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Associate Programs Newsletter #241


1. Smart affiliate jumps on Google IPO bandwagon
     ... and how we recognize opportunities
2. How to do PPC advertising cheaper and easier
3. Not as good as Wordtracker, but it's free
4. Useful resource:
5. Thought for today: Do you tiptoe through life?


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1. Smart affiliate jumps on Google IPO bandwagon
      ... and how we recognize opportunities 

When people started talking about a Google share offering, a smart affiliate saw an opportunity and set up a site called Google IPO Central -

The simple site includes a quick summary, a forum and links to Google IPO news.

Funding is via affiliate links and Google's AdSense.

If you do a search on Google for "google ipo" with quotation marks the site is ranked No.1 in Google out of 408,000 pages - up from 365,000 pages yesterday.

The site was registered in October last year.

(If you're thinking of using a company's name in a domain name, remember to ask the company for permission. If you don't, you can have trademark problems and even lose your site.)

Google IPO Central is the sort of site that many affiliates will look at and think: "I could have done that."

You probably could have, too.

It's a beautiful example of how thousands of us can read the same facts but one particular individual recognizes a revenue-making opportunity - and does something about it.

Why do some people recognize an exciting opportunity while others merely read the facts?

I'm reckon I'm at least partly qualified to answer that question.

Here are three trends I spotted early:   (1998) (1999) (2000)

I reckon one major reason why I recognized opportunities that other people either didn't see or ignored is because I'm so single-minded.

Once I become interested in a subject, such as earning a living on the Internet, that topic is always ready to pop into my mind, no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

It's as though I'm seeing everything through a filter which constantly, automatically, asks: "Is this a business idea? Could we make money with this?"

I might be reading a magazine, glancing at a newspaper, watching an ad on TV or chatting with my wife, Joanna.

Often I'll say. "Hey! That would make a great web site ..."

Joanna and I will often make a game of it, playing with ideas we'll probably never use.

In a similar fashion, we have a good friend called Paula who constantly has her radar switched on, alert for shopping bargains.

How have you tuned your radar system? What's it looking for?

2. How to do PPC advertising cheaper and easier

[UPDATE: The tool described in this item is no longer available.]

I've been testing a handy new tool that makes pay-per-click advertising much easier and more cost-effective.

If you use pay-per-click advertising, you'll know useful it can be.

However, it can also be terribly frustrating when many people compete for popular keywords, driving the bid prices up and up.

The answer is to bid on more keywords - hundreds or thousands of them.

Trying to figure out all those keyword combinations can be horribly time-consuming.

That's where Sunil Tanna's remarkable new PPC Galaxy comes in.

PPC Galaxy is software that quickly generates huge numbers of keyword combinations. It's suitable for use with most major pay- per-click search engines.

The program is not a keyword list, nor a suggestion tool, nor a thesaurus.

"The idea is slightly different," Sunil says. "What it does is generate combinations of keyword phrases (based on your input, for example by you reading terms in the suggestion tool, using some guesswork). It then can generate keyword phrase lists, with the individual keywords in different word-orders and combinations."

These huge lists - each one can contain up to 802,350 phrases - are relevant provided you include relevant keywords when you use the software.

Each of these phrases may receive only occasional clicks. However, because you have little or no competition for these phrases, you can get top ranking very cheaply. If you get enough less-popular keyword phrases, they can add up to a lot of traffic.

"While the (PPC) leaders have pluralization, and mapping between common phrases, the rest of the pay-per-clicks usually don't," Sunil says. "Additionally even the leaders don't always map less popular terms."

I was surprised how easy the software is to use.

The first time I tried it, I scanned the instructions, typed in a few keywords - with a bit of "Quick Fill" help from the software - and clicked "Generate".

Immediately, I was presented with a list of 880 phrases - far too long to show you in this newsletter.

So I did another much simpler test to give you an idea of how the software works...

new zealand vacation
new zealand vacation ideas
new zealand vacation advice
new zealand vacation tips
new zealand cruise
new zealand cruise ideas
new zealand cruise advice
new zealand cruise tips
new zealand travel
new zealand travel ideas
new zealand travel advice
new zealand travel tips
new zealand holiday
new zealand holiday ideas
new zealand holiday advice
new zealand holiday tips
new zealand trip
new zealand trip ideas
new zealand trip advice
new zealand trip tips
new zealand tour
new zealand tour ideas
new zealand tour advice
new zealand tour tips
new zealand package
new zealand package ideas
new zealand package advice
new zealand package tips
nz vacation
nz vacation ideas
nz vacation advice
nz vacation tips
nz cruise
nz cruise ideas
nz cruise advice
nz cruise tips
nz travel
nz travel ideas
nz travel advice
nz travel tips
nz holiday
nz holiday ideas
nz holiday advice
nz holiday tips
nz trip
nz trip ideas
nz trip advice
nz trip tips
nz tour
nz tour ideas
nz tour advice
nz tour tips
nz package
nz package ideas
nz package advice
nz package tips

That was really easy.

You'll find you'll quickly generate truly massive lists of keyword combinations, using different techniques. For example, you can increase the size of your keyword list dramatically if you choose "variable word order" instead of "fixed".

This tool isn't for everyone.

People who already use pay-per-click advertising will appreciate how useful the tool is.

"I know this idea of bidding on lots of keywords works," Sunil says, "because I have been doing it for some years with good success (although previously I used Excel macros, scripts, etc, etc to generate very large lists)."

You can learn more about this remarkable tool here...

[UPDATE: PPC Galaxy has been withdrawn from sale.]


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3. Not as good as Wordtracker, but it's free

There's a new tool called Nichebot you can use to get a very quick idea whether keywords you're thinking of using on a new affiliate site or a new page will be profitable.

It's powered by Wordtracker and Google.

Type in a keyword or key phrase and you'll quickly be shown a list of related key phrases with information about them, such as: * The number of times the search phrase was used within the past 60 days.

* Estimated number of pages in Google with that exact keyword phrase.

* Ratio - the number of sites there are for every 1 search. The lower the number, the better.

You can drill down, clicking on the keywords to find more results.

It's not as good as Wordtracker, but it's very simple to use and won't cost you anything.

You don't have to download anything. You can try it here:

[UPDATE: There's now a monthly fee.]



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4. Useful resource:

Continuing the Google theme...

Here's a useful web-based tool which shows you how your site is ranking in Google for the keywords you type in.

You can check up to 10 keywords simultaneously.

This one, too, won't cost you anything.

[UPDATE: You now need a Google SOAP API key.]


5. Thought for today: Do you tiptoe through life?

"Most people tiptoe through life, hoping to make it safely to death."  - Earle Nightingale.


All the best

Allan Gardyne

May 6, 2004

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