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I've just seen a kookaburra snatch up a lizard on the deck outside my home office. The quick and the dead - just like business on the Internet.

It will be a few months before we see a kookaburra again. Queensland, Australia, is getting too hot for us, so Joanna and I are heading to New Zealand for the summer - and to be with family for Christmas.

Never seen a kookaburra? Here's what they look like: . (Sorry there's no sound - they have a crazy, croaky, cackling laugh. It makes us smile every time we hear it.)


1. How Mailloop helps Joe Malek make over $100,000 a year
2. Founders of One and Only launch new program
    to help you track down old classmates
3. Get permission before you alter CJ links
4. Merchants leave affiliates floundering
5. Help affiliate merchants to help YOU
6. Next week: Researching mini-sites
7. Thought for today: Poorly filled niches

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[UPDATE: The program has closed.]

1. How Mailloop helps Joe Malek make over $100,000 a year

You've probably read about Corey Rudl's Mailloop software and wondered if it could transform your business.

If you're running a one-person or small business, chances are you haven't actually done much about automating it. That's what Mailloop does.

It puts daily tasks and routines on auto-pilot.

Mailloop is marketed as the complete Internet e-mail, newsletter server, web form processor, bulk e-mail (opt-in only, of course), customer database, and autoresponder solution.

To help you decide whether it's for you, I tracked down a small business which is using the software. It wasn't hard. Lots of businesses use it and recommend it.

Mortgage consultant Joe Malek - - bought Mailloop just over a year ago.

Originally, Joe bought the software to run an autoresponder for his website.

"I was fairly new to the Internet at that time and so I tried the 'get your own FREE autoresponder' and then the '$20 quick-fix' models, only to find out that those would respond only when it wasn't cloudy outside, and since I didn't want to find myself with yet another monthly charge on my credit card, I decided to get my own autoresponder - Mailloop," he says.

Mailloop has many uses.

Joe uses it for multiple autoresponders and for sending monthly newsletters and personalized e-mail to his associates, clients and subscribers.

"My computer is on 24/7 and so is Mailloop. I can't imagine running my business without it," he says.

"I have full control over the filters. I can, for example, set the software to check my e-mail server automatically every 10 minutes. Mailloop goes in, deletes any unwanted e-mail like bombs and flames and responds to any new e-mail just the way I like it to."

Joe says that using the software has dramatically increased his revenue.

"Without Mailloop I would not be making over $100,000 a year on the Net."

Here's one example of how he uses the software.

When one of his lenders comes up with a new low-interest product such as a $50,000 operating line of credit for new businesses, he simply creates a letter:

--------BEGIN LETTER--------

Attn: [first] [last]

Hi [first],

You are receiving this update because you are a subscriber to my monthly newsletter. I have just received a fax "New Product - a limited time offer" from one of my lenders. [first], if you live in Ontario and have a good credit, you can now qualify for 50K Business operating line of credit without any income verification...blah, blah, blah...

--------END LETTER--------

"I would send this e-mail out to say 1,000 people by pushing one button and the software would automatically insert their first and last names where I specified [first] [last].

"I absolutely love this feature. Personalized e-mail goes out, subscribers go to my website and complete the online secure form, then Mailloop checks my e-mail and sends a reply to those applications. I charge a fee for my services and since I have no monthly cost to run Mailloop - I smile all the way to the bank."

Here's another useful feature.

If you run a large newsletter with thousands of subscribers and do a mail-out, you may get dozens or even hundreds of returned-undeliverable mail. People move, their service gets cut or they just change their e-mail address. Well, no more! Not if you own Mailloop.

"You can program the software to delete all 'un-deliverables' from your mail server and later you can delete those addresses from your database with the press of a button or two."

Joe says it didn't take long to learn how to use Mailloop.

"Corey has set up about 20 different video clips which I downloaded to my computer.

"I was pleasantly surprised how simple it was to get set up and running. The video clips are very helpful to those who are very new to using a computer, but most people can use the Mailloop without them, It's that easy.

"I highly recommend Mailloop. I think that if you are serious about running a business on the Internet and want to be successful, than you need the best software out there, and Mailloop is one of them."

Joe and I talked about only a few of the things Mailloop can do to automate your business. You can learn about all the other ways it can automate your business here:

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2. Founders of One and Only launch new program
to help you track down old classmates

Dave Kennedy and Will Bunker, founders of One & Only Network. sold One & Only to Ticket Master/City Search last year and have now launched a new affiliate network - HubNation.

HubNation plans to own all the merchant sites in its network, says Martin Sobol of HubNation,

"Our first merchant site is - the Ultimate High School Alumni Directory on the Web," says Martin.

"MemoryHigh enables high school alumni to locate and communicate with former classmates and teachers over the Web. This is an estimated $3.5 billion market that has yet to be tapped by an affiliate program."

On MemoryHigh, high school alumni can post their profiles and access the profiles of former classmates and teachers - free. However, to communicate (via e-mail) with their former classmates and teachers, they are required to pay an annual subscription fee of $14.95.

With experienced marketers like Dave and Will behind it, this program looks well run. It has real-time stats and affiliates can use rotating banner ads, text links and search boxes.

Don't promote this one on message boards. Here's what the affiliate agreement says:

"You shall not place Your Merchant Links in newsgroups, message boards, unsolicited e-mail and other types of spam, banner networks, counters, chatrooms, guestbooks, IRC channels or through similar Internet resources."

When I looked at the site this week, finishing touches were still being added. The Marketing tips and FAQ section said: "Coming soon..." I'm sure the guys from One & Only will provide a high quality service.

I like the stats-at-a-glance feature. Click on "Stats" and you're shown a check with your name on it. You're given the option of seeking more detailed stats.

Memory High pays a 25% commission on subscriptions and renewals.

This should be a good one.

Wouldn't it be fun being contacted by old classmates? Post your profile now.

[UPDATE: This site has closed.]

3. Get permission before you alter CJ links

Here's some good advice from Peter Wolfe, CEO of

"I use the SID (tracking) feature at CJ (described last week - Affiliate loyalty ) and it is my understanding that you should get permission from the merchant before using this feature.

"It will work without their permission, but if CJ doesn't have confirmation from the merchant that it is OK to do, then you might not get your commissions. Apparently their anti-fraud department needs written permission on file, like in an e-mail, if you want to use this feature.

"I've contacted hundreds of merchants, and most of the responses have been affirmative. However, a few merchants did not want me to use SID, and I might have lost commissions if I had tried without their permission.

"You can use SID with pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale links, but not with pay-per-click links. You can use up to 15 characters to create the SID code, and can include spaces. If spaces are used, they must be URL-encoded (e.g. %20)."

Peter Wolfe

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4. Merchants leave affiliates floundering

Several affiliate merchants recently have been upsetting affiliates by offering attractive pay-per-lead deals and then suddenly ending the program or drastically reducing the payout.

"PriceRadar was offering $3 per sign-up for its free program," says Lorri Nevil of Lorri's Free Stuff and Bargains - .

"I promoted the heck out of it, made a nice check (not huge but good for me) and then received an e-mail telling me to take down all its links because it had reached its goal.

" has been paying $1 for its free registration . . . and again, yesterday I got the same dang thing. I had been promoting it mightily and it has reached its goal - and is now ceasing.

"It would be nice if they would tell us up front they are trying to meet a goal and the program won't be around long."

Another new program which has been working well for Lorri is Switchouse, a LinkShare program. It has been paying $5 but is now switching back to $2, Lorri says.

The program is on her watch list. She says she expects to receive a "We've reached our goal" e-mail any day.

"I guess what I'm saying is if the payouts seem too good to be true, be sure to pay attention to your e-mail . . ."

You can buy, sell and swap stuff at Switchouse.

It finds and connects people who have all kinds of stuff - millions of CDs, movies, books, and games, software, hardware and electronics items. The focus is on bargains.

You can join the Switchouse program at LinkShare:

5. Help affiliate merchants to help YOU

If the affiliate merchants which you're promoting aren't treating you right, TELL THEM!

I've identified 21 ways in which affiliate managers can win your loyalty, by treating you as business associates, not a form of cheap "branding".

Take a look at the list and see how the programs which you're promoting measure up.

Chances are, you have plenty of reasons to be dissatisfied with affiliate merchants.

Help them to help you. Give them this article to read:

28 ways to inspire affiliate loyalty

6. Next week: Researching mini-sites

Any successful marketing technique can't stay a "secret" for long. If it works, people notice.

I've been hunting around, following the bread crumbs to affiliate mini-sites. It's a great way to learn new ideas.

Next week, I'll show you what I found - and how easy it is to do a little spying - er, research - yourself.

7. Thought for today: Poorly filled niches

"While unfilled niches are rare, poorly filled niches are exceedingly common. I've come to expect so much from the Internet, that I'm often frustrated by what is NOT available online."
- Ralph Wilson, Web Marketing Today.

All the best

Allan Gardyne

November 16, 2000

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