"Show us something better and we'll give you $50,000"

SiteSell has issued a bold challenge and a world-wide competition. To win $50,000, all you have to do is find another product that is better than SBI! at delivering online business success.

Tens of thousands of people build their online businesses the SBI! way, earning revenue from affiliate programs and in other ways.

SBI delivers success at an unmatched RATE of success.

It does it at unmatched LEVELS, too. People reach their financial goals, however modest or ambitious they may be.

It does it all at a price that no other product, or combination of products, can match.

50k-challenge.gifDo you want to try to win that $50,000? In your research, check these pages: SBI! information and tools, a comparison with other products, WordPress or SB! and proof of success.

Search Google and see if you can find documented proof that another product, or collection of information and tools, delivers everything that SBI! does (or more), at the price of SBI! (or less) AND that that product documents success to the depth that SBI! does. If you can find such proof, SiteSell will pay you $50,000.

If you believe you've found something better, go to SiteSell Facebook to read all the details of the competition.

Who will win the $50,000? Most likely no one, simply because SBI! delivers your best chance for online success. That's why I have been giving SBI to my assistants and recommending it to friends and family for years.

To be fair, I must warn you that SBI users are laughing about this competition. One says SiteSell could offer a million dollars and it wouldn't make any difference, because SBI just can't be beaten. There's no better value, no better proof of success.

What is SBI?

SBI! is an all-in-one-place suite of tools for brainstorming and researching a profitable niche, building a theme-based website, generating targeted traffic, and making sales. It's site-building, web hosting and marketing, all in one.

But it's MUCH more than a bunch of tools. It's provides comprehensive, step-by-step instruction - as taught in more than 40 universities and colleges around the world - teaching you how to build a profitable online business. Web hosting, your domain name, and blogging if you want it, are included in the very modest subscription.

You learn how to build your own theme-based content site, one that is packed with well researched, high value, keyword-focused pages that rank well in search engines and get the click-through to income-generating sites.

At first glance, you might assume that SBI! was designed for generating revenue from Google AdSense ads (it's perfect for doing this), but it was actually invented BEFORE AdSense came on the scene. In fact, SBI users are taught a number of different ways of generating revenue... from affiliate commissions, AdSense ads, your own product, and several other ways.

You could be an affiliate, or a merchant, or someone selling your own service. In all these cases, SBI is perfect for teaching you how to build a theme-based content site that attracts targeted visitors.

Try SBI! for yourself

The 90-day guarantee makes it risk-free.


A month went by and no one claimed the $50,000 prize. No one even tried to claim it.

Why not? To SBI users, the answer is obvious. There's simply no better value anywhere on the Internet. Nothing can beat it. There's no better proof of success. Using SBI gives you your best chance of success.

UPDATED: June 7, 2012
October 11, 2011

Comments (16)

Said this on October 13, 2011 At 02:08 pm

Nice article, it explains a lot about SBI. I like its originality and glad to try it myself.

Said this on October 23, 2011 At 12:25 am

Ya! bring it on earth! SBI is yet to find a match when it comes to building a real online business that definitely serves the purpose. Yes I am an SBIier and I am passionate about my new found line of business and the hope and fulfilment that goes along.

Bring it on Earth... Show us something better than Site Build It!

Said this on October 30, 2011 At 04:59 am

This marketing strategy is very effective at making people look again at what SBI can really do. And yeah, if it really delivers, they can raise the price to a million dollars and make no difference still. :)

Said this on November 13, 2011 At 12:52 pm

I am not that surprised to find out that no one has yet claimed the 50,000 gift offered by Sitesell. It was and still is one of my favourite web sites. Sitesell helped me to start my own blog. And if I had the money at the time, I would have definitely invested in their SBI program for success.

Said this on February 13, 2012 At 11:38 am

Totally agreed with Paul.

Said this on November 25, 2011 At 01:09 pm

Good article. SBI is definitely the best all in one solution and course about internet marketing. Ken Evoy, the founder of SBI, is a really great person. The free guides he gives away is enough to succeed online.

Said this on December 30, 2011 At 03:37 am

The link "proof of success" is broken. FYI.

Said this on January 5, 2012 At 12:36 am
Hi Anthony, Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated. The link has now been fixed.
Said this on May 4, 2012 At 12:57 pm

The link may have been fixed, but I clicked on over a dozen categories and there is no information under the categories.

Also, in google searches on affiliate marketing training I have been unable to find any reference to SBI. I really would like to compare SBI with Bring The Fresh, Wealthy Affiliate University, AMZ training University, Chris Farrell, etc.

I believe SBI is (or was) the only college accredited online program available. That's Impressive!! But, when I was recently on alive Q&A with Ann Sieg someone asked her if SBI was a good place to start. She didn'nt actually say anything bad about SBI but it was obvious that she wouldn't recommend it. That really sent up a red flag! It was probably because she perceives SBI as competition to her expensive mentoring program. But her program seems to me to target a much more advanced audience.

Anyway, I desperately need help!  just want to know the truth and to find a program that is geared to my needs and budget.  Sincerely, Kerry

Said this on May 5, 2012 At 01:44 am

Hi Kerry, You're wise to do careful research and watch out of sharks, but also beware of paralysis by analysis.

Eventually you reach a point where you have to decide to trust someone, and then dive in and throw all your energy into following the path you've chosen.

To help you in your research, here's a link to a page where you can find LOTS of SBI success stories, sample SBI sites, SBI case studies (which show you the actual sites), and details of colleges, universities and learning institutions where SBI courses are run:


None of the courses you mention - or ANY other Internet business building courses - can offer anything close to that level of proof.

Said this on March 2, 2012 At 05:05 am

Web sites similar to this incredibly necessary to me. I most certainly will put up a link to this page in my Post page.
I am sure my readers will find this very useful. Thanks!

Said this on April 7, 2012 At 07:59 pm

Where's that "$50,000 Challenge" tab (in the left margin) of their facebook? Can't find it.

Said this on April 8, 2012 At 06:31 pm

Hi Dona, I wrote this article in October 2011. I think the $50,000 Challenge ran for only a limited time.

Said this on May 12, 2012 At 10:18 am

Good article on good site. I try for SBI its good. Thanks Author.

Said this on June 7, 2012 At 08:55 pm

Marketing strategy is very effective and a wise choice in order to make people turn to what SBI can actually be done. And of course, if it is actually beneficial, people can improve a good price.

Said this on June 1, 2013 At 12:15 pm

I will definitely look into SBI for my real estate business.  I probably could have used it before I started!

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