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Last week we brought you John Gibb’s free ebook which went into quite some detail covering how he has built an affiliate empire within the health industry. Having read the ebook myself before we sent it out to you, I was intrigued by how he has worked one niche so effectively.

Most people you talk to tend to spread themselves across a range of niches. It comes back to that inch wide, mile deep niche theory.

Aside from his own success, John understands that there is still a huge opportunity for other people to succeed too. He knows that there are more than enough new and existing health products for everyone to promote. This week I'm going to look at how he wants to help you to do what he has done.

Get Your Piece of the Health Market Too

John has put together his own training program where he will lead you through how you can run your own affiliate site in the health niche. Better still, he's going build your first site for you and guarantee your success.

That's a great deal for anyone wanting to start out or expand into a new affiliate product area. All you need to do is work under John's guidance and learn how to build traffic to your website.

So What Is John Including?

John has built his members' training area using a secure forum/bulletin board system, which I personally think is very sensible. It not only allows him to neatly list the training modules but it provides a simple way for you to ask questions.

health affiliate products
The private message function also provides an efficient method of communication so your answers can be sent directly to you without getting lost in your email inbox.

Your training is broken into 3 multi-part phases which are supported by 5 video training and 9 audio training calls so far. For each phase of training, John has included easy to read PDF files as well as MP3 and/or video so people like me who prefer to read are catered for as well.

health affiliate program
Each section of the training is kept to the most important things you need to do and John hasn’t tried to pad it out with unnecessary information. If the step requires you to submit an RSS feed, he tells you how to do it and, if it’s more cost effective, what outsource company you can use to do it for you.

If there’s a suitable shortcut, you’ll be taught what it is. I think this is an important point. Too many marketers pad out their courses with manual submissions and steps that they would never do themselves.

Like running any business, there are always “tricks” you learn along the way that make you more effective and more efficient. That’s what you’ll learn from John.

You Get a Fully Loaded Tool Box

John is offering a range of tools that are designed to help you to push through the day-to-day issues you might face in affiliate marketing. He is also focused on helping you to keep your attitude positive.

•    Members' Only Forum where you get private coaching, files, videos and support from John.
•    Full Control Over Your Site Content so you can add new pages and products.
•    Recommended Resources Section to make sure you get the best tools available.
•    Outsource Content Section containing a selection of tested oursourcers.
•    Free Back Links From In-House Health Websites
•    Exclusive Pre-sell Primers  that you can use to sweeten your sales copy.
•    On-Going Training Calls.
•    On-Going New Product Launches.
•    Regular On-Going Advice and Teaching… from John.
•    Advanced Techniques Taking You To The Next Level.
•    Advanced Instructional Guides to stretch your knowledge.
•    Regular Email Newsletters so you don't miss anything.

Still Sceptical?

John is offering to guarantee your success. That’s right, he’s going to guarantee your first affiliate sale. You have 90 days to prove that his system will work for you and to make your first sale. If it hasn't had a sale in that time as promised, just let him know. Every cent of your 3 months membership will be returned.

He will make your website for you, create the initial content, hold your hand through your first steps and guarantee your first sale. Certainly seems more than fair.

Ready to Get Your Site and Affiliate Product?

You've read the ebook, you've seen the case study… All that’s left is for you to click that “Join” button so John can help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

[UPDATE: You can still learn useful things from John's ebook, although it's now out of date. John has closed Healthy Wealthy Affiliate (HWA) to new members so that he can focus his attention on his new elite private affiliate training service, in which he gives affiliates even more training and mentoring - and he builds a unique website for you, with high quality links to it!]

UPDATED: September 17, 2013
April 19, 2011

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Said this on August 17, 2011 At 04:52 pm

Where can I go read John Gibb's ebook that was mentioned in the article.  Tks.

[We've added the link to the article above. Allan.]

Said this on January 7, 2012 At 05:29 am

I have been searching the internet for this, and I am glad I found it here! Thanks...

Said this on June 1, 2012 At 12:34 pm

Great post....Thank you..!!!!!

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