Is Ewen Chia world's top super affiliate?

Associate Programs Newsletter #351

Ewen Chia is promoting himself as the world's No.1 super affiliate.

Is he?


1. Is Ewen really the world's No.1 super affiliate?
2. Do you want a trickle or explosive growth?
3. Did you see our "Employees wanted" ad?
4. Welcome, new readers
5. Thought for today: Who we are


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1. Is Ewen really the world's No.1 affiliate?

Ewen Chia, who has launched the world's first membership club to train people how to be super affiliates, calls himself "the world's No.1 affiliate" and "the world's No.1 super affiliate".

He appears to be claiming that he's the world's highest earning affiliate. But how would anyone know who's number one?

The affiliate marketing industry is huge and complex.

There are HUNDREDS of affiliate networks, TENS OF THOUSANDS of affiliate programs and MILLIONS of products that affiliates can promote. It's a multi-BILLION-dollar industry. And that's not including the billions earned from Google's AdSense, which many regard as part of the affiliate marketing industry.

So who earns the most in our industry?

Here's one clue...

In the Internet marketing field, when there's a major product launch vendors often publish a leaderboard showing the top 10 or 20 affiliates. When Ewen promotes one of these products, he's often the No.1 or No.2 affiliate, or somewhere in the top 10. You probably can't find a more consistent winner in the Internet marketing field. So he's a really BIG earner.

However, what about all the OTHER niches? What about some that involve huge revenues, such as online casinos, credit cards or the, um, "adult" industry? Who are the top affiliates in these niches? I don't see Ewen making any claims to fame about them.

Or what about the huge earners in PPC affiliate marketing? For example, just for our SpeedPPC product alone, we have affiliates who are very quietly earning thousands of dollars a month. I know one in particular who is earning thousands from us each month and is promoting a LOT of other affiliate products, too, via PPC marketing. Hardly anyone has ever heard of him.

How much does the world's best PPC affiliate earn? I don't know - and neither does Ewen, because we don't know who that person is.

What I do know for certain is that Ewen often earns staggering commissions when he hits the No.1 spot on a vendor's leaderboard.

He explains how he does that in his new super affiliate membership club, taking you step-by-step through the process he uses.

It isn't just about generating revenue from affiliate programs. It's about teaching you how to build a long-term business which earns you dependable and consistent affiliate income every single month. It involves a lot of residual commissions.

Whatever extravagant claims Ewen makes, he's VERY good at this. I've seen the proof. I've seen several of those vendors' leaderboards.

Who else could be better to learn from than someone who makes millions doing affiliate marketing?

I think this course is best suited for people who have already done some affiliate marketing.

Before you get the course, I just want to make sure you know that the first month of the course contains a section on multi-level marketing, which Ewen seems to be getting deeply involved in these days. That's not my niche. Whether it's yours or not is up to you.

CRUCIAL TIP: When you  watch Ewen's videos, listen to his audios and read his transcripts, don't just study his words. Study what Ewen actually DOES.
This is THE course for serious affiliates. Get it.


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2. Do you want a trickle or explosive growth?

Rich Schefren, just in case you don't know, is a highly paid guru to many of the big-name marketing gurus. He says that the whole world is suffering from a chronic case of attention-deficit disorder.

His 93-page report, The Attention Age Doctrine Volume 2, tells you how to get attention in a cluttered marketplace. It's all about switching from orthodox strategies which get you a trickle of sales, to new strategies which get you explosive growth.

It's free. I strongly recommend you read it, whatever sort of online business you own.

It will make you rethink what you're doing online.


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3. Did you see our "Employees wanted" ad?

Just in case you missed it in the last newsletter...

We're growing, and we'd like you to grow with us.

If you're still thinking of applying for one of our jobs, hurry. The deadline is December 10.

Sorry, no, we're not looking for tele-commuters this time.

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4. Welcome, new readers

If you're a new reader, you may be wondering what on earth affiliate marketing is and what affiliates do to earn a living.

Here's an introduction to get you started...

Knowledge Base
This is an expanded FAQ, where common questions about affiliate marketing are answered. Beginners should begin with the "Affiliate basics" section.

Affiliate Program Tutorial
I wrote this tutorial for my bookkeeper, Tony, when he began asking questions about how we earned our revenue. It describes the most solid, reliable, risk-free way to get started.

Our Affiliate Marketing Forum
Do you still have a question? Don't be shy. Ask it on our friendly forum.

5. Thought for today: Who we are

"We are what we do." - Gordon Livingston.


All the best with your affiliate business

Allan Gardyne

December 6, 2007

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Comments (6)

Said this on December 6, 2007 At 11:35 am
Ewen is quite a boring spammer, I don't know why is there any respect to such guys. Does he make money? Yes of course, most spammers do. Otherwise there wouldn't be so much spam out there.

[What's your definition of spam? The one I use is "bulk unsolicited email" - stuff you haven't subscribed to. Allan.]
Said this on December 9, 2007 At 12:15 pm
I wouldn't mind being a boring spammer if I could make tons of money from it.
Said this on December 10, 2007 At 02:51 am
Allan I am Really surprised and dissappointed You are promoting the newest Ewen Chia's "superaffiliate creation trap" for suckers! Mr. Ewen Chia announced over a year ago he is "retiring" from the Affiliate business since he had made So Much Money he doesn't need to do it anymore. As his "good bye" product he created the Highly priced Super Affiliate Cloning Program. Here are just a couple of posts from various Private forums about SACP:

"Since we are on the big names chapter you can add Ewen Chia to the mix with his Supper Affiliate Cloning Program (SACP) over $1,500 (US dollars) not worth the ink and paper was printed on. Why would some Supper Affiliate who has a good reputation and has made it big exploit the
Said this on January 22, 2008 At 02:30 am
Wow, wow, wow... Wait a minute dany. Is all your story really true? I am so sorry to hear that. Because mr ewen is one of my favorite. As long as I know him, he is a good person.
Said this on July 4, 2010 At 02:29 pm
Ewen chia is the best affiliate marketer the world knows, he is a legend and is unbeatable, he has produced the top quality less priced products, other's produce such products and sell them at high prices, join his facebook fan page to get about 70 Mb facebook tips, u will fall for sure! It is all FREE !
Said this on September 7, 2013 At 06:24 am

Ewen Chia is world's No.1 affiliate. He shares simple and easy to follow system to make money online.

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