Site Build It! pays for itself many times over

Affiliates don't put links up and optimize their web sites just for fun. Every affiliate wants to make some good money.

With a little more affiliate knowledge I have made a much more profitable site. Hopefully you have learned something from these two case studies and can go directly to the stage I'm at now.

Let's see how much money my site has earned. Take a look at the table below, it shows the traffic, commissions and sales figures for my site over the last 12 months. If you are interested in my earnings per click over the last 12 months I earned $0.033 for every click through to TigerDirect.

Monthly traffic, commission and sales stats for Cheap Computers Guide


Traffic (unique visitors per month) 

Commission earned (USD) 

Shipped sales 

May 02




Jun 02




Jul 02




Aug 02




Sep 02




Oct 02




Nov 02




Dec 02




Jan 03




Feb 03




Mar 03








As you can see my monthly commissions are above $1,000 now. For those of you who doubt the importance of affiliates take a look at my sales figures. My traffic resulted in over $150,000 in sales for TigerDirect over the last 10 months!

Wouldn't it be nice to have 3 or 4 websites that are all as profitable as this one? Site Build It! makes multiple sites possible by taking all the time consuming work out of building affiliate web sites.

Site Build It! the bricks and mortar of affiliate business

After reading about my second site, are you impressed?

There are any people on the Internet who will promise thousands of dollars to you if you take part in their scheme. All I can show you is how I built a web site part time that earns over $1,000 a month in commissions.

Many Internet entrepreneurs would call what I did the hard way to earn a buck. In some respects I agree with them but what I have now is much more solid than anything created through hype and spin. I have an Internet business and one that was built during an IT recession.

So would I go through this all again and build another site with Site Build It!? You bet I would.

Site Built It! made my success possible because of all the work it does for you. Here are all the things I didn't have to worry about:

  • Quality web hosting - SBI includes the best web hosting you can get.
  • Researching profitable site topics - SBI includes the most advanced keyword research tools available.
  • HTML and building pages - SBI has easy to use page design tools that don't require any HTML knowledge.
  • All my pages were optimized for top search engine rankings.
  • Awesome traffic stats that help me achieve a really profitable site.

Site Built It! doesn't exist just to make you a cheesy marketer it exists to help you become a shrewd webmaster.

In a few years time my site will still be there, generating commissions. If you're serious about quitting your job to make money on the Internet you need a site that will work in the long term.

There is no way to cheat your way to long-term success and there is no other tool that will help you more than Site Built It!

Read more about Site Built It! here.

NEXT: Future directions for my site (and 2011 revenue)

April 5, 2003

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