from AdSense and affiliate links. You must rewrite it first if choosing this option.

  * Use parts of the ebook as fresh content on your blog.

  * Set up your own affiliate program and get affiliates to promote the product for you. If you already have an affiliate  program, add the product to your existing line-up.

  * Allow other affiliates to rebrand the book with their affiliate links. Make sure you place a link in the book to your  newsletter or NameSqueeze page, so that other affiliates help build your email list.

  * Boost affiliate sales on an existing site by offering an ebook as a bonus to people who buy a product through your site. To receive their bonus, they email you a copy of their receipt.

  * Use the ebook as an upsell. When someone has just bought a book, they're in the perfect mood for buying another one you  recommend.

  * Use the ebook for backend sales.

  * Modify the ebook. Edit it, change it any way you like. Add your own chapters. Make the book totally yours in every way.

  * Create slightly different versions of the book to appeal to sub-niches. See Charlie's post in this forum discussion:
  This may be the best idea of all.

  * You're limited only by your imagination.

You'll need to read the Terms of Use. For most uses, at least some rewriting is required.

In ALL cases, whatever you plan to do with the ebooks, rewriting is strongly advised. This makes sense because you want to make sure you're providing a product or content which is different from everyone else's.

With four ebooks coming out each month, you might end up hiring writers to do additional research and writing. This could end up being not just a little project but a decent sized business.

The beauty of it is that the bulk of the work is done for you - thousands of dollars worth every month and you get it for a small fraction of that.

However you choose to generate revenue from these books, Adam and Robert will be with you all the way, giving you valuable assistance.

This is a fantastic offer for anyone who wants to build a business or add to an existing business.

To make it even sweeter, I've arranged a special discount for readers of the Associate Programs Newsletter.

You get 10% off EVERY month. The coupon code for this is "allan".

To get the discount, be sure to use this link...

Be very quick. Remember, Adam's Adsense Niches sold out in less than 24 hours, and he has 400 disappointed people on his waiting list.

Grab Ebook Niches right now and start building your ebook publishing business...


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2. If you're planning to launch your own product...

If you're planning to launch your own product, you need to read this.

Neil Shearing, who has been selling his own products online since 1997, has written a new ebook, Insider Rollout Secrets - "secret tips for turning any product launch into a screaming success".

In it, Neil shows you how he turned a simple idea into more than $253,000 in sales and added thousands of people to his opt-in lists, for continuing sales.

The 123-page report provides a ton of detail, backed up with screenshots taken during a recent product launch.

You'll probably be very surprised to see how many different ways you can generate revenue from one product launch. He shows you exactly how much each method made. This is the first time I've seen a marketer reveal such detailed statistics.

In Neil's case, this included substantial earnings from affiliate links inside his ebook. He gives candid tips on how you can increase such commissions. One way is to ask a merchant one simple question.

Neil provides a long list of ways you can benefit from a product launch apart from the revenue raised. It's possible to give away all your profits to affiliates and still receive long-term benefits so powerful that the launch is well worth doing.

He's developed his own 12-step rollout system.

For example...

Step 5 includes a nifty tip on how to get other merchants to promote your product.

Step 8 describes how he used someone else's affiliate product to generate backend sales.

Step 10 tells you how to get testimonials - while making sales.Very smart.

As Neil points out, most people who read his book won't achieve a $250,000+ product launch. His aim is to help you achieve the maximum benefit you can in your situation by using effective rollout techniques.

If you're planning to launch your own product, Neil's Insider Rollout Secrets is an absolute must-have.

Here's where you can get it...

3. What about Keyword Elite and AdSense Dominator?

Question: What is your opinion of Keyword Elite & AdSense Dominator? I was hoping Jay Stockwell would review them as I found his reviews of keyword search tools objective & enlightening.

Answer: Jay's done an incredible amount of testing of keyword research tools - more than anyone else online. Unfortunately, he's has been frantically busy on a large project and then he went to Washington for Yanik Silver's conference. The good news is that he's now working on keyword research tools again. He's done in-depth testing of Keyword Elite, AdSense Dominator and another new one.

Make sure you get Jay's newsletter so you'll know when his reviews are published on his site. He tells me he'll publish a newsletter tomorrow - .


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4. How to protect a Blogger blog

In my last newsletter I published a warning from Jim Hutton, whose 50 blogs were suddenly deleted by Blogger.

Here's a tip on how to protect your blog while still using Blogger.

You need your own domain name and web hosting for this.

Eldon Sarte writes:

Just a bit of feedback on this item in your latest issue.

I use free Blogger for some of my blogs. However, I've got Blogger generating the pages on to my server/site. For example:

So, if for whatever reason Blogger zaps anything or just quits working, my blog's still up, I've still got my content, and I'll just need to scramble for alternative tools.

Setting this up's just a tad bit more technically involved than simply using Blogger's free hosting, but not all that much.

Just thought your readers should be aware of this before foregoing the benefits of using free Blogger (assuming its slimmer feature set is sufficient for their needs).



5. It's been 3 years now, still hopeful

 From our affiliate forums...

After three years online, Jeremy is making about $1,000 a month consistently. I've given him a heap of tips to speed things up

Markus Frind has made much faster progress... He's getting $10,000 a day from AdSense

My First Site - Feedback appreciated (u2-make-money-online-at-home) Can you guess my advice?

6. It's our eighth birthday

Whoops! It almost slipped by unnoticed.

The first edition of the Associate Programs Newsletter was published eight years ago, on April 4, 1998.

It's also nearly 10 years since I sold my first ebook online, in May 1996 (although I'd never heard of the word "ebook" then).

Launching my own business was the best thing I ever did (after marrying my lovely wife, who edits this newsletter).

7. Thought for today: Wanting something so badly

Focus is wanting something so bad that you measure every action against the answer to one question:

"Does this move me closer to what I want, faster than whatever else I could be doing?" - Paul Myers.

All the best

Allan Gardyne

April 6, 2006

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