How To Unleash the Power of Google Places

In previous articles I’ve talked about using Google Places as a source of traffic and I’ve also mentioned that you can make great extra cash as an affiliate by taking some of your skills offline.

I’ve found a course by Mario Brown which will help you take advantage of Google’s new top ranking spots… its local business listings.

Google Places Marketing

Not only can you sell the ability to get businesses up in these rankings but if you’re creative, there are some ways that you can use this skill to bring traffic to an affiliate product site.

So what is "Google Places Unleashed"?

In GPU, you get taken, step-by-step, through the process of setting up Google Places listings and how to get them to rank better.

It’s easy to add a business to Google Places. What’s hard is getting it into the “7 box” that shows up on the first page for local searches.

In the early days, when not many people had claimed their listing, it was relatively easy to do. Now that everyone has noticed that the 7 box  keeps appearing, there is much more competition.

Also, of course, Google keeps refining its formula to stop people taking advantage of them. Personally, I consider it part of the game but it frustrates others.

As an affiliate for a specific product, you can take advantage of these listings by drawing traffic from a local level. For example, set up a site for a solar power product then using a post box or virtual office address with a SkypeIn number, add yourself to the Places listings. When people follow the Places listing to your site, you sell them on your affiliate product. Marketers have been doing this with hosting services and more for years.

What’s the content like?

As I worked my way through the videos, I discovered a range of new ways to improve how Google looks at my Places listing. Mario takes care to discuss each way of building your listing in detail and the Camtasia style videos are clear, showing all the steps you need to follow.

I especially like the fact that he has taken the time to update some videos and add new ones as Google has changed its ranking formulas. This is something that you don’t often see in these sorts of “how to do it” packages.

He covers keyword research that works with Places and how to choose the categories to list your business under. This was interesting, because I know that I just filled in basic details and left them. Mario likes to go back and change things once the listing appears to get it to show for a wider range of keywords.

In the videos you’ll learn specific research steps that you can take to learn more about your competition and how they are getting their rankings. From this information, you can imitate them. For example, I now know that Google incorporates the ratings from sites such as TrueLocal, CitySearch, InsiderPages and Yelp because I can see where Google lists these ratings under my competitor’s Places listing.

From adding videos to images, you’ll learn the most effective way to build a better ranking Google Places listing.  I never knew that you could add images to other parts of Google to influence the Places section.

What did I think overall?

I liked Mario’s style of presenting. It’s easy to listen to, he doesn’t waste words on irrelevant information and he sticks to only what works. One thing’s for sure, you’re not buying any “filler” when you get this course.

The proof is in the results

I applied the Google Places Unleashed method on a friend's Google Places listing.

The result?

Through the Places analytics, I was able to see a jump in impressions from 4 to 20 a day (low traffic, local area) in just 4 days. In a small town, that was quite surprising and it happened over a weekend which is a time when most small business traffic drops off.

Google Places Traffic

Get your copy of Google Places Unleashed today

If you’re an affiliate, Internet or business marketer, this course is worth owning. The method really does work and with Google pushing the standard results down under their Places listing, it’s one of the only ways to get to the very top of the page.

Click here now to order your copy of Google Places Unleashed

UPDATE: Google Places has been replaced by Google+ Local. The good news is that Google+ Local pages are being indexed in the search engine, so there are SEO opportunities there.

UPDATED: June 3, 2012
January 24, 2011

Comments (8)

Said this on January 29, 2011 At 02:47 am
Thanks, Brad, for another great review! I have already claimed 3 or 4 Google Places sites. But I need to go back and put in the time to
really capitalize on this FREE Opportunity...

Austin, Texas
Said this on January 29, 2011 At 03:19 pm
Hello Brad
Thanks for the info.; but for someone like myself, I have been using this technique for while. I remember that I mentioned something about this local listing in one of the associate programs forum, that was when I made my first two dollars in affiliate marketing, it was like gold. I shared the words with everybody in the forum because I was so happy I found something that worked. That was about 5 years ago.
Google place needs constant update, especially with the new tagging system that was introduced.

Once again, thanks for sharing this information.
Said this on January 31, 2011 At 11:52 pm
You are a naughty boy to promote spamming of Google Places!!!

"Do not create listings at locations where the business does not physically exist. P.O. Boxes are not considered accurate physical locations. Listings submitted with P.O. Box addresses will be removed."

This is from the quality guidelines at:
Said this on February 1, 2011 At 02:33 am
It might say that but I have seen plenty of Places listings with PO Boxes. You can add the PO Box address as well so that Google can find the street.

I don't suggest spamming anyone, especially Google...

Said this on February 23, 2011 At 12:36 am
What a great post, I actually found it very thought provoking, thanks
Said this on February 23, 2011 At 12:37 am
Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..
Shocking Truth
Said this on February 14, 2012 At 12:38 am

FEBRUARY, 14.02.2012

No, you should never use a PO Box unless it is in the second 'Address" feild, for mailing purposes only. But beware, Google is sick of people doing it, and updating the algorithm to clean it up and stop it.

Also, NO ONE can start and rank google places listing within 4 days anymore. The average time for reveiw of a new listing is 6-8 weeks now.

Plus, dits you make can take up to 8 weeks for changes to be approved and become active. If you blunder it up and make even minor mistakes or suspected of spamming,  you will be waiting MONTHS to get your listing back, if you are lucky.

I'm telling you the truth. It is as delicate, fickle and potentially dangerous as performing micro brain surgery on a mouse.  You have to know what you are DOING!

Google places is NOT the shortcut to success, it requires updating like anyhting else, and you CANT upload pictures at the moment. That's been down for months and no news from google about when available again. They are "updating" the photo upl;oading policies.

What else, oh yes, affiliate marketing has been attacked by the google Panda for duplicated marketing messages in the blended organic search results... so they are sure as hell not going to let affilaites taint GP!! One lucky affiliate maybe, will get to scoop up for any search 'category', but that's about it.

I can't believe the author has NOT done his research properly. Any product that is offering bad advice WITHOUT disclosing the current facts and truth to innocent people, is not worth one red cent.

These are the cold hard hitting facts. This is how it really is in 2012!

I have 28 Google places clients all experiencing these kinds of problems!!! So yes, I should and DO know.

Said this on February 16, 2012 At 10:22 pm
Hi Shocking Truth, Many thanks for the update. It's very useful to know what's happening a year after the article was written.

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