Motivation techniques

Most of us want to be successful at something. Whether you wish for monetary success, or simply to lose weight, be a better parent or have a successful affiliate website, you have to be motivated and committed to succeed.

The power and ability to succeed is in all of us - all it takes is the motivation to get something happening. Because unless you take action, your dreams of success will remain just that - dreams. Jason Gracia in his well-known book The Motivated Mind gives you an instructional guide on how to turn your dreams into success.

Learning how to take action, get motivated and stay that way is the key that will drive you to succeed and these simple motivation techniques will help you get what you want out of life.

Plan to succeed

Successful people are goal oriented. They plan their goals, then work in incremental steps to achieve those goals. Your goals need to be specific, realistic and achievable. Visualize your goals so that they become real, then write them down and keep them somewhere as a daily reminder of what it is you're aiming for.

  • To stay motivated, you need to feel inspired and excited about what you are aiming to achieve. If you can't get excited about your success goals, you'll never find the inspiration and motivation you need to take action to change your life.
  • If your goals don't excite you, then you've chosen the wrong goals. Go back to the drawing board and think about what it is that inspires and excites you, then you'll have a goal you can work towards.
  • The longest journey begins with a single step, so plan on adding one new positive step to your daily routine each day to move you towards your goal. Adding one positive step each day will help you take control of your future and rid you of past negative habits.
  • Set aside 15 minutes each day to review your goals and the progress you have made. Measuring your progress will keep you inspired to achieve the results you want and help you recognize problem areas that may need work. Acknowledging your achievements is a way of patting yourself on the back for a job well done.
  • Believe in the possibilities. Don't allow your fears to stand in the way of your future success. Acknowledge the fact that everyone feels fear when they step outside their comfort zone. As the old adage says, "Feel the fear, then do it anyway!"

No matter what your goals, MyGoals can help you achieve them. From losing weight, to gaining focus in your career or getting your debt paid off, they can help you succeed with a step by step process towards achieving what you want out of life.

Thinking your way to success

Successful people believe in themselves and their ability to succeed, despite the setbacks, obstacles and failures they will have encountered along the way. The road to success is littered with those who fell at the first hurdle and didn't have what it takes to get up again.

Accept the fact that you will fail, maybe more than once, and in many different ways. Believing that you will achieve your goals without setbacks is unrealistic and a recipe for failure. Successful people turn the negative events that are sure to occur into learning experiences, then they adjust accordingly and move on.

To be motivated you have to be positive.

Sure, we all have days when even getting out of bed feels like a drag, but hitting the "Snooze" button on the alarm is not going to get you to where you want to go.

Being positive puts you in control of your own destiny, so when you understand that only YOU can control your future you also understand that only YOU can control the present. 

On those days when it all seems too hard, simply focus on what it is you're aiming for and imagine how exciting it will be when you achieve your goals.

Let the excitement of realizing your dreams fuel your imagination, and from that you can power into your day.

  • Learn something new every day. The more you know, the closer you'll get to achieving your goal in the time you've set yourself. Information can help you gain confidence, dispel fear and give you the inspiration and motivation you need to lead a better, more fulfilling life.

  • Get your life right The Motivated MindStaying motivated and achieving your goals is a whole lot easier if you can keep your focus.

    Aim to rid yourself of the clutter that prevents you from staying focused. Jason Gracia from teaches you in a step-by-step process how to keep yourself focused in his best-selling book The Motivated Mind.

  • Organize your workspace so that it creates a positive, stimulating environment. A cluttered workspace creates a cluttered mind, so take the time to clean up around you.

    Make your workplace a happy place to be by pinning your favorite quotation to the wall where you can see it, or adding a vase of fresh flowers to a table nearby - whatever brings a smile to your face will keep you in a positive frame of mind and dispel any negative thoughts that may try to creep in.

  • An active mind requires an active body and an active body requires a healthy lifestyle. You can't expect to operate at your peak if you don't have the physical stamina to maintain the momentum. That means eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and getting enough sleep. Feeling positive about your physical wellbeing has a tremendous impact on how you feel about achieving your goals.

Helping or hindering?

Surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you to succeed. Ask yourself if the people in your life are helping or hindering you on your path to success, then make any changes necessary.

You don't have to go it alone - share the excitement of what you are aiming to achieve with those around you who will root for you every step of the way.

Take time out each day to relax. Switch off and spend time doing an activity you enjoy (other than work!) - go for a walk, take a bike ride or simply spend quality time with your family. Balancing work and play is an important part of staying healthy, happy and motivated.

Learn to live your life with passion. Appreciate all that you have around you and how great it feels simply to be alive at this particular moment in time.

Yes, it's important to keep your focus on the goals you wish to achieve, but the journey can be as exciting and stimulating as the destination. Keep your eyes open and enjoy the ride!

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August 15, 2006

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