Keyword Country Review

Regardless of your role, high-paying, traffic building keywords are essential.

They’re a major when it comes to unleashing continual streams of high converting traffic.

While you can stab in the dark, tools for effective keyword discovery do exist.

The right ones can help you begin with the end in mind... To virtually estimate your future earnings based on your keyword choices.

Sure, there are many free and paid keyword research tools available nowadays. Expensive subscriptions, downloadable software, you name it (and I’ve used just about all of them).

Very few, however, fall into the category of “keyword search engine”.

Let’s take a closer look.

Where or what is this thing?

Let’s journey into Keyword Country - A place where internet marketers discover profitable keywords.

I can recall using this tool more than five years ago so it’s not a fly-by-nighter. However, it's certainly evolved in leaps and bounds since then.

Whether you’re into general SEO, AdWords, AdSense, all three or any form of web marketing for that matter, this is an attempt to create an all-in-one keyword research tool.

When you first open it up you’ll see, “Get ready to boost your web traffic and revenue by 300% via 17+ proven marketing techniques” written towards the top of the screen.

So what’s all this about? Is it really the numero uno keyword research tool or is this just more marketing fluff?

The Install

I downloaded and installed my copy of Keyword Country. It was straight forward with no surprises.

I had no troubles with firewalls but I understand that users with software firewalls such as Online Armour and/or Comodo will need to allow a few .exe’s to proceed in order to get it rolling.

First Use

It didn’t take me long to adjust to the new user interface. It’s been well thought out and is very intuitive.

Here’s a look at what you’ll see after login.

At the time of writing there are 30 different modules each divided into 3 main tabs (You can click on 'All tools' if need be to see everything displayed in one place as in the image above).

The three main tabs are:

1. Planning your website

All of the keyword and niche research tools have been grouped together under the phrase “Planning Your Website.”  It’s said that with these tools you’ll be able to plan a better website in order to crush your competition.

There are seven independent, yet co-operative tools that are each dedicated to helping you discover highly profitable keywords here.

This section offers plenty of firepower for all who seek traffic boosts, better conversions and increased revenue.

2. Spy on your competition

The tools in this group are geared around spying. Here you can launch covert operations to gain intelligence on what’s working for your competitors in their SEO and PPC space.

You can even set up alerts so that you’ll be notified whenever their rankings, PPC campaigns or even pricing structure and/or sales pages change.

3. Promote your website

This group hosts a variety of tools that you can use to promo your website. It’s divided into 3 sections: “SEO marketing”, “PPC marketing” and “More styles” of marketing.  

Even though I’ve just scratched the surface of this toolset, you can already see just how expansive and encompassing it is. Keyword Country actually offers outstanding value because if you were to purchase each of these tools from different developers it would cost a fortune!

Digging In

Let’s dig a little deeper into one of the main tabs – “Planning Your Website.”

Typically, you would start out by clicking the 'Keyword Research' module.

From here, as with many other Keyword Research tools you are presented with such options as “Specify the number of keywords” you want, “Select Your Target Country” and choose your “Language”.  

For “Number of Results” I entered 1000 keywords. For “Target Countries” and “Language” I set both to all.

Within minutes, Keyword Country returned just over 1000 keywords that were closely related and relevant to my 'fly fishing' seed keywords.

At this point, to the right hand side a section called Customize Columns became available as below.

A variety of options can now be added to your keyword list.

Some of which include:

  • Google Searches

  • Organic search traffic

  • Paid search traffic

  • Competition figures for Google, Yahoo and Bing

  • Cost per click figures for Broad, Phrase and Exact match

  • Number of sponsors present on Google, Yahoo and Bing

  • Performance metrics like R/S ratio, KEI and Profitability

After clicking “Add” on “Google Searches”, “Organic Traffic”, “Paid Traffic” and the three “Google, Yahoo and MSN” competition options, search volume data appeared within minutes. The competition stats on the other hand took quite a while to show up.

These stats are very useful for detecting profitable sub-niches.

It’s so nice to see which keywords are best targeted to each search engine in the one location.

With “sort enabled” for each of these columns, I was able to sort and filter all of this data by any indicator I chose. This can be compared to analyzing via advanced spreadsheet software.

Another aspect that particularly impressed me here is the power that the system provides in regard to providing alternative keyword suggestions that are categorized under headings such as “Related suggestions”, “LSI suggestions”, “Competitor keywords”, “Long tail keywords” and “Misspelled keywords.”

You can click on any of these highly relevant and targeted suggestions which can then be added to your growing keyword list.

This method helps to build semantically related keyword lists which tend to produce higher rankings while opening up greater market coverage through lateral research.

Just for fun I decided to use Keyword Country for an SEO analysis on all of the profitable keywords that I’d just discovered.

Straight away I could see all of the high ranking competitors within this niche and I also caught a glimpse of the search volume that their SEO strategies were creating.

Some were drawing in excess of 600,000 visitors a month.

With prying eyes you can click on any competitor to discover:

  • The keywords they use to rank high

  • The content pages that are pulling them maximum traffic (and how much)

  • The Page Titles and Descriptions that are really working for them

  • How much traffic they’re actually getting through each search engine and more

As you study this information you can quickly discover what’s working where.

This knowledge can then be applied for your own boost up the ranks.

While there’s so much more that I could show you, here are the strong and the weak points I discovered and I’ll also summarize Keyword Country for you.

Strong points:

  • Well thought out keyword research tool with great lateral searching capabilities

  • Excellent filtering and sorting capabilities

  • Idea brainstorming tool

  • Reveals loads of highly useful data on each keyword - goes way beyond any other tool of its type in the market

  • Excellent video training throughout

  • Additional promotional features include finding strategic ad spots, blog marketing, affiliate recruitment, finding content network ad spots, building converting landing pages, newsletter promotions, social marketing and article marketing. Video marketing and social bookmarking are both scheduled to be released shortly.

Weak points:

  • No support for Linux and Mac

  • Keyword Country may freeze on your PC at times.


Without a doubt, a wide array of quality features have been added - Keyword Country has come of age!

In my opinion, at the time of writing, this is the best keyword research tool for all who seek an all in one approach... Hands down!

Overall an awesome concept and it delivers the creme of the crop in immediately applicable tools that can be readably applied for accurate keyword research.

All I can really say is this... Give it a test drive here. You won't be disappointed.

All the best in your keyword research. Strongly recommended.

June 24, 2010

Comments (10)

Said this on June 24, 2010 At 10:20 am
I wonder with MacBooks being all over the places how a company can think to survive long term without catering to this growing crowd. Just can't believe it.
Said this on June 24, 2010 At 10:25 am
Sounds great, except for we Mac users.

How about a followup article pointing to keyword research options for those of us who have escaped the land of Windows?

Said this on June 24, 2010 At 10:11 pm
I'm hearing you guys.

After Vista we switched to Macs too... Never looked back (although we've also got PCs).

Parallels helps but you've raised a good point.
Said this on June 25, 2010 At 08:20 am
Hi Allan,

Great post as usually - I get a few of these news letters in my mailbox these days, and some of them i am REALLY feed up with. First of all because these people keep on sending these newsletters (3-4 per week!!) and instead of being something you look forward to read, they turn into an annoying problem. Most of the time it is just "get rich quick BS" they are sending - it simply gets to the point where those who send these mails, looses instead of winning costumers.

BUT yours is first of all, always very relevant and interesting to read, but secondly the frequency you send them in is absolutely perfect.

One thing I constantly wonder about though is that everybody wants to sell you stuff that makes SEO better etc. etc... BUT before this part is relevant at all, you need to know how to build a web platform, otherwise all the rest doesn't matter - and that is where I'm stranded.

Therefore it would be absolutely essential if we (who don't know how to get started with Affiliate marketing) could get some help with this very, very important part of this kind of business. Teach us how to build a simple affiliate site.

Keep up the good work

Kind regards
Said this on June 25, 2010 At 08:21 am
THAT*S absolutely essential for me also - a former "Windows dummy" - now I use mac and I loooove it :O)
Said this on June 27, 2010 At 11:06 pm
Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback.

You might have noticed that Jay promoted five sites we're building in Associate Programs Newsletter #469.

These have been easy to build and come with full instructions - We'll reveal more soon.


Said this on July 3, 2010 At 02:49 pm
A mentor of mine explained to me that there are four common main hurdles to succeeding as an internet and affiliate marketer and keywords is only one of them.

1) Technical hurdles: This includes things like building a website that presells, making a professional looking website, hosting the website, and maintaining the website.

2) Making sure you choose the best affiliate program to promote means a quality company that will not go out of business and offers lifetime commissions on quality products.

3) Picking the best keywords: This tool seems to help do that, but I have found that even with such a tool, there is still an art to picking good key terms.

4) Writing boring articles that don't presell that are not worth reading won't help you even if you have good keywords.

Many internet or affiliate marketers stumble over one of these hurdles and therefore fail to succeed. The real trick is to find a method or a process or a service that takes care of all of these obstacles and removes them. The mentor of mine I mentioned earlier, has just such a service that helps you remove each of these hurdles.
Said this on August 4, 2010 At 09:02 am
Great info, cheers
Said this on November 1, 2010 At 08:03 am
Thanks for this, really informative
Said this on April 4, 2011 At 05:06 pm
Well after we used Vista we have switched to Macs. Never looked back (although we've also got PCs). Parallels is good idea and you've raised a good point.

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