Lively affiliate blogs

Affiliate blogs - web logs about affiliate marketing - have been popping up all over the Internet lately.

Here are some I'm keeping an eye on:

ReveNews, which started life as a forum and affiliate directory, has evolved into a blog with contributions from a wide range of people in the affiliate industry. Careful. You could get stuck here for hours reading news, opinion and gossip.

Ken Evoy is a multi-talented individual who created 23 products which sold internationally for hundreds of millions of dollars before he founded his hugely successful online business. Ken's blog, while aimed mainly at giving advice to his own affiliates, shows some highly original thinking on online marketing - stuff you won't find anywhere else. Look for the articles on "Mooch Marketing" and "Play Within Yourself..." Essential reading.

Shawn Collins' Affiliate Marketing Blog discusses issues from the perspective of both an affiliate merchant and an affiliate.

Linda Buquet's 5 Star Affiliate Blogs keep a close eye on the affiliate marketing industry and related topics. Linda has developed a reputation for fighting parasites.

Patrick Hartary's AffiliateBlog give tips and opinions about affiliate programs and marketing.

Ewen Chia's Power Affiliate Diaries gives advice and promotes products he recommends. Ewen sprang to prominence in affiliate marketing by writing special reports in which he recommended affiliate products.

Blog directory

The Work at Home Blog Directory is an index of blogs related to internet marketing, making money online, working from home, and related topics. Because of the stupendous rate at which blog numbers are growing - including spammy ones - maintaining a blog directory is a challenging task.

UPDATED: October 10, 2011
August 12, 2005

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Comments (21)

Said this on November 3, 2006 At 12:30 am
Thanks for the post. Hopefully I can learn a little from these established blogs. Any help is always appreciated.
Tim Stalker
Said this on April 9, 2007 At 02:37 pm
Who cares about affiliate blogs? Most of us don't want to run an affiliate blog for other affiliates (snoresville). Show us some exciting things that are being done with blogs around products we're affiliates for... jackets, digital cameras, fishing equipment, the real stuff. These blog affiliate sites are crap if you ask me. They scroll endlessly and are way too promotional. All look the same. It's sites like the ones you include as good examples that gum up the works for developing good affiliate sites.
Said this on June 25, 2007 At 04:02 pm
Nice. I too am going to publish my ebook and am looking for good affiliate programs to promote my book. If you can give ideas I would be grateful.

[Our affiliate forum is the appropriate place to ask such questions. Allan.]
Said this on December 11, 2008 At 12:23 pm
This is a very good affiliate option. I noticed many such articles about affiliate programs and how they work. One of the link is below:-

I could clearly understand the various affiliates.
Said this on March 24, 2009 At 01:14 pm
Thank you very much for the information I really appreciate it!!
Said this on March 27, 2009 At 05:05 pm
Good stuff and wondering if anyone has heard about phpbay at all. Any information would be great. Great little website with good useful information.

[Our affiliate forum would be a good place to ask that question. Allan.]
Said this on July 6, 2009 At 03:35 pm
I agree with most of the blogs listed here are pretty good! I always check Allans post's and guest posts. I can always find something useful here.
Said this on August 25, 2009 At 07:32 pm
This is great information about where to find affiliate blogs. If you would like more information about affiliate marketing visit my website and get your free e-book about improving your affiliate marketing skills.
Said this on September 22, 2009 At 05:51 pm
I really liked the blog about landing page optimization. I personally have felt that way. I believe everyone has, especially in this industry... I've gone through enough sites, but there's a keeper!
Said this on October 7, 2009 At 12:52 am
Good info. Although you should take a lot of info on some affiliate blogs with a grain of salt, the ones you have listed are actually helpful and offer true affiliate tips.
Said this on October 16, 2009 At 05:53 pm
Great info was just over at Linda's blog 5 star just a moment ago reading up on some things. Actually came to your blog by the same means. Will have to check out the others for even more affiliate tips and tools thanks!
Said this on November 13, 2009 At 07:36 pm
Thanks for the info, learning about this stuff is interesting
Said this on May 18, 2010 At 03:29 pm
Thank you very much for the info. I have been an affiliate marketer for 6 months and am always looking for helpful resources.
Said this on June 1, 2010 At 10:53 am
Thank you so much for the info. please check on my affiliate tool if it is okay

affilifate silver bullet -
Said this on July 27, 2010 At 04:32 am
Thanks for the info, learning about this stuff is interesting
Said this on September 27, 2010 At 08:53 pm
thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us keep writing you're a great help.
Said this on December 1, 2010 At 09:15 pm
Your site has given me the most and best information on affiliate marketing that I have come across Thanks
Said this on February 27, 2011 At 05:23 am
I think the best way to go is Affiliate programs. I recently start my own Affiliate Money Makers, It's COOL :)
Said this on July 5, 2011 At 04:14 pm

Allan, You have provided a great list of blogs to visit. I'm always on the lookout for these kinds of resources, as you can never stop learning about what affiliate marketing is all about and also gives me an opportunity to check out their designs and layout.
Thank you and I really admire your own place here... nice!

Said this on December 13, 2011 At 09:20 am


There is a new Affiliate Blog in town:

Hope you enjoy... - Adding value to Affiliate Marketing


Said this on April 17, 2013 At 04:58 am

This Was very useful for me to get new affiliates for promote our service , 'Cause I'm affiliate manager at


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