Plenty of Fish Advertising Tips

If you ever watched Lady Gaga's video, "Telephone", you've probably seen it.

More than likely, you've been hearing about it.

It's been on magazine covers, featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Today Show, CNN, FOX and hundreds of others.

It's becoming or should I say, already is "the next big thing"!

For those who haven't heard, POF (Plenty Of Fish) offers a streamlined and highly targeted dating platform that's 100% free.

Of course, this magnetic lure has attracted millions of members.

In 2012, POF is hauling in 2 billion page views each WEEK.

What's of special interest for affiliate and web marketers is that POF offers a self-service advertising platform ( that gives advertisers easy access to over 30 million users!

What's more, POF ads are displayed above the fold and are limited to only one ad per page.

Better yet, instead of talking dollars per ad, in the rich oceans of POF we're talking cents. This makes it a low-cost alternative to PPC advertising. You can pay as little as 10 cents per 1,000 impressions, which can work out at only a few cents per click - depending how good you are at creating attention-getting ads.

Before I give you a quick run down on how to set up income producing ads in this low competition and cost environment, let's consider a few different offers that should bring in a good catch here.

Despite its no frills approach, the POF advertising platform can exploit incredible depth and accurate demographic targeting. Instead of using the shotgun approach, you should be able to find perfect matches for your offerings using variations of these targeting options and their various subsets.

  • CountryState
  • Province
  • Zipcode
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Profession
  • Has Children
  • Games and Puzzles
  • Body Type
  • Drinking Habits
  • Looking to Marry Soon
  • Ethnicity
  • Height
  • Income
  • Login Count
  • Marital Status
  • Religion
  • Search Type
  • Smoking Habits
  • Session Depth
  • Hair Color
  • Has Car

Here are a couple of scenarios.

How about targeting age, income, gender and body type for your new weight loss product?

A bridal boutique site owner may select "Looking to Marry Soon" and Zip-Codes across a pre-determined radius.

Affiliate marketers looking to promote to professionals in the real estate game (or to a myriad of other professions) can get right in front of their target markets face.

Perhaps by targeting Smoking Habits you may be able to pitch your "How to stop" campaign.

If you want to know more about how this works, feel free to dig a bit with this tool.

POF Demographic Search

The possibilities are endless. No matter what you offer, you should be able to get very close to right under the nose of your target audience.

Enough of that. As Click Through Rate (CTR) is said to hover around 0.15% (about 5-10 times higher than social networks), here's how to get it happening quickly with POF and in a way that should improve your odds for success.

1. First head down to

Simply click "Create Your First Ad" and fill in your details. Of course, if you already have an account just log in.

POF Login

2. Next, give your campaign a name. Once accomplished, add your appropriate targeting.

It goes without saying and this is why it must be said, step two is arguably the single most important factor in determining your campaign's success.

Can you answer the question, "Who?"

Almost half of the members of POF are women, so, is your product or offering for men, women or both?

What age group? Students or professionals? What type of professionals? Geo-targeting... Is your service localized?

If you own a hair dressing saloon, just tap into a radius around your postcode.

How about national or international?

What countries are more attuned to desire your goods, services and/or offers?

Matching what you have to the right target audience pays dividends, so don't hasten too fast through here.

POF Targetting

3. Now down to the ad creative.

It's pretty straight forward but I'll throw in a few pointers for free. :)

Never underestimate the need for a solid call to action. A well-crafted ad can inspire and compel response.

Use enticing content such as "free trial," "click here now", or "outrageous" to scream to your users.

You've simply got to get their attention first!

If you know your target audience well, be sure to talk their lingo. Match their vibe.

Consider applying scarcity. In others words... "Time limited offer". I've used variations of this to push my CTR up by 2 and 3 times. The sense of loss or missing out is a powerful motivational force.

Remember, try to focus your content around reasons. Buyers today need good reasons to part with their hard earned cash. Also, try to go for their emotions, not just their head. Sell the sizzle not the steak!

Of course, a picture paints 1,000 words. You can spruce up your POF ads so that users can see the real benefits of your offerings. Visually stimulating images can grab their attention fast. There are plenty of good images to be found at

As you input your text, you'll see exactly how your ad will appear in the creative preview, on the bottom left side. The image you upload, however, will not be viewable until after you submit it.

A special note: The POF adverting platform has a few advertising guidelines that you must adhere to. If you're considering fringe marketing, check it out as everything is manually approved.

4. Now simply add some dollars to your account and your ad status will switch to "pending approval"

POF Add Funds

By the way, there's also an auto replenish function. A purely optional feature for those who want to make sure their ads don't stop running the moment their balance runs dry. But use with caution.

The POF Advertising home page or dashboard (whatever you want to call it) is where you'll be directed to after you add your funds. It's also the landing page you'll hit immediately after logging in.

From here in good old fashioned AdWords style you can select all, pause, resume, cancel, edit, run reports and create new campaigns.

A simple yet functional graph can be manipulated to reveal essential metrics such as cost, impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPC and CPM per day and for life.

Beyond reporting, you can manage and edit existing creative just by clicking on the campaign name. You should also find in there your approval status including the reason why your ads were not approved should this occur.

That's all there really is to it. Pretty simple.

As far as an interface goes it's not the flashest or the most advanced by a long shot but you may find its simplicity quite refreshing.

Wrapping it up

I trust that some of the information here will help make your POF Advertising experience more enjoyable and more profitable.

To be honest though, I'm not a POF Advertising expert. In fact, I'm just a dabbler. A newcomer who is hungry to learn and grow. So now I hand this writing space over to you.

If you've had some experiences with POH Advertising, why not share them with us?

We're keen to discover:

  • What sort of results you've achieved with POF?
  • Tips and ideas that have helped improve your CTR?
  • What offers and markets work better than others?
  • Any other suggestions you can make.

Wishing you great success with POF advertising. Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing.

UPDATE 2012: One important thing to consider... People visiting Plenty of Fish have dating/match-making/you-know-what on their minds, so if you're promoting a non-related product, you're likely to find it tricky achieving an immediate sale, because that's not what is on their mind. Unless you have an outstanding sales pitch, you may get traffic and few sales.

So it's best to persuade them to sign up for your newsletter or autoresponder series. Then you have multiple chances of making sales to them later when they are thinking about your product, or affiliate product. For tips on how to create an effective landing page, see our interview with Steve Scott in which he gives tips on how he creates effective squeeze pages.

UPDATED: August 14, 2012
March 25, 2010

Comments (21)

Said this on March 25, 2010 At 05:28 pm
I just printed off an article from searchenginejournal; that has 30 adsense alternatives and POF is one of many that are all self-serve with very good demographics.
Said this on March 25, 2010 At 05:46 pm
I discovered this site the other day through a friend but didn't give much thought to the ad potential. Wow! Thanks for giving me the dope slap.
Said this on March 25, 2010 At 07:32 pm
Hi Allan

Wow - that is a great resource and the step by step will make a huge difference.

Oddly enough - I know about the site - since I am single ! but it was through a marketing site that mentioned the rise of the site and at that time the owner wad making I think it was some ridiculous figure of $100,000 per day from Adsense.

Every time I get en email from the site - I usually end up looking at the ads - and a few weeks ago I could not see the adsense on it and thought that the owners are monetizing it themselves or using private networks.
But now its obvious they are taking it the next level.

Many thanks Allan for the step by step blow down.

By the way - Loved the articles and the site you sent the link to regarding that you mentioned in your email.

I am fascinated by this idea because I myself packed in everything, 8 years ago - sold my business . my home , almost everything I had, to go live a more simplistic life with a view to living and working from wherever I wished. sometimes has a way to well nt work out quite the same way you planned. Maybe it was something to do with the mindset.

Many thanks for that link - I will definately be buying it - Maybe 2nd 3rd attempt will work out.
Take care

Said this on March 25, 2010 At 09:15 pm
Wow...great find. Won't be long before the guru's start figuring a way to make money by telling us how to "get rich" by using it.
Said this on March 25, 2010 At 11:06 pm
This is a great opportunity. Esp. in light of the specific demographics and the targeting ability. POF owner was written up for his success. He and his girlfriend operate this from his loft with the help of 12 servers. And he is the top producer on google adsense, earning around $100,000. PER MONTH. Sorry to bust your bubble, Hamant! But if you consider the volume of commissions from high paying affiliate links combined with the adsense rev, he is knocking down a bundle. An opp I expect to discuss with my clients. Thanks for the info! JM
Said this on March 26, 2010 At 04:33 am
Great tip! Thanks for getting it out to us first before it becomes "trendy"! This is great for anyone with a content site trying to monetize their products
Said this on March 26, 2010 At 06:44 am
Great info on POF ads! What sort of CPM do you advocate bidding? I've read that some guys have bid
Said this on March 26, 2010 At 08:26 am
Great advice Allan!

All those affiliates who have recently had their Google Adwords accounts banned will be leaping on this big style.
Ron Schmidt
Said this on March 26, 2010 At 11:55 am
What was the name of the article in searchenginejournal that had the 30 adsense alternatives? Do you remember?
Said this on March 27, 2010 At 04:02 pm
Thanks Mike, As a Newbie I am grateful for this bit of information. Hopefully soon, I will able to share some information.
Said this on March 29, 2010 At 03:19 am
Thanks so much Mike and Allan for a really good "new" tip to think about for some of our websites.
It is amazing all the new ways of getting traffic that are coming out since Google started to ban people. Necessity is the mother of invention !
Said this on April 7, 2010 At 03:03 pm
Hey Mike, just wanted to say thanks for the lead. Running my own ecommerce stores and always looking for low-cost ways to increase traffic and sales. This looks like it has some potential for the various personal care products I sell. For start-ups like me, finding ways to get conversions for around $5-7 each is hard. Hope this can be a great starting point.
Said this on April 9, 2010 At 10:03 am
Some really great advice. I had discounted POF as an advertising medium but after reading your great article will have to reconsider! Thanks for the advice and breakdown.
Said this on October 9, 2010 At 01:53 pm
I have been looking at doing testing on POF, since there are so many users on it. Seems competitive as far as price goes, too. For those who have not tried facebook ads yet, IMO their ad platform is great.

Thanks for the great primer on the network
Said this on December 1, 2010 At 02:37 pm
I had a little success with POF for a particular dating offer but the cpa network i was using no longer accepts POF advertising.
Said this on June 22, 2011 At 02:58 am
I wonder if there are other sites using the same advertising concept. I like how its really focused on the audience.
Said this on July 20, 2011 At 10:46 pm
it seems a fake article with fake comments to me
Said this on July 21, 2011 At 11:10 pm
Did you bother to read the article, or check out any of the websites of the people who made comments?
Said this on August 4, 2011 At 04:54 pm
I found this article that I think may be the one referred to.
30+ Self-Serve Ad Networks & AdSense Alternatives for 2010
Said this on July 30, 2012 At 10:08 pm

Great intro post, thanks. I've been looking to get my POF ads account started again. Do you have any advice for frequency capping? I've heard 5 is a good place to start, how much does this matter?

Said this on July 30, 2012 At 10:42 pm

Hi jesse, I've been told you should test the frequency cap, and gradually increase it from 3 to 8 or even 10, and watch what that does to your earnings. I've never gone that high. It seems like a heck of a lot of times to show the same ad to one individual in one session! The higher you go, the faster you'll burn through your ad impressions.

Of course, it's test results that matter, not what I think.

POF says in its latest advertising guidelines PDF:

"The minimum frequency cap is 3 per session. After much testing and studying on our end, we’ve seen the best responses between our users and ads at this setting."

That's good enough for me. POF wants advertisers to succeed, so they'll keep buying more ads, so it should be very good advice.

By the way, you say on your site the minimum CPM is .20. I've got test campaigns running now that are set at .10 CPM. Don't pay more than you have to!  :)

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