Niche Profit Classroom - NPC Review

A recent speaker I had the pleasure of listening to said, "It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to BE."

She was referring to starting your online business and delivering her speech to a roomful of aspiring internet marketers whose main frustration was getting started. The problems people were having varied, but you can probably identify with one or more of these:

  1. Unable to decide what to pursue and what will give you the best chance of success
  2. Overwhelmed by the amount of options and markets  to go into
  3. Fear that an idea you pour your heart and soul into is going to fail
  4. Worried that you don't have enough time to give it a proper shot (especially if it's wasted)
  5. No idea where to start researching and preparing to enter your market
  6. You don't have the needed knowledge to do it, be it technical, copywriting or marketing
  7. You don't have oodles of money to risk getting started when you're not 100% sure what you're doing

Which of these is reaching out and choking you right now?

Too many times we paralyze ourselves with worry over certainly very real reasons, but they prevent us making a step until sometimes weeks, months or years go by and we realize we're not where we wanted to be right now.

If you're experiencing a bit of "paralysis by analysis" at the moment, then pay especially close attention because you might be surprised at how painlessly you can take that first step.

We requested special access to Niche Profit Classroom because it's developed by two proven internet marketing experts with real experience. Adam Short and Alen Sultanic have huge success with their methods (to the tune of almost $100k/month) and they openly teach the same methods, no holds barred.

Alen and Adam both walk the talk and teach from years of experience perfecting the art of niche marketing. Because of their complementing strengths and skills, the knowledge they have to offer is well-rounded and especially comprehensive. It's fairly important to learn from people who've been through the trial and error themselves, or else you're not getting the full picture.

What is Niche Profit Classroom?

Niche Profit Classroom is a hybrid.

I wouldn't call it strictly a course, although detailed training is certainly what you receive. But you won't be sat down and taken through a static set of modules that leave you still unsure where to start at the end of them.

The step-by-step training shows you how to get started and more permanently, Niche Profit Classroom is an extensive library of marketing resources that you can draw on when you need them.  Some areas you may not need to know straightaway. That's okay, just delve into the training that you need. As you grow your business, you've got the extra training there and ready to support you.

For example, you could look at getting your web site hosted and content-rich for free search engine traffic as your first priority. Then look at how to get even more traffic - free and paid, social and viral media, later.

Niche Profit Classroom is geared to get you through those first few steps easily and quickly, and then continues supporting you with fresh knowledge afterwards, so you're continually educating yourself for long-term results.

I think you'll be more than surprised by the diversity and depth of Adam and Alen's training. Here's a detailed look at what you'll find inside Niche Profit Classroom.

Niche Profit Classroom - The Niche Marketing 2.0 System

This is the first point of call in the Niche Profit Classroom Members area, which is really just scratching the surface.

It's a 13-part course stepping you through the Niche Marketing 2.0 system, using multiple videos, downloadable materials and an action plan. This makes up just a fraction of the full suite of training materials.

This is aimed at helping you get your niche web site launched swiftly and making a profit. It's your launch pad as a niche marketer basically, to get your income flowing as quickly as possible.

Niche Marketing 2.0 Training Center 
The Niche Marketing 2.0 Training Center.

Niche Marketing Module 2 
Within a lesson, you get video training, downloadable PDFs and action steps.

NPC Media Center

The NPC Media Center is pretty impressive. They state that it "might just be the largest Internet marketing video library on the Internet!" and if it's not, then it's certainly close to! (and growing as they continually add more).

After you've completed the Niche Profit Classroom initial training, there are literally hundreds of training videos taking you step-by-step through a wide range of internet marketing methods and topics. Pick the topic you want to learn about and you'll then be taken to the list of videos just on that topic.

This resource center is perfect for growing your traffic and leveraging your web site further. By following these guides, you can automate your business - set it and forget it. The ultimate goal is to have your business growing on autopilot, while you can be off doing other more important things :)

This is the complete list of topics in the NPC Media Center at the moment:

NPC Video Training Library 
NPC Media Center Video Training Library.

So let's say you want to find out more about making money with Squidoo. You click on that and you then have a list of 39 videos that you can watch to learn how to turn Squidoo into a profit machine.

NPC Media Center Video List 
The 39-video list for one section of the library - "Making Money with Squidoo".

Everything's in bite-size chunks so you can self-pace and pick up easily where you left off.

For example, the topic on 60 Traffic Techniques offers a dedicated video for each technique and you can easily learn a few a day (or fast-track it if you prefer).

If you like having things demonstrated then this video library is an amazing marketing resource that is continually added to.

NPC Ready-made Niche Businesses

Members of Niche Profit Classroom receive 2 ready-made businesses - every month. Each niche has been pre-researched, profiled and materials prepared ready to go. How easy do you want it!

They're called Niche Packs and contain high quality material that can be used straight away. Each NPC Niche Pack includes:

  • eBook
  • Audio upsell (professionally recorded)
  • Professional sales letter
  • Mini-course
  • SEO-ready articles
  • Keyword lists
  • Customized 21-day Traffic Blueprint
  • Template
  • Graphics

Now what if others are doing the same thing? To help you stand out from the crowd, you'll also receive a 3-part video series telling you how to customize this business-in-a-box so that you can tailor it and make it your own. No advanced knowledge necessary.

Below you can see the Niche Packs for June and you can download the whole pack or just individual components. Highlighted in yellow you see a video of "Why We chose the ..... Niche".

This is tremendously valuable for you. Including the reasons why a niche was chosen is a great way to help you understand the "why" behind this important decision-making process. It's training as you go for confidently choosing your own niches as well.

NPC Niche Pack for June 
2 NPC Niche Packs released monthly with materials provided.

NPC Teleseminars & Interviews

As well as NPC members-only teleseminars/webinars, there are also interviews with internet marketing entrepreneurs and business-building experts.

You'll have the opportunity to attend the online live events, or listen to the recordings at a later stage. They're made available to all Niche Profit Classroom members and it's another great format to learn new tips, direct from successful entrepreneurs who've been there before you.

An example is Dr Andy Williams' interview on "How to Build Cash Producing Affiliate Sites". For over an hour, Andy speaks about the unique methods for building affiliate sites that rank highly and make money.

This is a continual stream so you can keep up-to-date with the latest methods and tips from several industry experts, not just Adam and Alen. It's a sure way to stay competitive, in touch with the market, and bring more home to the table.

MoneyWord Matrix Desktop Edition

The MoneyWord Matrix is a separate software tool developed by Niche Profit Classroom to help you get into the top 10 search engine listings for Google, Yahoo and MSN, without spending hours on boring analysis.

The MoneyWord Matrix SEO method looks at how competitive a given keyword is. So using the matrix, you'll have foreknowledge of which keywords are difficult to rank for and what will be the best bet. This helps you to fly "under the radar" and generate a high level of quality traffic with the right choice of keywords.

As far as tedious jobs go, this is certainly one that you want to automate.

 NPC Money Word Matrix
The MoneyWord Matrix Desktop Edition complete with video training.

Niche Profit Classroom Software tools

In addition to the MoneyWord Matrix, there are additional software tools freely downloadable by all NPC members. As well as being excellent time-savers, you're also holding on to your cash.

These software shortcuts include:

  • MoneyWords Keyword Tool - to find the most lucrative keywords in your market
  • Market Scorecard - to find the markets that are worth pursuing
  • Market Profiler - so you can profile the niches you are investigating
  • Market Checklist - to keep track of your progress with each web site you launch
  • Sales Letter Wizard - create compelling sales letters that convert, in minutes

 Niche Profit Classroom Software Tools
Current list of Niche Profit Classroom free software tools.

Niche Profit Mastermind Webinars

Mastermind twice a month with live group webinars, most of which are 2+ hours and packed with valuable content. You can pick up innovative ideas from these sessions that aren't common knowledge (particularly to your competition) - another great way to fast-forward you through to niche marketing "expert" level.

Unlike the teleminars and Interviews I've just described where you listen to established authorities, these webinar sessions are focused on giving you personal assistance through the use of presentations, Q&A and "Hot Seats" where they unmute selected members and give dedicated instruction.

Here's a list of the 12 Niche Profit Mastermind webinars so far this year.

 Niche Profit Classroom Mastermind Webinars
2 content-packed webinars per month for NPC members.

And a closer look inside one of the beginning webinars.
NPC Mastermind Webinar Session
February's Mastermind Session Webinar with 2 hours of content.

Mastermind webinars are another useful format to keep you motivated and give you the knowledge you need to grow your business and profits.

Niche Profit Leaders - NPC Forum

Ever joined a forum community and been disappointed with the experience?

Well, Niche Profit Classroom has done something unusual.

To take your training to the next level again, they've hand-picked specific Niche Profit Leaders to help you with any questions you have in the Niche Profit forums.

Here are a couple of Niche Profit leaders (there are many more):

 NPC Niche Profit Forum Leaders
Niche Profit Classroom Profit Leaders active in the forum.

Imagine being part of a forum where dedicated Niche Profit Leaders are on-hand to answering your questions fast and comprehensively through the forums. Given that each leader has different experience, you can also direct your queries to a particular Niche Profit Leader that could best help in your situation. You're not on your own.

 Niche Profit Classroom Forum
Sneak look at the thriving Niche Profit Forum.

Niche Profit Hot List

In Alen and Adam's hot list, they show you the best of the best tools and resources so you can just focus on what works and not waste time on the rest.

 Niche Profit Classroom Hot List
Learn how to maximize your tools for each purpose.

Given their vast experience, this resource can be a huge time saver, as well as saving you wasted money on tools and methods that are not worth your while.

Niche Profit Press

If you think you're weighed down by lack of technical knowledge, then imagine if you could create a web site from start to finish in under an hour, or even half an hour after a little practice?

Using the free blogging platform WordPress and combining it with NPC's Niche Profit Press template and free hosting account means you can have your own niche marketing site up and running - virtually free. You'll just need less than $10 to buy a domain name.

With your Niche Profit Classroom account, you can host up to 15 domains. With each domain, you get:

  • 100 MB Disk Space
  • 1000 MB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • 20 FTP Accounts
  • 5 mySQL Databases
  • DB Management: PHPMyAdmin
  • A cPanel Account
  • Web Mail

This is of course provided with video tutorials on how to set up and manage your hosting account. These are the 3 instruction videos they provide:

Step 1: Signup
Step 2: Setup your FTP account
Step 3: Setup your Nameservers

Sure you might eventually need more than 15 domains eventually, but it's one less thing you need to worry about when you're starting out. Apart from the savings on web site hosting, you'll also have the sense of accomplishment of knowing exactly what to do with it through the step-by-step videos.

NPC Pros and Cons

The Niche Profit Classroom Members Area is massive and loaded with practical training. To summarize, these are the things that stand out about Niche Profit Classroom, both good and bad:


  • 2 pre-researched niches and materials monthly to get the business started, even if you don't have time to find and research a niche
  • Huge library of video tutorials that you can refer back to at any time
  • Continual webinars, teleseminars and interviews to keep updating your knowledge
  • Doesn't require a large starting investment, eg. WordPress and hosting are free
  • Tailor-made free software tools to help you get started
  • Easily worked in with a day job, family time or other commitments
  • Applicable for affiliate and non affiliate marketers (anyone marketing to a special niche)
  • Suitable whether you have your own product or not (there's training for both ways)
  • Sustainable business model for income over the long-term


  • Hundreds of hours of information which can be overwhelming (you can't tackle it all at once)
  • Although most of the training can be transferred to most online marketing, this is primarily for niche marketers
  • All training is primarily visual through videos/webinars, or audio through interviews/teleseminars. If you're not a person who learns best visually, then it might take some getting used to
  • Focused more on digitally delivered products. While many niche marketing methods apply to both physical and digital products (still a targeted niche), this is more for information products
  • It's not a get-rich scheme (it's more if you're in it for the long-haul and creating a permanent business)

Niche Profit Classroom in Action

In practical terms, this is an example of how you could set yourself up nicely with Niche Profit Classroom:

  1. Fast-track through the Niche Marketing 2.0 system to get a good overview start to finish
  2. Download one of the ready-made Niche Packs - whichever takes your fancy
  3. Alternatively, use those free software tools to confidently uncover your own niche
  4. Set-up your web site using the free WordPress platform (one-button installation) and combine this with the Niche Profit Press template and NPC's free hosting
  5. Take a break and sit in on a Niche Profit Classroom webinar
  6. Start adding content to your site for free search engine traffic (this is all covered)
  7. Dive into the NPC Media Center and watch videos on all flavors of traffic generation, pick one to start off with and get that channel going before opening up another traffic stream
  8. Take another break, put your feet up and listen to the second NPC webinar :
  9. If you get through all this faster than expected, download the second Niche Pack of the month and rinse and repeat!

Niche Profit Classroom Important Details

Adam and Alen are opening the doors to Niche Profit Classroom on Tuesday, 28th July at 11:00 am EST (New York Time Zone).

Niche Profit Classroom includes everything I've detailed in this review and more. In fact, at the time of writing this review, the guys are in the process of adding even more sections, tools and content to Niche Profit Classroom.

They're both exceedingly dedicated to their members, not just with the no-holds barred training, but also in terms of their support to you. It's a terrific way to get started with your own online business, without all the mucking around.

For those of you looking to set-up long-term profits online, make sure you also take advantage of the rare Bonus Pack during the launch.

You can check out Niche Profit Classroom HERE.

July 27, 2009

Comments (13)

Said this on July 28, 2009 At 06:05 pm
Wow Reena!

Talk about an extensive review. God golly miss molly! The screen shots and everything - must have taken a ton of work.

I signed up for Adam's videos and found them to be some of the best free information about ebook production that I have seen in a long time. The tip about - I would have paid for.

I also like Adam's "teaching and speaking style". There is a simplicity and effective speaking style in the way he presents the information - that even a dolt like me can understand (LOL!).

Probably will not get in on the one dollar deal right now - but I would not mind paying the full monthly price in the future.

Probably one of the only "guru" type of memberships that I feel is worth the money. Great, detailed review.

Robert C - The Wholesale Products Guy
Said this on July 28, 2009 At 11:08 pm
Hi Reena,

"An extensive review" would be the understatement of the century.

Is the product suited for newbies or those with a degree
of knowledge?

I have built an SBI site and a landing page/email capture site plus a couple of other failures.

would you say I'm "qualified" for this system?

How would you rate it against others like AffiloBlueprint, Niche Blueprint & Wealthy affiliates?

It does look very appealing based on the blurb however I'm always skeptical.

Is there anyone in Australia (or elsewhere) that has used it or other material from the same guys, that I can contact?

Have you used it?

Do you recommed it?

Thanks again for the review Reena, I look forward to your response.


[I know! and I didn't even include everything :) The NPC site is mammoth so as far as resources go, it's definitely the most comprehensive I've seen so far.

Apart from the quantity of resources, the main difference is that it's not just focused on getting you started, it's more of a long-term education program for a long-term business model. So you could start off with the NPC "Classroom" section of 13 modules, then access the Media Center, webinars, interviews etc which are continually added to.

This also means it's suitable for a broader range of knowledge. I'd say from absolute beginner to intermediate, particularly if you're still trying to find the sweet spot and could use someone else's blueprint as a guide.

The other difference from the other products is this is not necessarily for affiliate marketers, so while the others are focused on affiliate marketing in general (and Niche Blueprint more dropshipping), this is more targeted at niche marketers (affiliate and non-affiliate). So it's more niche :)

The feedback and testimonials I've seen from previous members has been brilliant, but at the same time everyone's business needs are different (hence a detailed review so you can make the best decision for yourself) - NPC does carry a 100% guarantee just in case. Reena]
Said this on July 29, 2009 At 12:28 am
Hi Reena,

The NPC package does seem extremely comprehensive. How would you compare it to SBI? Is NPC twice the value of SBI at approx $800usd per annum compared to approx $370usd?

As a person who is looking for a turn key package I see both as viable alternatives. I don't mind paying for value but as a newbie how does one compare? Is it fair to compare the 2 packages?

Greg Vick

[Hi Greg, in terms of resources, both packages are great for niche marketing and both are also proven. One of the main differences is that SBI uses their own proprietary tools to build the web site. With NPC you
Said this on July 29, 2009 At 01:08 am
Terrific review. I just wanted to say that I joined during the initial launch and certainly have no plans on withdrawing. The program is exactly what it promises and the teaching style is easy to listen to.

And to add to your response to Peter, it's perfectly suitable for the "Day One" newbie. I'm no tech expert and even I can understand it.

Believe me, that's saying something.
Said this on August 4, 2009 At 02:29 am
I like the autopilot concept on these niche sites. I have done this myself to a certain extent by using free software on the net. I would encourage anyone who is in the 'playing around' stage to try the free version first. You can see an example here -- just go to the bottom to find link to make a free site yourself:
Said this on August 20, 2009 At 09:14 am
i am sure that this article will surely help me in Niche Marketing.
Said this on August 22, 2009 At 07:41 am
This is a really interesting one i loved reading it.
Nice rear bonus.
Said this on September 6, 2009 At 09:16 pm
I joined Niche Profit Classroom when it was offered for $1.00 for a 7 day trial. When I first looked at it, I was totally blown away. I used to be a teacher (community college) and Adam's approach to teaching or educating if you will is excellent. As you say, there is a tremendous amount of information and you might suffer from information overload; I did and still am.

I must caution, tho. Adam sometimes gives the impression that it is all so easy. Not. It takes work and time which, if you wish to succeed, you must be prepared to work and take time. As said in the review, it is really a program for a long time business.

I am in the process of getting a site up from one of the Niche Packs. Now, at first glance this sounds cool; easy. Not again. Even tho you get 5 articles plus the ebook, you still have to edit or preferably rewrite the articles. And Adam recommends you have 21 articles for each niche that you are promoting. For me right now, it seems a little overwhelming. He does recommend getting a writer to do this and I am trying to find a writer or a way of knowing how to find a writer. I think there is something on this website about that.

But, bottom line, this is a terrific program and I highly recommend it. Just having free hosting for 15 or so domains is worth a lot. If you want to set yourself up in a business with long term potential, NPC is the way go go.
Said this on June 19, 2010 At 06:40 am
Oooh, please, could you tell whether that NPC thing is still up and running today?

Having read all this, I would be happy to join and test. Yet, when I come to the site, everything seems ... out of date there :S

Links do not deliver what they promise. When you click 'Get the next free video', it never comes.

A video says that I should hurry for a limited time offer that expires in February. Goodness, it's June now :)

My word, I will join - if only I get a proof that both the product and the community are still there.
Said this on June 29, 2010 At 09:00 pm
Hello Egil,

They've recently changed over to the new NPC 3.0. system.

I was just in there yesterday and I love what they've done with the place.

Everything is improved visually and it's easier than ever to nav around. Some of the new videos are awesome.

I take it that you were digging around the old NPC 2.0 site that must have been abandoned to some degree.

Hope this helps.
Said this on June 30, 2010 At 04:31 pm
The one dollar some great, but what is the price after that and what if I still do every step and do not make a dime because 7 days will be hard to tell if this program work?
Said this on February 12, 2012 At 11:10 pm

Who do you think is best Allan, SBI or Niche profit.

SBI was easy. My site is an SBI website.

But I am wondering if niche profit classroom has more info.

Said this on February 16, 2012 At 10:14 pm
Hi Michelle

They're both very good. If you force me choose between them, I'd choose SBI.

They both provide very comprehensive training. Because Internet marketing is such a mammoth topic, it's inevitable that you'll learn new things if you try NPC. I'd switch from one to other only if you've already learned all you can with the system you're using.

Niche Profit Classroom is a fast-start system. A lot of the work is done for you. Every month, you receive two new "web businesses in a box." For the right person, having stuff done for you is very helpful. However, such systems tend to attract lazy people who don't want to work. You need to appreciate that having stuff done for you is just a powerful kick-start. From there, you need to learn and do stuff yourself.

SBI gives you the most comprehensive education in Internet marketing, teaching you how to build valuable niche websites that should generate useful revenue for years. It teaches you how to brainstorm a profitable niche, build a site, and market it in various ways. It also teaches you several different ways to generate revenue from your site (plus a blog and newsletter if you want), not just affiliate income. SBI has my strongest recommendation, but it gives you a slower start, because you're getting such a useful, comprehensive education in Internet marketing. If you're impatient and want a fast start, you'll choose NPC.

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