How to make your own seachange

A seachange is a radical transformation; a dramatic change in one's life.

As the Australian edition of Reader's Digest reported, "seachange" is a popular buzzword in Australia.

It has become the subject of government reports, academic studies and a highly successful TV series.

In Seachange, Sigrid Thornton's character epitomizes the traditional notion of seachange: well-heeled city folk throwing in their stressful jobs and fleeing to the serenity of the coast.

Reader's Digest surveyed a representative sample of 1200 Australians, asking them if they would like to make a radical change in their lives, and if so, what was prompting that desire.

The results were startling.

"In just about every demographic group, fully 85% or more of the respondents told us they dream of making a seachange," Reader's Digest reported.

"Moving to the coast is still a popular seachange fantasy, but it's not everyone's ideal. In fact, Australians have a diverse range of seachange aspirations.

"The desire for a seachange is driven by an almost insatiable hunger for self-fulfilment. Seachangers still want to work, but in a context that gives their lives balance."

The two-part article struck a chord with me because I'm a seachanger.

My wife, Joanna, and I used to be journalists, working in high-pressure jobs which consumed our lives.

Now we run our own business from home, living about half the year on the Gold Coast, Queensland - a popular seachange destination - and the rest of the year in Dunedin, New Zealand.

We work when we want to and from wherever we are in the world ? with no boss looking over our shoulders

Seachange book

Author Cindy Dowling describes our lifestyle change briefly in her  hardback book, Seachange, Australians in pursuit of the goodlife published by Exisle Publishing Ltd, ISBN: 0908988265. It's available from

Cindy tells the stories of 20 people who didn't just dream of making a dramatic change in their lifestyle. They took the plunge and did it.

Such radical change doesn't always pay off. While some seachangers achieve more satisfying lives, others struggle. Cindy describes the pitfalls and well as the pay-offs.

While Joanna and I have improved our income considerably, many seachangers earn less.

For most, a smaller income is compensated by a more relaxed lifestyle, a more satisfying family life and inner peace.

Seachangers end up in a wide variety of jobs and businesses.


Joanna and I earn our living on the Internet, using affiliate programs, also known as associate programs.

We earn commissions by promoting other people's products. We also earn money from Google, which pays us for small advertisements on our websites. (There's a Google ad on this page, for example.)

I've written a no-hype, no-nonsense introduction to affiliate programs which makes it plain that while the rewards can be wonderful and the lifestyle great, it's a serious business. It requires solid research and hard work, especially when you're getting established.

Are you thinking you couldn't possibly build a website? You wouldn't know where to start?

Perhaps you're thinking you're too old to learn new things?

Well, I was born back in 1949. I managed to learn this stuff OK. Perhaps you can, too.

Here's my Affiliate Program Tutorial.

You could call it a seachange tutorial.

UPDATED: October 3, 2011
November 21, 2004

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