NameSqueeze opt in email technique

NameSqueeze is an opt in email technique refined and named and trademarked by Internet marketing veteran Jonathan Mizel.

Here's how the NameSqueeze technique works.

You use advertising, free publicity or a team of affiliates to attract visitors to a web page.

Using benefit-laden writing, you offer something free which is so enticing a large proportion of your visitors feel they MUST have it.

To receive it, they have to enter their email address and their name into a web form.

You've probably seen pages like that and been annoyed by them. You don't want to hand over your email address. You just want the free goodies immediately, don't you?

If that sort of thinking is stopping you from using the highly effective NameSqueeze technique, read some of the numbers Jonathan has been achieving using it.

He does this stuff because IT WORKS BRILLIANTLY.

The following stats may encourage you to do a little NameSqueeze opt in email testing...

Jonathan, who has published his online newsletter (I'm a subscriber) since 1993, popped into our affiliate forum and revealed some of his statistics.

In 2004, he spent about $630,000 on advertising as follows:

$290,000 on opt-in consumer email lists.

$40,000 on banners and pops.

$25,000 on contextual ads.

$275,000 on commissions to affiliates who ran his offer on a joint venture basis after he bought advertising from them.

"The key is buying ads until the margins diminish, then putting the promotion on an affiliate basis after the advertising source knows you manage a responsive site," Jonathan says.

"Of course, all traffic goes through your NameSqueeze(tm) page, which means a nice profit, and a HUGE subscriber base."

Discussing the opt-in email form which you can see on the first page of his site, Jonathan says:

"It's the cornerstone of our system, and is how we get so many opt-ins. I'm surprised more affiliate marketers don't know of or use this technique... If you are buying traffic through AdWords, email, pops, even banners, USE THIS TECHNIQUE, even if you don't plan to become my customer. It'll help you build a list FAST!"

If you do it right, it's not spam

The huge advantage of using the NameSqueeze technique is that you can then use those opt-in subscribers over and over again, selling things to them.

You may be wondering if sending emails to these subscribers is spam.

People have different definitions of spam, so you need to tread VERY carefully.

You can get around the spam obstacle by making it clear on your opt in email page that by giving you their email addresses, people are subscribing to your newsletter.

A clever way of making it clear is to offer a subscription to your newsletter as a valuable BONUS which people receive when they opt in.

In these days of frequent spam accusations I regard a double opt-in system as absolutely essential. People have to confirm that they really want the newsletter or email course, before they receive it.

I also give subscribers the opportunity to unsubscribe easily if they're no longer interested.

Fake email addresses?

You want to make sure your visitors don't type in a false email address, just to get access to a page where they get the free goodies.

You also don't want them to type in someone else's email address.

One way to combat those problems is to tell your visitors that the access details for the free trial, free course, free report or whatever you're offering, will be emailed to them (not published on the next page).

See Jonathan's NameSqueeze opt in email page

Jonathan's numbers are staggering.

"About our numbers: They are all real, and can be verified by third parties. We really did get 208,495 opt-ins in May, 2004, with a very consistent 2,000 to 5,000 a day since then."

Jonathan has been refining the NameSqueeze technique for years. He's the master you need to study to learn how to do this stuff effectively.

[UPDATE: Jonathan's MarketingLetter newsletter is no longer published.]

Promo Dashboard system uses squeeze pages

If you want step by step instructions on how to create a highly attractive "freebie", build a squeeze page that WORKS, and persuade your subscribers to buy, I strongly recommend Marlon Sanders' Promo Dashboard.

With the help of audio, screenshots and short videos, he breaks everything down into simple steps. Here's an in-depth review of Promo Dashboard.

UPDATED: November 17, 2013
June 12, 2005

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Comments (1)

Said this on September 23, 2006 At 07:31 am
I've heard some people claim that the NameSqueeze is best suited to those models where prospective customers tend to buy multiple follow up products. They claim, that in other cases, a straight sales letter can work out better. But I do wonder if these people are implementing the NameSqueeze as well as Jon. ;-)

Anyway, just because you're an affiliate (without your own products), don't dismiss this approach. Instead of just giving out affiliate links, why not create a report that presells something? If you make it genuinely valauable, you can use a NameSqueeze for this and build a follow up list yourself. Even Allan's doing it now, so it must be a good idea. :-)

"...offer a subscription to your newsletter as a valuable BONUS which people receive when they opt in." I love this approach. I'm sick to death of seeing people beg for email addresses. How about having people fight to give it to you, for a change?

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