Meet your new competitors - they're kids

Associate Programs Newsletter #400

Young kids are doing some remarkable things these days. They may soon be your competitors, so it makes sense to keep an eye on them.


1. Meet your new competitors - they're kids
2. Gordon and Ken and a 2 for 1 special
3. It's family time again
4. Thought for today: The mind

1. Meet your new competitors - they're kids

Six-year-old kids at Sherwood Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand, are learning to use video cameras to explore their world and record it. Within two days of starting Grade One, they're using Apple iMovie software to edit videos they have shot, before adding their own animations. Remember, they're only 6.

I learned about these smart kids - and older ones like them - purely by chance when I heard a radio interview with New Zealander Gordon Dryden. He's a remarkable guy. He quit school illegally at age 14 and went on become a journalist, TV talkshow host and multimedia specialist. Then he co-authored a book called The Learning Revolution that has sold 100,000 copies worldwide and - wait for it - 10 MILLION copies in China.

Gordon says some people who debate education standards are stuck in the 19th century - or even the 18th century. He says that neuroscientists, such as Harvard's Professor Howard Gardner, have argued for more than 20 years that intelligence is not fixed and that each of us is smart in different ways. We each have a different learning style, and different ways of studying and learning. So we need personalized education - designed for individuals.

Innovative schools which recognize this are setting up multi-talented teams, similar to the way Lord of the Rings movie producer Peter Jackson set up multi-talented teams to create his award-winning movies. In teams, "mini Peter Jacksons" can build on their own strengths and learn from the strengths of others.

"Everyone has a talent to be good and probably great at something," Gordon says. "The trick is to find that something, and now blend it together with the talents of others - anywhere."

What will these smart kids be doing next year or in a few years? They'll be so comfortable using new technology it's inevitable that many of them will create businesses on the Internet and compete with YOUR business.

So you'd better get to work strengthening your online business so that it can withstand more serious competition.

These kids will also be sold on the idea of lifelong learning, so you'll need to be, too.

However, don't let the thought of smart new competitors unduly worry you. While new competitors are on the horizon, so, too, is incredible growth.

Goldman Sachs estimates that a new global middle class is expanding by 70 million people each year, and media magnate Rupert Murdoch thinks that figure is probably an underestimate.

"Middle class." What a strange, old-fashioned expression. What it means, though, is that every year an awful lot of new people are going online looking for information and to buy products. It's going to be a good time to own an online business.

2. Gordon and Ken and a 2 for 1 special

I was intrigued by the interview with Gordon Dryden because when he talks enthusiastically about people's huge potential and when he talks about tapping into people's passions and interests, he reminds me of another highly innovative educator, Ken Evoy, creator of Site Build It.

Gordon Dryden says: "Most people - if provided with the opportunities - probably have a passion for something. And when both passion and talent are unleashed, those opportunities are virtually limitless."

Gordon talks about designing personalized education to match the individual, because we're all different. Ken's Site Build It teaches people how to build an online business based on your own unique concept, working at your own pace, bringing your own BAM - brains and motivation.

Ken says: "You do know stuff other people don't ... things people would pay to know. You might have learned it 'on the job' or through your hobby. There's a good chance you don't even realize what you know. It's often right under your nose. But, as you'll see in Day 2, everyone is an expert about something."

Site Build It teaches you how to take that knowledge and turn it into a significantly profitable business.

Why would you want to tap into your passion and interests when choosing a concept for your site? One excellent reason is simply that life is short. It makes sense to do something you're going to enjoy - in a profitable way, of course.

Gordon Dryden talks about the exponential power of collaboration, such as computer science students around the world creating Linux open source software.

Ken has created an incredible collaborative SBI private community, unlike anything else online, where tens of thousands of Site Build It users co-operate and grow by sharing tips and ideas.

If you do not yet own SBI! and if you have yet to experience serious success online, now's the perfect time to make a change for 2009.

With Christmas approaching, it's time for Ken's "2 for the price of 1" Site Build It Special.

You can get one for yourself and give one away to a friend or loved one. Or use both yourself to build two successful businesses.

Check out the details here

We've been using and recommending SBI for years. I thought of giving you a long list of reasons why I recommend it. To save space, here's the most important reason... I've known Ken for years and I know how dedicated he is to helping you succeed. SBI teaches a system that has been proved to work - over and over again. The SBI system is now taught in nearly 30 universities and colleges around the world.

You can use it to change your life and someone else's life.

As Ken says, "SBI! is MUCH more than just a gift. It's a chance to acquire an important new LIFE SKILL. And a chance for you to put a real business in someone's stocking this year."

For more details, check out the SBI case studies. You'll find one that fits your situation...

3. It's family time again

Joanna and I are back in New Zealand for the southern summer, catching up with our extended family. After a few days in Auckland, we're now in Dunedin. About 20 of us - from Joanna's parents and uncle in their nineties to two newborn babies - will get together here on Christmas Day.

As usual, Joanna and I are extremely grateful for the way our Internet business allows us to live where we want to live and work wherever we happen to be. We'll stay in New Zealand until it starts to get too cold and then head back to sub-tropical Queensland, Australia.

Apart from family get-togethers, another thing we love about New Zealand's South Island is the food. In this part of the world, ordinary fruits and vegetables taste truly extraordinary - tangy Kakanui tomatoes, little, waxy, Jersey Benne potatoes from North Otago, organic asparagus, sweet nectarines, apricots, cherries... they all taste wonderful here.

We've also been sampling 2008 Sauvignon blanc from Marlborough. If you like white wines that explode with flavor, try some from Marlborough, New Zealand. They're world beating. Joanna says things like, "Ohhhh, I could sit here and sniff this all day."

It's good to be back.

4. Thought for today: The mind
"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited." - Plutarch.


P.S. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a good one, and a brilliant 2009.


All the best

Allan Gardyne

December 18, 2008

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Said this on January 2, 2009 At 10:47 pm

This is off topic but I didn't see anywhere to ask this question or see any discussion on the subject.

What is your opinion concerning the use of Twitter to inhance efforts in affiliate marketing?

Do you use it, etc?

Charles Oxford

[I don't use Twitter. Some marketers use it very successfully. This would be a good topic for discussion in the general section of our affiliate forum. Allan.]
Said this on January 28, 2009 At 08:33 am
For sharing thank you very much good very beautiful work

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