How to promote affiliate products from your blog

If you have a blog of any kind, and you want to use it to make money online, promoting other people's products is one of the best ways to get started quickly, and make commissions on autopilot.

Unlike advertising revenue like Google AdSense or Text Link Ads however, you cannot just expect so slap in some codes and do nothing else.

Affiliate marketing, as it has always been, requires a lot of smart pre-selling on your part. The good thing is that is you do this properly, you can make so much more from affiliate products than you can from picky, fickle-minded web advertisers.

Here's how you do it:

1) Post a useful product review

I've made over 40 sales of a $97 affiliate product just by posting a useful review of it. The keyword here is that it must be "useful", not a blatant sales pitch. While you highlight the benefits of the product, do also mention the drawbacks or limitations, playing them down as necessary or simply putting them in a more positive light.

People aren't stupid. They know that there must be something about the product that you're not telling them just so you can make a sale. So go ahead and tell them everything, but craft your words so the negatives won\'t sound like a big deal.

2) Do a podcast with the product owner

I've sold over 56 copies of a $47 ebook with this method. All I did was interview the product creator, and put up the MP3 on my blog. When you interview someone, make sure you provide content first, and when the person's authority is established, move in for the sale. But do it tactfully!

The best way to do it is to mention your affiliate link at the beginning and the end of the  interview so that people can get more information on the product. You have to make the URL easy to remember, and don't ever attempt to give out a raw affiliate link during the call. A simple page that redirects to your affiliate link will do.

You can, and should, also put your affiliate link in the blog post itself.

3) Interlink your articles masterfully

When you have a product review or podcast download page up, you can always write new blog posts related to the product, and link to the pages. Never scatter your affiliate links all over your blog; it's better to leave them on one or two pages and link all other posts to that page.

When promoting affiliate products from your blog, you must identify your "money pages", which are the ones you'll spend the most amount of time writing, preselling and selling the actual affiliate product.

All over your blog, try to drive the traffic to those pages, and your affiliate income will surely increase.

Affiliate marketing with blogs is really simple. The mistake most people do is they copy and paste promotional emails created by the product owner into their blogs, making it look more like a messy notice board instead of a useful a site you'll want to come back to! With this level of effort how can you expect to really make money from affiliate marketing?

You need to put in your share of effort, but your one-time effort will multiply itself by getting more search engine traffic and referral traffic from others to your review or podcast. When you have a carefully crafted "money page" you can even drive traffic from Google AdWords to it and your conversion rate will be great.

November 3, 2007

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Said this on May 3, 2009 At 06:10 pm
An excellent example of a great best selling ebook with high commission mixed with the best pich page and sales techniques would be the "Double Your Dating" ebook by David DeAngelo (aka Eban Pagan, the marketing guru).

He pays 200% commission to his affiliates ($40) for a $20 ebook and eventually everyone's happy because this ebook converts like crazy and pays a lot of money for each sale, and a lot of the buyers continue buying more of his much more expensive stuff (which you don
Said this on May 23, 2009 At 03:34 am
Promoting affiliate products from your blog can be quite simple. It just requires good products with a good writer.

We just started promoting "Maverick Money Makers" and it seems to be one of this great programs.

[Opinions are mixed on that one. Do your research carefully. Allan.]
A.D Makun
Said this on August 9, 2009 At 02:12 pm
So nice to meet you I really appreciate your write up which talk about promoting affiliate products from one blog. here I'm new to affiliate marketing and dont have website or blog what advice would you give and how do I create my own blog.


[Our affiliate forum would be a good place to ask such questions. The link is at the top of the page. Allan.]
Said this on October 14, 2009 At 10:11 pm
i think i would copy you
Steve S.
Said this on December 25, 2009 At 07:17 pm
I am just starting out in my own buisness and i would like to know how i can get started with a blog{not really sure what this is.Can you give some guidance,so i can made a decision if this would worth while.

[Blog is short for web log and it's a type of site which is kept updated frequently, very often daily, with new articles,
thoughts, insights etc related to your particular subject. Some people use blogs as a type of online journal, but they are also very effective marketing tools. If you haven't already done so I suggest you read Allan's article on using blogging to increase your affiliate income.

You might also like to ask more questions in our friendly forum, which has a whole section on blogs and blogging. - Cheers, Glennys]
Said this on March 31, 2010 At 03:32 am
THANK YOU for this articulate post. I've been reading on this topic all night, but yours has the most info in the smallest space so far... I actually bookmarked it!
Cheers -
Miss Rose
Said this on October 22, 2010 At 05:34 am
Your post is so right on track that I have literally changed my mind.
Said this on November 17, 2010 At 08:27 pm
thank you for this valuable information I will post a link on my site so my readers can benefit from it as well.
Said this on December 14, 2010 At 07:57 am
Thanks. An excellent example
Said this on September 13, 2011 At 11:56 pm

Interlinking within your own blog seems to be one of the most overlooked aspects of driving affiliate sales. I see so many who neglect to interlink their blog posts and they suffer from it by not maximizing their blog's SEO potential.

Said this on October 1, 2011 At 07:04 pm

Promoting affiliate products from your blog ARE quite simple. It just requires good products with an awesome writer.

For more Affiliate Product Reviews

Said this on October 21, 2012 At 10:55 am

By the way what you write in this article you are presenting it so easy to make money through the internet by selling affiliate products. As affiliate marketing is a struggle for many, if only they read your post, they will learn the trade the easy way. Thank you so much for sharing this to everyone.

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