Jeremy Palmer - the million dollar affiliate

If you think $100,000 a year is a magical target to aim for, you may want to raise your sights after reading this.

Here's a guy who made $1 million in affiliate program commissions last year.

After experimenting with various ventures online, Jeremy Palmer discovered affiliate programs in 2003 while working for a small financial services company.

Jeremy, who's 27, noticed that some of the company's affiliates were earning thousands of dollars in commissions.

So he added some affiliate links to a website he owned. He says the commissions he generated encouraged him to build more affiliate sites in other industries.

He was a remarkably quick learner.

"Within two months I was making more money from my affiliate websites than I was at my day job," he says. "Within six months I was making twice as much, so I decided to quit my day job and focus exclusively on my affiliate business."

In his first year as an affiliate, he earned $100,000 from his websites. "During my second year as an affiliate I made over $1 million."

In two years, he has created more than 100 affiliate sites.

He shows you a couple of them in his book.

Late last year, he won Commission Junction's Horizon Award for Innovation.

"...Jeremy has become one of the most productive, compliant, and responsive publishers in the Commission Junction network..." CJ says.

In his just published first ebook, High Performance Marketing, Jeremy describes how he does it.

For me, the book was a pleasant surprise. I asked Jeremy what sort of reactions he's getting to his book.

"The feedback and response I've received is amazing! It has really blown away my expectations. I had no idea there was this kind of demand for affiliate training and learning. "I've been an affiliate since late 2003, and I think sometimes I take my experience and knowledge for granted. Sharing this information with other affiliates has really opened my eyes to the need for affiliate marketing education."

He says his refund rate is in the single digits. "In fact, I had sold well over 100 copies before I had my first refund request. Based on my understanding this is exceptionally low for an e- product."

There is a lot of added value in the free member support forum. If you have a question that is not answered in the book, simply post it in the support forum, and either Jeremy or another affiliate will answer it.

Jeremy doesn't try to sell you expensive tools or software. Most of the tools and resources he recommends don't cost anything.

AdSense can dilute your affiliate offers

Bucking recent trends, he doesn't give any AdSense tips. He's so good at earning affiliate commissions that he finds he can make more from affiliate commissions than AdSense.

"I don't mix Google AdSense in with my affiliate offers. My websites are highly optimized for one action - generating affiliate commissions. When you have AdSense on your pages it can dilute your affiliate offers."

If you don't understand something in the book, you can post a question in his private forum.

The book is very reasonably priced and comes with free updates.

Jeremy doesn't waste words. The ebook is written in a no-fluff, no-nonsense style.

In 140 pages, he takes you through the whole process - including how he does keyword research, selects products to promote, designs and creates a website, and gets traffic to it.

If you've been doing affiliate marketing for a while, you could quickly skim through the book and decide that you already know most of it.

So what makes the million-dollar affiliate different from most of us?

There are little clues all the way through the book.

For example, Jeremy explains how he selects the best merchants to promote, and how he identifies best converting products.

He explains some of the different types of sites affiliates can build. You may have overlooked important options.

He describes in detail how to write web content that will make your visitor click through and buy. He shows you an example of an effective landing page and explains why it attracts sales.

He's so good at creating effective landing pages that - unlike many affiliates - he can make a profit from buying advertising to send traffic to his sites. (He also uses organic search methods.)

He tells you where he buys his advertising and why. He also shows you how he tracks the results to find out what's working and what isn't. He also shows you how to write effective ads.

He devotes a large section to keyword research.

"One of the biggest factors that has contributed to my success as an affiliate is keyword research," he says.

I was shocked to see that his favorite keyword research tools don't cost anything. When I questioned him about this, he explained that he supplements his results by using Wordtracker.

That's a relief. The Yahoo keyword tool can give you very misleading results. For example, it treats "wool rug" and "rug wool" as though they're the same. Wordtracker and other keyword research tools provide more useful results.

Keyword Buying Cycle

He describes what he calls the "Keyword Buying Cycle". You need to know this if you want to attract website visitors who are ready to buy.

This is hugely important.

If affiliate marketing isn't quite "clicking" for you, I strongly recommend you study this section carefully.

It's an absolute must-have for every affiliate, especially when you consider that when you get the book you also get access to Jeremy's private forum where you can ask him questions.

You get to ask the million-dollar affiliate questions for the price of the book (it's modestly priced). You also see all the other questions he's answered. That alone is a fantastic bargain.

It's insights like these that help make Jeremy a million-dollar affiliate.

A million-dollar affiliate. It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

[UPDATE: Jeremy has stopped selling his ebook.]

May 9, 2006

Comments (7)

Said this on June 20, 2007 At 07:30 pm
Do your income results include your e-book sales? What is the approximate average income reported to you overall by the users of this program? How much time and money total does someone usually invest before generally seeing a return in investment? ( I know results will vary but an overall idea would be great) Thank you.

[The million dollars profit Jeremy Palmer made was purely from affiliate commissions. That level of success is unusual. Some affiliates make nothing and give up, some earn a bit of pocket money or perhaps a few hundred dollars a month. It often takes newcomers six months or a year to reach the stage where they're earning perhaps $300 or $500 a month. Some do it faster, some much slower. It took me two years of hard work before I quit my day job. The amount of money invested also varies hugely. In affiliate marketing, it's possible to do many things cheaply or free, but as a rough estimate, the average affiliate probably spends $500 to $1,000 in the first year on education and tools. Your most important investment will be a good instruction manual. Allan.]
Said this on September 29, 2007 At 07:36 am
This ebook is only for absolute beginners!
And even then you can find better ones.
Said this on October 1, 2007 At 11:45 am
Hi. My business is one of Jeremy Palmer's success stories I guess. I realize that our success isn't typical, but it's an indication of what can be done with Jeremy's techniques. In our first two years in business we generated over $4,000,000 in affiliate commissions. We started from zero, and built up the business in a very methodical, measured way. Jeremy Palmer and Anik Singal recently launched their new product called PPC Classroom. If you stick with it and apply the principles the way we have, you can make a ton of money being an affiliate. PPC Classroom makes it so much easier for new and even experienced affiliates. We share our story and some details on how we did it on our web page:
Said this on November 2, 2008 At 03:20 am
Can someone here tell me how can i drive traffic to my website in order to make money with google adsense.

Thank you for your help


[You could start by reading my report "77 Ways to Get Traffic", which is free to everyone who gets the Associate Programs Newsletter. Allan.]
Said this on June 6, 2009 At 03:43 pm
You know, there is nothing better than targeting a niche (or many) and putting in the time and effort, be willing to place your finger on the pulse of innovation, making the most of newer techniques, and carve out a very nice living with affiliate marketing. Expecting to make windfalls of cash overnight is a fools game, let's face it. But it is possible to reap nice I said, by putting in all the hard work. When I see this PPC classroom at the nearly $500 I want to vomit. Sure, I'm not blind to the scores of thousands out there hawking their wares in the form of info ("how-to" this, "I'll show you" that) that is their PRODUCT, but this price is obscene, frankly. To me, it SCREAMS volumes about just how unscuccessful Mr Palmer's true affiliate business(s) must be and why he must charge so much for his mentoring program. Let's be real - anyone who makes tons of money with a true affiliate marketing business, harnessing and exploiting the tremendous potential of the internet that some business models say is just in its infancy in terms of potential target audiences and untapped revenue, DOES NOT need to charge such an outrageous price for mentoring. I mean, you're either greedy or a failure at what you truly are supposedly preaching. Doesn't sound like the type of mentor relationship I wish to become a part of. I wish you well and wish all those folks that purchase your program well - it's just not for me.
Said this on June 16, 2009 At 11:09 pm
how interesting
Said this on June 9, 2010 At 10:59 am
That's $1,000,000 gross, not net. Net might be 10% of gross if he's lucky ($100,000).

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