Site Build It! all things to all people?

I'm sure you've already read something about Site Build It! being unbelievably good software. In my experience, Site Build It! does offer everything a first time affiliate would want.

As you can see, my very first affiliate web site makes money. Now it is done, I have moved on I'm building more sites generating new revenue streams. With four or five sites I could afford to do this full-time. Site Build It! takes care of so much manual work that having 10 sites would easily be possible.

Instead of building new sites, another option is to IMPROVE your first site, look for ways to attract more people to it, and encourage a higher percentage of these visitors to buy things. Take a look at Allan's advice at the end of the next section.

You can forget about researching search engine optimization, web hosts and HTML design. Just forget about all of that and start focusing on web site ideas that excite and interest you.

It's a cliche? I know but you get out of Site Build It! only what you put in.

You need good ideas and drive to succeed with this suite of tools. Before you get Site Build It! try to think of some topics that you might like to write about. If you can't think of a single thing that makes you excited, then don't buy. Your visitors can tell if you're just going through the motions like a robot.

[On the other hand, the brainstorming advice in the Action Guide could surprise you. It could help you come up with a good idea to suit your interests - Allan Gardyne.]

Site Build It! is the robot, you're the living breathing passionate creature that adds your soul to the words on your site. Your visitors will appreciate your honesty and benefit from your knowledge by buying the right products from your merchant partners.

NEXT: Future directions

December 12, 2002

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