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You've no doubt heard the expression "What doesn't change will remain the same" or one of the many variations.

Is that the story of your life?

Let's face it, we all yearn for something ... be it a better life, better job, more money, good health or whatever you dream of. 

But here's the thing: most of us are stuck in the "some day syndrome". It's like one day we're going to be hit with a bolt of lightning that will instantly transform our lives and magically present us with the things we desire.

Guess what?  It ain't gonna happen!

Jason Gracia observes and discusses this dilemma in his powerful book The Motivated Mind.

But take heart. Before you start beating your chest muttering "mea culpa", there's nothing to be ashamed of - it's a natural part of the human condition.

We all seek the security we get from remaining in our comfort zone, and because of that instinctive need, our goals and dreams are subject to the "some day syndrome".

We convince ourselves that next week, next month, two years from now, all the obstacles that prevent us from doing what we need to do to get the life we yearn for will magically disappear.

Chances are, that day will never come.

The motivation to make changes in our lives requires honesty. The honesty to look at yourself and your current situation, and then ask yourself what would it take to prod you out of your comfort zone?

So, here's the simple question you need to ask yourself:

If you change nothing about the life you currently have, will you ever achieve your goals and dreams?

If you're being honest with yourself, it's a tougher question than it appears, because it dispels the "some day syndrome" myth.

The simple truth is that if you don't do something about changing your life now, you most likely never will. 

All the dreams you yearn for will remain just that - dreams.

Acclaimed cinema director Cecil B deMille said, "The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication."

You can read more about the "some day syndrome" in The Motivated Mind.

Making changes

Many of us fear making changes, it's only natural, yet we are constantly changing. Our experiences, relationships, opportunities, employment, world events, even the weather, require constant change that we accept automatically. 

So why are we loathe to make changes that will empower us to get what we want out of life?

  • If your life is hum-drum now, if you're afraid to leave your comfort zone now, if you've convinced yourself that you'll get around to achieving your goals one day in the future, it's a sure bet that day will never come.
  • Nothing is going to happen unless you make it happen, and you can make it happen by slowly introducing change into your life, starting right now.
  • Change needs to be introduced slowly, bit by bit. Trying to aim too high too fast will only result in you crashing back to earth and deciding it's all too hard.

If your goal is to live a healthier lifestyle, yet you still get up at 7:30 each morning then madly rush to get to work on time, start by setting the alarm clock a half hour earlier so you've got time to eat a healthy breakfast. 

It's amazing what a difference a nourishing breakfast can make to your energy levels.

Once you've established a comfortable routine, it's safe to move on to the next step.
Set your alarm clock back another half hour and start with a 15 minute walk or jog, plus 15 minutes to warm up and cool down. Get the picture?

By introducing change slowly, you allow yourself to get comfortable with each step in the process and gradually, sometimes without even realizing it, you've expanded your comfort zone and extended your horizons.

More importantly, you've overcome the "some day syndrome" and your dreams become one step closer to becoming a reality.

Recommended Reading:

Jason Gracia's The Motivated Mind.

August 20, 2006

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