New way to get more AdSense clicks

If you've been online long enough to remember how banner blindness developed, you'll love Jay Young's brand new technique for encouraging more people to click on AdSense ads.


1. New way to get more clicks on AdSense ads
2. Ken Evoy gives away ANOTHER ebook
3. Seven easy ways to create bonuses
4. Thought for today: Quality of life

1. New way to get more clicks on AdSense ads

Remember what happened with banner ads? In the early days of the Internet, a high percentage of website visitors clicked on the banners, curious to see what was being advertised.

However, after a while people developed "banner blindness". They learned to tune out banners and just didn't even see most of them any more.

In the same way, if you use boring AdSense ads, you get "AdSense blindness". So webmasters use different techniques to force their ads to stand out, to keep people clicking on the ads.

Jay Young has come up with an absolutely brilliant idea.

He wraps colorful, eye-catching graphics around his AdSense ads, making it impossible for you to miss them.

After testing and finding out how well this works, he's made it easy for you to do it, too.

I think this idea is absolutely brilliant.

Be quick for this. Grab it at the introductory price before it goes up on Tuesday.

I have.

Have a look and see what you think...

[UPDATE: AdSense has tightened its rules since this item was written. The product is no longer for sale. Here's an article which explains how to boost AdSense revenue.]

2. Ken Evoy gives away ANOTHER ebook

Hot on the heels of giving away "Make Your Site SELL" - - Ken Evoy is giving another ebook.

It's a book which is vitally important for affiliates, "Make Your Content PREsell!".

Ken is a PREselling evangelist. He wrote the only book on the topic.

PREselling is one of the most misunderstood skills in affiliate marketing. To succeed as an affiliate, you MUST know how to PREsell. It can make or break your affiliate business.

I strongly recommend you grab this free ebook.

Get it here now...

3. Seven easy ways to create bonuses

A popular super affiliate technique is to give away bonuses to encourage people to buy using your affiliate link.

But how much time are you prepared to spend creating bonuses?

Dan Lok describes seven ways to create bonuses quickly and easily...

(UPDATE: Article deleted at author's request.)

4. Thought for today: Quality of life

"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to that person's commitment to excellence, regardless of the chosen field of endeavor." - Vince Lombardi.

All the best

Allan Gardyne

UPDATED: March 8, 2013
October 9, 2006

Comments (28)

Said this on August 10, 2008 At 12:15 pm
That is a good approach, and it does work. In experiments, I also found that a leaderboard right under your banner works wonders, if the colors are right. If you have a mostly white page, I suggest making either the title or the URL of the ad RED. Red is quite extreme but has proven to catch the eye.
Said this on August 20, 2008 At 08:17 am
This is a very good article, thanks! I agree on less people clicking on Banners Ads these days...
- Joe,
Said this on April 20, 2009 At 06:05 am
plz tell it's good for adsence
this is my blogs

[You don't appear to have read the update at the end of item 1 in the newsletter above. Allan.]
Said this on April 30, 2009 At 02:23 am
I am a new adsense blog but earning nothing i will try this.
Said this on April 30, 2009 At 02:24 am
I have a adsense blog but cannot earn nothing what to do more

[See the AdSense section on our affiliate forum. You can ask questions there. Allan.]
Said this on May 1, 2009 At 05:38 am
Said this on May 12, 2009 At 02:10 pm
Hi Allan,
thanks 4 sharing ur valuable tips. keep it up. i have also applied ur method on my site. lets see what will be happen.
have a nice day.


[I hope you actually read what I wrote. As I said, AdSense has changed its rules since this newsletter was written in 2006. Allan.]
Said this on May 13, 2009 At 04:20 am
this is my blog pls click it(
your blog is so nice.. i need your help how to promot ur blog .

[For heaps of ideas on how to get traffic, read my report "77 Ways to Get Traffic". It's free to everyone who subscribes to the free Associate Programs Newsletter. Allan.]
Said this on May 27, 2009 At 10:46 pm
Nice article. I might have to take this into consideration for my three blogs:
Said this on July 12, 2009 At 07:22 am
This is my blog pls click it(

your blog is so nice.. i need your help how to promot ur blog .
This is a very good article, thanks! I agree on less people clicking on Banners Ads these days...
- Joe,
Please come my blog and see its my request

[You could start by reading my report "77 Ways to Get Traffic", which is free to everyone who subscribes to the Associate Programs Newsletter. Allan.]
Said this on July 15, 2009 At 12:40 pm
This is a very good article

[Did you actually READ all the article, including the update? The article was written back in 2006 and the product has been withdrawn from sale because AdSense has tightened its rules. Good grief! Allan.]
Said this on August 5, 2009 At 10:12 am
Thanks for this info! I will definitely keep these tips in mind.

[Did you bother reading the article and the update? Allan.]
Said this on September 1, 2009 At 01:48 pm
Thanks for this info!
Said this on September 10, 2009 At 02:21 pm
Haven't tried it yet but it seems like some sound advice. I'll be trying this.
Said this on January 19, 2010 At 12:45 pm
Nice article about adsense. There are many misconception about Google Adsense industry.
Said this on January 24, 2010 At 04:27 pm
cool thanks for all this info
Said this on January 27, 2010 At 05:04 pm
great tips!
Said this on March 15, 2010 At 06:26 pm
idea is really great but alot of problems are being faced as relevency of ads .
Said this on May 13, 2010 At 07:02 am
Nice information! Your content unique and meaningful about it. You doing very well job!
Said this on May 18, 2010 At 04:45 am
Banner designing is awesome idea
Said this on July 20, 2010 At 04:40 am
Whatever the experiment you do on adsense layout, everything works out only when the content is really good and interesting.

Make them stay in the website is the only known success task.
Said this on September 6, 2010 At 06:45 pm
any one using adsense bg images??
Said this on September 12, 2010 At 09:59 am
I am using images mostly at the moment, just testing to see what is better.
Said this on December 23, 2010 At 05:04 am
I' really interested in this. My click rate has gone down recently. I think it might be something to do with the relevance of the ads being shown. Google has brought up some really irrelevant stuff on my sites recently
Said this on January 24, 2011 At 11:59 am
Images is better for me
Said this on December 7, 2011 At 01:49 pm

Wish these tips were a bit more up to date though. Google are really tightening up on people trying to massage their CTR, sadly :-

try my site out though, does it look a bit too cluttered with ads?

Said this on February 8, 2012 At 05:16 pm

Nice article :)
Hey everyone I am Ibra from the website and i would like to share a few things myself that Ive learned from webmasters, blogs and from forums. Well the nut and bolt of your adsense clicks is traffic. More traffic more clicks. Trust me i know people who have a CTR of less than .5% and a CPC of 0.1 but they earn 1000$ per month just because they attract thousands of visitors to their site. I'd like to share a few things on how to improve traffic.

1. Start commenting on Blogs and make sure to write your URL at the end. Try to write something strong and in reference to the blog. Never say please visit my site.

2. Try to comment on blogs that have a ranking less than 2 million on alexa because average blogs won't be of much help.

3. Use yahoo answers, post there daily as it will eventually increase your points and when you reach level 2 You will be able to add URL to your site.

4. Submit your site to directories as they are a good help in generating backlinks which eventually help in rankings in the search engines.

5. Content content and more content. More content your site has more chances you have to succeed. So start working already

6. Do the above things and see your traffic grow hence more clicks


Said this on August 13, 2012 At 11:12 pm

Hey thanks for such a kind inforrmation i really want it for increasing my blog's ads click....check out should i done all the possible things or not....

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