James Martell review 2005

James Martell, one of the big guns in affiliate marketing, has revised and updated his successful Affiliate Marketer's Handbook 2005.

Internet marketing is a dynamic industry, so James has included seven new points and updated 21 points in the first section of his revised ebook.

He has quoted what he said "then" together with what improvements or changes he has made since his first handbook was published back in 2002. This exercise demonstrates how radically some of the techniques and beliefs we held back then about affiliate marketing have altered.

Using his own experiences and success as a guidepost, James treads the tried and tested road of affiliate marketing, recommending content-rich, keyword-focused affiliate websites.

Step-by-step instructions

For anyone new to affiliate marketing, or looking for that edge to make it into the big league of affiliate marketers, I believe the Affiliate Marketer's Handbook includes everything and a bit more. It's 341 pages packed with useful advice in a simple step-by-step manual that covers every aspect of building successful affiliate websites.

James starts with the basics - getting organized, researching topics and building a keyword list - in a clear and easy-to-read style.

He then focuses on refining your keywords into a workable and successful website, choosing the right affiliate merchants and writing keyword rich content. He concludes with worthwhile information about submitting to the search engines and how to boost your rankings with link popularity.

A part of James's successful website building strategy involves using Microsoft FrontPage templates, which will not appeal to everyone. However, it's easy to work around this advice with your own website template.

He also recommends a strategy of limiting your affiliate links to specific pages with a number of content rich but affiliate-link-free pages linking into those affiliate linked pages. In theory this sounds great as it means you don't have to alter every page of your website if you decide to change your affiliate merchant, or the linking codes alter, but once again, this may not be the best approach for everyone.

The Affiliate Marketers Handbook 2005 really is the bible for anyone new to affiliate marketing. It contains every bit of information you need to get on the right track to internet marketing success.

Even if you've been around this business for a while, you'll still discover plenty of interesting and cutting-edge information to improve your internet marketing skills and boost your profits.

I strongly recommend that you get your copy of James Martell's Affiliate Marketer's Handbook 2005 as soon as possible.

UPDATE - Now a Complete Bootcamp

James has greatly expanded his Affiliate Marketing Handbook, turning it into the Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp, with coaching, training and support for affiliate marketers.

Continually updated, the Super Bootcamp is a blend of recorded and live online events with weekly video lessons, expert audio interviews, interactive 24/7 member community, twice a month live Q&A and personal coaching sessions. It's step-by-step e-learning, concentrating on the important basics of affiliate marketing.

UPDATED: November 7, 2011
August 22, 2005

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