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Last week I introduced some basic steps for using Facebook Fan Pages with affiliate marketing and towards the end of the article, I mentioned that I used pre-designed templates to get started.

This week I’m reviewing one of the products that I use and that quickly got me started with a new iFrame app for my fan page. That package was FBMaxed from Daniel Tan.

FBMaxed is one of the simplest places to start because you receive:

- a set of templates that can be customized
- PDF instruction sheets including coding
- instructional videos
- recorded webinars
- and PSD files, themes and reveal graphics.

Aside from the videos, the rest of the package can be downloaded and stored locally so you can work with it as needed.

The instructional videos cover the following topics and, as expected, are screen movies:

- Prepare Your iFrames
- Build Your Reveal Frame
- Customize Your iFrame Website
- Upload And Deploy
- Additional Theme Discussion
- HTML5 Video

Why would you choose FBMaxed rather than work from scratch?

One of the biggest hurdles I see people face when they want to use new technology is finding a place to start. If you have no real knowledge of programming, adding a new iFrame app to your fan page can be confusing and for some people, impossible without help. I know that I couldn’t have done it without a “leg up” to get me on the right track.

FBMaxed provides you with the initial coding completed and ready to install. All you need to do is “play” with it until you get it looking the way you want. Even if you edit only the wording on the pages, you will have your first iFrame app up and working relatively quickly. Then, in your own time, you can adjust it as you continue to build your fans.

The Videos

One of the aspects that I like about the training videos is that they aren’t super short. The “Prepare your iFrames” video goes for almost 10 minutes. As you work your way through the rest of the videos, FBMaxed teaches you everything you need to know to edit and customize the supplied themes.

I often find that online videos are short and sweet but sadly don’t have the depth of explanation that a beginner needs to really understand how to complete the process that is being discussed. In this case, that’s not a problem.

In each video, you get a clear, easy to understand and apply explanation of each step. Sure, as you install the templates you’re still going to need to do a bit of test and adjust, but that’s normal for any sort of webpage. I suspect that’s why the Pause button was invented ;-)

Without the videos, the installation of the iFrame app would be far more difficult. Make sure you watch them before you start.

The Themes

You get 3 theme packs:

- Colors template
- Icon template
- Video template

Each is a complete set of files not just a single webpage like many of the other packages I looked at. Actually, I would class each theme pack as a complete website, e.g. index, about, service, reveal, css, etc.


All you need to do is upload them to the Facebook folder on your website and customize where needed. They can easily be edited in any HTML editor or text file reader.

Along with the PSD files, you can customize any aspect in the layout or remove parts if you want to cut back the options for your visitors.

The PSD Files (Images)

Many Facebook reveal pages use an image to encourage a Like. It’s the easiest and quickest way to lay out your offer so that it’s clear to visitors what you want them to do.  FBMaxed comes with a selection of these images that you can edit to fit your offer.

To work in with the themes, you need to save your edited image as a .png of the same name: reveal.psd => reveal.png

You will need to edit specific PSDs depending on what theme you choose. For example the reveal.psd is used with the Color theme in the index.php file as the initial image people see before they Like. To find out which files, you need to have a look at the theme pages' coding.

If you don’t want to use a theme, you can use the images on your own webpages if you want to.

The PDF Instruction Files

The instruction files form an extension of the package. They’re examples of raw code and how to insert it on to your own webpages. You probably won’t use these if you’re using one of the supplied themes. This allows you to just use a 2 page reveal system if you want without using the full themes supplied.

I think the paragraph below from one of the PDFs shows how clearly FBMaxed lays out the code and instructions for you to follow. It’s taken from the Reveal Page Code file. When you combine it with the videos which take you through the steps, it’s very easy to follow. If you don’t know what the “canvas url” is, you will after watching the videos.

  -> ->

“Include the following in a new file called index.php. It must reside on the root of the canvas URL domain declared in your Facebook app under Facebook Integration. Make sure to fill in your app id and secret below. Then below that in the "if" statement, the first file should be a website page you want people to go to AFTER they have liked your page.

The second should be a website page you want people to see if they have NOT liked your page. Be sure to hide all links and navigation so that people cannot bypass this page before 'liking' it. If you have links or navigation, they will work and you may miss out on a Like!”

Pretty straight forward isn’t it?

How do you get started?

FBMaxed is a great place to start your affiliate marketing journey using the new iFrames apps for fan pages. You get a set of working themes that you can customize or you can use the code supplied in the PDFs to turn your own pages into apps. All of the images are included and you can use them with the themes on as many Fan Pages as you like. You’re limited only by your imagination once you understand how to set up the app and add the code to a webpage.

If you’re using Facebook and you want to leverage the power of social media, FBMaxed is a great package to start with. Click here to grab a copy now and you will get instant access to all of the tools I’ve discussed.

March 28, 2011

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