Robust business model for turbulent times

Associate Programs Newsletter #390

Allan's still "roughing it" with Joanna on a luxury European cruise. Tough for some.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing my series that outlines my top 3 fav online business models. See if this week's one is up your alley.

(Jay Stockwell - Acting Editor)


1. Jay's Top 3 Business Models - #2
2. Free "Affiliate Marketing Mastery" Webinar
3. PPC Classroom problems and a $5000 make-up
4. Thought for today: Opportunity in danger

1. My Top 3 Business Models - #2

In these turbulent times, I reckon there are some real advantages to having a business model that is robust and pays you consistently month after month.

The model I'm discussing today is one of the most robust of any you'll find online. It is the "membership site" business model.

We like this model so much, we're undertaking a pretty major push in this direction within our own business.

I'm actually right now writing this on a train to Brisbane to do a video shoot for a new training based membership site we're launching next month.

We've teamed up with an expert in a non Internet Marketing niche I'm particularly interested in. He's creating all the content, we create the systems and do all the marketing. Both parties then split the profits.

This kind of synergy seems to work really well. We all work hard at what we're skilled in and together we hopefully have a profitable (and fun) outcome.

I've had some experience with setting up membership sites, but this is the first time I've undertaken one this big. I've got to say, it's still a lot of fun and great to be working within a niche I'm really interested in.

I can't tell you what the site is just yet, but we'll let you know in due time.

In the mean time, take a look at this next installment to see why I like membership sites so much, how to easily set them up, as well as a few things to look out for.

Like last time with the PPC affiliate marketing dissection, I'll cover:

 - An overview
 - What are the start up requirements?
 - What is the learning curve like?
 - What are the risks?
 - What is the potential?
 - Who does it suit?
 - What do I like about it?
 - How do I get started?
 - The next step...

Take a look. If you are already in a niche, you could possibly turn it into a membership site fairly easily.

Read all about it here:

Top 3 online business models

2. Free "Affiliate Marketing Mastery" Webinar

I've been invited by the CPA affiliate network Clickbooth to give a "Affiliate Marketing Mastery" webinar for their publishers next Tuesday, October 21st. It will run from 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM EDT.

I also extend the invite for all our Associate Programs Newsletter readers to attend as well.

This will be free, but space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Should be fun. I'm hope to see you there!

3. PPC Classroom problems and a $5000 make-up

If you were trying to get into PPC Classroom on Tuesday, you would have seen what a mess they made of it. Even with a 6 server cluster, they still couldn't get it right.

It seems they weren't fully prepared for the level of interest they attracted. The site was down for 6 hours at a time and it made them look pretty bad.

As a result, they've come up with a bunch of "sorry" bonuses worth $5000 to try and save a little face.

Unfortunately, most of the time when people say they are offering these kind of big bonuses, they are just arbitrary dollar values assigned to what is not much more than a $17 ebook.  :)

Thankfully these bonuses are actually really good.

While I reckon the $5000 call might be a bit generous, it's certainly worth more than $1000.

Which is not bad for a $77 product.

So if you were interested in PPC Classroom, but couldn't get in the other day, it's worth your while to check it out again and claim your "sorry" bonuses here.

Check out our full review and our extra bonuses here. We've just added a new one too.

See the full review with screenshot.

[UPDATE: PPC Classroom is closed to new students. Here's another very good PPC education option, which is free and is REAL education, not junk. It's by a trusted name in the industry, Perry Marshall, who's THE expert on AdWords. 5 Days to Success With Google AdWords is a 5-day free email course. Perry tells you things like how to consistently pay less for Google traffic, how to make money with affiliate programs, and he shares a strategy that reduces your risk while increasing your profit. Make sure you download his Google AdWords Cheat Sheet. Highly recommended.]

4. Thought for today: Opportunity in danger


"The optimist sees opportunity in every danger; the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity." - Winston Churchill.


All the best

Jay Stockwell

October 17, 2008

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