How to grow your website income

"How to make $1000 a month online from scratch" has proved to be one of our most popular article series.  It has recently been updated to support the latest online developments and innovations.

Over the past 7 weeks I've been outlining the plan of attack for making your first $1000 a month online. Completely from scratch.

This series made the following assumptions:

  • You will have 5-10 hours a week to work on the business.
  • You'll have very few, if any, technical skills.
  • $400 to invest.
  • A willingness to work hard, stick to a plan and resist distractions.

If you've followed through and taken action on my instruction you should now have:

1) The right mental attitude to pull this off.

2) Selected a niche topic with the "right stuff".

3) A traffic pulling website with at least 10 articles on it (and growing).

4) A strategy and process for converting that content into dollars.

5) An info product you are selling that helps out the folks interested in your niche topic.

If you've got all of that together, you should be very happy with yourself. You've worked hard and you've achieved something that most people lack the discipline to do. Well done.

However, I warn you. This is the most dangerous time for your new business. If it's anything like 99% of other projects of a similar nature, there still isn't much happening on the income side of things. It's often very disheartening.

You may be feeling a mix of emotions including:

  • Did I select the right niche?
  • This isn't worth the time I'm putting in here.
  • The economy must have caused this not to work.
  • Maybe my design isn't right?
  • I'm not cut out to make money online.
  • This sucks.
  • Jay sucks.

This is natural. It's the nature of traffic.

We know because we've seen it over and again. As an example, we followed this same methodology for a site of our own. The first month saw just 11 people visit. The second month just 39. Pretty disheartening stuff. In over 8 weeks we'd seen just 50 people hit the site.

However, by just keeping at it we started to see growth. By the third month we'd had around 1300 people hit the site and by the eighth month we cracked 10,000 visitors.

Many people who witnessed the same kind of stats would have given up at the end of the second month. It's hard to make much money off 50 people in 8 weeks. Nonetheless we didn't give up. We just kept plugging away at it until we saw some solid growth.

Once you see your site growing fast, it's a strong motivator. When you see your site making money, it's an even stronger motivator.

Mental toughness

But the hardest part is keeping the pressure on when no one's visiting your site and you're not making a cent. This is why I created this chapter. You need to keep pressing through and have some mental toughness to keep doing it.

It reminds me when I used to race mountain bike cross country. These were normally hellish 2.5 hour races that were comprised of 7 laps. The starts were absolutely furious as you were in the red zone just trying to establish your position. Your heart rate was through the roof and your legs were full of lactic acid.

However, this first lap wasn't the hardest part of the race. The second lap was.

In the first lap your mind was ready to fight and your body fueled with adrenaline. However, in the second lap your body was paying for the first lap's punishment. Your mind was saying, "I can't do this . . . I've still got 6 laps to ride and I'm feeling like I could die . . . maybe I should stop."

It was easy to dig yourself into a mental hole and feel like pulling out.

But then as you complete your second lap you begin to settle into a rhythm. Your body recovers and you get some momentum. As you begin to pass other people you get your confidence back and those mental doubts go away and you refocus on the task at hand.

If you've completed all the steps in parts 1-7, you're probably hitting lap 2 about now. Keep focused. It will only be a matter of time before you see some positive results.

Building momentum

In the meantime, I recommend you keep following the formula of building momentum I outlined in Part 6, "The Traffic".

During this period I recommend setting yourself the following goals. It will help you get through this little rut.

1) Write 1-2 articles a week (following the principles in Part 7).

2) Get 2-4 new links a week (following the principles in Part 6).

Just consistently keep doing this. Do it without expectation for at least 6-8 weeks. If you're still not seeing growth then I would bet that you are doing something on your site that is actually inhibiting traffic.

Check the following:

1) You're not doing anything that violates the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

2) See if your site is being indexed correctly by using some of the webmaster tools provided by Google.

3) Ensure that you have links pointing to your site.

Once you've started seeing some growth, you'll feel more motivated to keep driving forward.

The basic formula for growth is easy. Simply:

1) Develop more content on a more diverse keyword group that people love and want to link to.

2) Develop more content that can be monetized via affiliate links and your own product. For example via reviews and case studies.

3) Improve your sales letter for your product by writing more compelling content, adding testimonials and building trust. Remember, if you can take your conversion rate from 2% to 4% you can double your income.

If you methodically follow my advice there really should be no reason why you can't reach your $1000 a month mark. Of course you can use this to have an amazing family vacation each year, start a college fund, support a new member of the family or really whatever you wish.

Perhaps you don't want to dream big, but it is very possible to earn much more than your $1000 a month. The next major hurdle is to take your site from a part-time income, to a full-time, day job replacing income.

The simplest way is to focus on the 80/20 rule as much as possible and automate this process as much as possible by outsourcing the processes. Simple mathematics say that if you could replicate this 10 times or make 5 sites twice as profitable, you can earn $10,000 a month.

This would be a dream for many folks and could be a good pathway for you.

However, if you want to hit these kinds of figures and higher, there are probably more efficient ways to go.

Now they aren't easier necessarily. You need to be more skilled and possibly take more risks.

How to replace your day job

While this "Part 8" concludes the series on "How to make $1000 a month from scratch", I'm considering producing a "How to replace your day job" type series.

To produce a series like this requires an enormous amount of effort. Hence, I'm keen to find out if this is something that you would find useful. If so, what specifically do you want to know?

We've got experience in particular business models, but not all business models, so we'd need to draw in some experts to cover other methodologies. So the more information on what you want to know you can give us, the better.

Simply post your comments below.

April 5, 2010

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Comments (39)

Janis Miller
Said this on July 23, 2008 At 12:24 pm
Thank you so much Allan for this great series. I learned about it yesterday from a comment made on Lynn Terry's blog. You have given some excellent information that will help a ton of people. I, for one, would be very interested in your next proposed series on replacing your day job. Once I have down the methods in this series I think "replacing your day job" would need to teach me how to organize several niches; good tools for automating some of the work; product creation tips/ideas; and good resouces for outsourcing. I sure there is more. I will add to my list as I gain more experience. Thanks again.

Live joyfully,
Janis Miller

[Thank you for the detailed suggestions! Much appreciated. Allan.]
Dwight Norris
Said this on July 23, 2008 At 10:57 pm
Thanks Allan and Jay for providing this wonderful series to help all the new hopefuls get a grip on what they need to be doing to succeed in this business. I for one am using the information very well and can finally see how my output will become income in the future.

I believe that the quit your day job series would be very good. I would need information on how to automate things (quality content, forums, email subscriptions, multiple websites, affiliate merchants, etc....). I believe that managing an operation that big would be very hard for a single person if not impossible without losing focus. I know things become a little easier once things are started, but their is a point where you lose control.

Until then, I will continue following the series looking for ways to jump over the wall that will be hitting me soon enough. At the moment creating quality content is not that hard. It's holding back the urge to insert monetization too early.
Lynn Lawson
Said this on July 24, 2008 At 11:25 am
Thanks so much Jay and Allan for this wonderful guide. I learned way more from these steps than I learned from the expensive internet marketing courses that I've purchased over the years. I'm going to add some of these suggestions to increase the revenue on my site. Keep up the fantastic work!
Patti Winters
Said this on July 24, 2008 At 11:52 am
Allan and Jay,
Thank you so much for this series. It could not have come at a better time. I was recently laid off from my job (as many in the US are experiencing lately). I can't wait for your new series on "How to replace your day job". Thank you for all your help so far, and I look forward to your new series in the future.
Thank you,
Patti Winters
Jim Plummer
Said this on July 24, 2008 At 11:53 am
I really enjoyed the series. It was very informative and realistic. I would love to see a series on quitting your day job. There is so much hype about quitting your day job from so many internet marketers that I would like to see a practical, realistic guide to quitting your day job, one that includes some real life examples of people who actually did quit their day job, and the detailed steps they took to make it happen.
Said this on July 24, 2008 At 12:14 pm
Thank you Allan and Jay... this series has been very useful and helpful. I just wanted to write and express my thanks for this great information - I've printed every article!

I do have an SBI site and am familiar with some of the concepts you have written about. My biggest hurdle seems to be finding the time to get everything done and grow the site. But I love my niche and site, and people are linking and sending emails! Getting more traffic now(100/day) and very modest $$ from Adsense.

A series on "quitting your day job" is a great idea, with some emphasis on time management, and affiliate marketing.

Thanks again!
Said this on July 24, 2008 At 04:14 pm
Jay and Allan

I have followed this series of articles, and sincerely apprieciated the information. I am not an inernet marketing pro, but I know it works. I had stopped doing affiliate marketing few a couple of years now. The reason I stopped was because my site was based around texas holdem. Anyone who has been in the internet affiliate marketing game for a while know hows frustrating it can be to see your customer base evaporate to zero literally over night.

Even though I stopped my business, due to extreme frustration, the one ezine I still subscribe and didn't cancel is Allan's. I have read every issue, but not acted for years on the information. Until Jay's series was published.

My point is this: You have inspired me to start affiliate marketing again. I give both Jay and Allan a heartfelt thanks for putting together and publishing this series. I have always wanted to work from home and earn a modest living. You have restored my faith in fulfilling my dream once again.


P.S. For the people out there who think SBI is not worth the price, you obviously don't see it's true value. Keep defending that product Allan!!
Susan Sweet
Said this on July 24, 2008 At 05:01 pm
I truely appreciate the effort you put into creating this series. I've gotten more useful information out of it than with most of the products that I've paid money for, to be honest! Thank you so much.

I'd love to see a future series that centers on getting rid of your day job by making internet marketing a full time pursuit. My main concerns would include how to create and manage multiple websites, what and how to outsource, and possibly, something on other methods of using the internet to earn money. In particular, I'd be interested in how to create and sell content sites.

I look forward to any further articles and series you will put out!

Said this on July 24, 2008 At 07:21 pm
Excellent series and comes at a great time for me. I've been trying to 'put a shine on a sneaker' for 2 months in my attempts to get my online business up to speed - this getting back to basics really helped me focus.

In your new series on how to quit your job, can you cover something for those of us who love to write and do research? Maybe something on making money with a paid ezine, not membership sites.

Thank you so much, I've been a follower of Allan's for years and he helped me get started with affiliate marketing.
Said this on July 26, 2008 At 09:36 am
Thanks to Allan and Jay for this terrific series.

Jay, if you've got the energy for it, the "How To Replace Your Day Job" series would be fantastic.

Best to you and yours.
Said this on July 26, 2008 At 01:38 pm
great series jay. and no you don't suck :)
how to replace your day job income is a great idea for your next series. some things we would all be looking for is:

1) a similar step by step guide focusing on just the key components of the project

2) how much investment to expect into the project

3) outsourcing vs. doing it yourself. what to get others to do, how to find then and how to build a team that works for you

4) how to leverage free resources as much as possible

5) finally, how to put the final result/website on auto pilot and how much and how often to update it/add content. also, what exactly to add when updating

thanks for all the good info and keep it coming
Said this on July 26, 2008 At 06:06 pm
Yes - brilliant idea for a 'Replace Your Day Job' series.

I think you've given us enough information - I've had a SBI! site for 4 years - but I lack the motivation to keep going on and on.

Life gets in the way and I just keep telling myself that if I only could put in 6 to 12 months of extra effort into the website(s) then I'd be able to back off the day job.

Motivation is the key to the course I think.
Said this on July 29, 2008 At 11:50 pm
A How To Replace Your Day Job Income series would be great but I'd like to see:

1. Exactly how many hours per week you'd need to put in.

2. How much income it makes as some people make $30,000 pa and some make $80,000 pa.

3. Is having an email list crucial to replacing your day job income?

4. How much is it going to cost to set it all up?

5. How to outsource effectively.

[Many thanks for your detailed suggestions. Allan.]
Said this on August 8, 2008 At 11:05 pm
I started my own little internet business 5 months ago, I have to say I wished I had read your articles before I started. I would have to say this is the BEST information I have managed to find. Although I have had some great advice from IT friends, none of them have been as thorough in their detail as you have been in these articles. Congratulations and thank you.
Ironically, I started up Party Direct in an attempt to - "give up my day job" but it is proving to take a little longer than I had first (naively) anticipated. Therefore I look forward with great interest to your new project. There are a million topics I can think of so below is just a few:

- Relativity: if you are in a highly paid job and want to replace that income I expect there is more risk than if you are only looking for $1000 per month. Therefore a topic on managing risk would be interesting

- Networking: it is a buzz word that I don't particularly like but how critical is it?

- Why would "giving up your day job" be any better than what you have now?: Is it better to work for yourself or someone else? What are the risks and benefits

- How long will it take and how committed are you to the project?

Thanks again for some GREAT information. I look forward to reading your next articles.

[Hi Lynda, Thank you very much for your comments and your detailed suggestions. We really appreciate them. Allan.]
Nicholas Jarvis
Said this on August 9, 2008 At 05:33 pm
Thank You SO much Jay and Allan

You have really opened my eyes to WHAT REALLY WORKS! I am still a newbie but am learning so much so fast thanks to people like yourselves. I have purchased speed ppc great piece of software, having a few problem with the datafeed software. I would defiently be interested in a series to "quit my day job" ! maybe a proper tutorial for speed ppc would be handy as well? This series that you have written is it availaible in a pdf format?

[The series is not available in PDF format. However, you can print yourself a neat version of each artlcle. Here's how: Get each article on your screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the first column and click on "Print Article". You'll be able to print the article without printing out other stuff from the page. SpeedPPC comes with extensive instruction manuals and videos. If there's something more you need, the private SpeedPPC forum would be a good place to put in your requests or ask questions. Allan.]
barry lough
Said this on August 26, 2008 At 02:07 pm
Ready to go forward from $1000 / mo.

I Started with SBI in 2003 and created, then added in 2004.

The two sites combined hit the $1000 / mo. mark a year or two ago and have been slowly climbing since then. Well over 90% of that intake is from Adsense.

Other attempts at monetization, including an online store, have been dismal. So, if there are other approaches that will work for my model, straight infopreneur, I'm open.

I'll be looking forward to your next series.

Thanks J.

[Well done! One way to go forward would be the follow the steps Jay provides in this series of articles. He writes about making $1,000 a month but the actual potential using these techniques is far greater. Allan.]
Said this on September 5, 2008 At 02:35 pm
Cheers Jay,
I am reading this thinking yeh where is the catch and what are these guys selling.

But I have just finished and hey where is the catch!

Brilliant copy comprising very detailed and straightforward information that I really need coming into the world of business through the web.

Although my missus is not too chuffed I am stuck to the pc making notes... hopefully my future extra earnings will bring a smile to her face...

Good luck with your future articles guys and thank you.
Ishola Akindele
Said this on October 5, 2008 At 12:04 am

You guys are doing a very great job here. The content is worth paying for in membership sites.

Though I am new to thisonline business, I beleive this is going to give me a solid beginning.

Thank you, and will always visit this site.

Bill Davis
Said this on October 17, 2008 At 05:19 pm
This was quite possibly the BEST series I've EVER read on building a niche online business! So much practical information but not overwhelming. The set up was perfect, too -- Jay broke BIG things into actionable tasks.

ANYBODY can follow this method and it seems that with the phenomenal growth of the Internet that everyone can share the wealth!

As for replacing your day job income, that's a fantastic idea. I assume more reward = bigger risk, which sounds like more Paid content and Paid search, but I could be wrong! I'd love to see a series on this topic!

Another great series that would be somewhat analogous to this is Work At Home Moms (or Dads). Maybe a few more hours per week, but not much capital investment...perhaps 20 hours a week but with 0-100 dollars to invest. Just a thought.
Said this on November 6, 2008 At 11:49 pm

This was great!! Better than most content I have paid for. Thanks so much. This will help so many of us.

For the "Replace Your Day Job" Series, I would love to have your expertise on how to run a continuity/membership site from beginning to end.

The way you did this was so good, I really think I could take your knowledge on member sites and make it work.

Your expertise and step by step way of teaching is excellent!!

I hope you consider this, I think member sites are perfect to replace your day job. It is a constant and steady source of income. Where other types of sites a person would constantly have to be launching something new quite often in order to keep up the income.

Whatever you decide to do, I am sure it will be just great!

Thanks again for this great step guide that can help anyone who has the right mindset.

Best to you,

[Thanks for the suggestion! Excellent idea. Right now, Jay is very busy getting ready for the launch of a new membership site. Allan.]
Said this on November 11, 2008 At 09:31 am
Thanks so much for these articles! I've paid lots of money for less info. I've tried since 2001 to make an online business and I still do not make much money. But I keep trying.

Articles like this helps to keep me going. Because I do believe that I can create my own business.

Thanks again,

[Good for you! Persist, learn something new every day and DO something to build your business every day. You'll get there. Allan.]
Said this on November 19, 2008 At 11:02 pm
An absolutely brilliant article -- it's everything summed up that I've ever read/done/needed to do when promoting my niche sites. Perfect for newbies, and a great refresher for veterans.
Said this on December 8, 2008 At 12:46 pm
Nicely written BUT it doesn't really show you "How to make $1000 a month online from scratch". But there are some good tips for beginners. You keep pushing SiteBuildIt but I find that rather clunky. And I don't agree with the advice about DMOZ and Yahoo. DMOZ was discredited ages ago for having editors on the take. And why pay Yahoo to list you? What you need is a Host Account with somebody like Google loves them and they are highly optimized for the search engines. I've built brand-new sites with them and had them indexed on Google in a day or two. What Google looks for is quality, relevant (on topic) one-way links from reputable and high P.R. sites.
And I don't agree with making audio tapes - thats old-hat. Everyone is using video now. And you can use video to get yourself listed on the Search Engines IN MINUTES. Completely legit. Grab <a href="">This Program</a> - well buy it. I got a month's free trial but that may be over and you may have to spend $97 or something. But for a new site it's worth it. You bomb the search engines with video, vlogs, blogs, audio and get on the front page. Works a treat.
Anyway...I wish your article had shown us how to make $1000 a month online. I'm struggling to make a third of that and have been at this for 3 years. You're right about all the so-called Gurus and Online experts though - most are scammers. Ask yourself one question "If they've found a way of making millions online why would they want to share it?"
Thanks for all the work you put into this.
Said this on December 14, 2008 At 11:14 pm
Hi Allan,

Thanks so much for the series. It resonated with me as I do recall going through a time when I thought of dropping it all because I wasn't making any money. But with persistence my site is making $1K a month.

Said this on December 19, 2008 At 08:31 am
Great series of articles. Thanks a lot!
Said this on February 8, 2009 At 09:43 pm
"how to replace your day joy" yes, I am interested. I have several sites and always like to see other people's method and incorporate them to my own. One main point is to get content to presell - yes it is artwork to hang on the wall.

How difficult is it really to replace your day job. Just get 5 to 6 sites at 1k a month an wa-la. Yes it is more tedious, I would stick with one site and build out the niche. Take my site, I can put more useful content on there and also build out to other areas related to insomnia. I rabbited started on the domain pick, now I would have picked insomnia with another keyword, but, is working for me, since I plan on building it out to encompass the entire niche.

The main thing I found out is not to rush, look and examine each page and try to get better conversion.

On the pre-sell, I need help.

No article marketing yet or directory listings. I hope to change that soon.

[Congratulations on the domain name, I think that's very clever - memorable. Your site has lots of potential. Allan.]
Said this on February 18, 2009 At 01:05 am
Great series of articles. I recently created a blog to get me up to speed on using the technology, but having read this series it is a fantastic primer on the monetisation approaches to use in niche areas (and save me a lot of research if I ever want to go there!)
Said this on May 30, 2009 At 09:37 pm
Jay, I've really enjoyed reading this information, some of which I am already doing, and some of which I will start. On Quitting The Day Job series that you're considering, I'd like to know more about building a "team" to make it happen, with multiple sites. I'm interested in knowing where to find the kind of ethical people with the right skills to help me, since I assume like other posters that it's not easily done alone.

Also, if making more money requires higher outlay, as I also assume, I'm curious how to know when you've reached the right balance between outsourcing and income, and how not to get suckered.

Lastly, why has there been so much emphasis on the affiliate work I need to do? Is it a pipe dream to think my high quality content site could attract advertisers to me, for which I could sell space? I prefer that route... so I'd love to hear more information on making that happen, if possible.

Thank you guys SO much.


[Thank you for the excellent suggestions. It's not a pipe dream to want to attract advertiserrs.We sell ads on this site. However, most advertisers want to deal only with sites that have hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors a year - unless it's a perfectly targeted niche. It's much easier to join an affiliate program or join AdSense. You can start with minimal traffic. Also, you'll normally earn more revenue by reviewing affiliate products than by selling advertising space. For a beginner, Google AdSense is a very easy option. Allan.]
Said this on October 27, 2009 At 06:00 pm
Just bookmarked this site, the information you provided and your insights are educational and inspiring!
Said this on November 21, 2009 At 11:32 am
Have you posted the Day Job series yet?
Thanks for all the hard work, it saved me about a week of research!!!
I happened across the article looking for tips on finding niches because my current niche has not been monetizing well. Question: How do you keep your copy writing fresh and motivating? Your tone throughout the whole series is pretty consistent.

Thanks again!

[Sorry. No. Jay hasn't written that series yet. He's been deeply involved in to some major new projects. Watch our newsletter for details. For writing tips, see this section:
Said this on December 20, 2009 At 09:58 am
Congratulations Jay/Allan that was an excellent series, very informative and doable. I have been around the Internet for some years as a web designer but since moving to Brisbane and not having contacts here decided to explore affiliate marketing as an alternative and your articles were very helpful in providing ideas and options.

Many Thanks...Rosemary
Said this on March 27, 2010 At 03:05 pm
This is a great series. I've just started exploring website development and am excited by the potential, but I ran into some humps. Thanks for this article, it really helps!
marie grabo
Said this on April 25, 2010 At 12:48 am
Thank you so much for the great information I've paid a lot of money for a lot less. Looking forward to getting started. your steps are so clearly written.
Still not clear on how to get quality links when you have a new site with no traffic. It's like a catch 22, no one will give you a link unless you have traffic but it's hard to get traffic without quality links. I look forward to your next series since I'm totally determined to replace my day job!
Said this on June 30, 2010 At 11:50 pm
Thank you and you have done a wonderful job! Much better than my website developer !!

Keep up the good job!
Said this on September 7, 2010 At 06:09 pm
Thanks so much, this is the most in depth article I have found on the topic. As I keep plugging away at my site it seems like quickly I am losing steam.
Said this on June 13, 2011 At 11:30 am
Thanks so much for the this wonderful series. I'm only starting my new site and I have a lot that I can take away after reading this.
Said this on July 15, 2011 At 03:04 pm
Thank you so much for this great 8-part series. They are very high quality and easy to understand!
Said this on June 27, 2012 At 09:39 pm

Hi, I have just discovered your series and am wishing I had found it a lot earlier! Like everything, one doesn't start looking until you have a reason and I just spent around 9 grand on a program that is now looking like it is designed to fail right from the start. They have my money now and even though I signed up for the full 12 month training program I feel like it is designed not to really help me but on 'the more the merrier' premise. I am only two months in! I read through the first two of your series and have read some of the articles from Allan and am now disheartened, confused and disillusioned  but also heartened and optimistic at the same time. I have spent the money, it's gone! but I see that maybe if I can apply the principles from your lessons I can make this work. I have to, my partner has cancer and isn't working and I lost my job and am studying (Diploma of Business Accounting, would you believe!) the money I spent was of course credit card so I have to pay it off somehow. I hate being Government funded so any advice you could provide would be gratefully received. Best Regards C

Said this on June 28, 2012 At 03:02 am

Hi Catherine

Whew! $9,000! That's an expensive education. I don't know anything about the course you're talking about. I don't know if you got value for money. I can't tell you whether you should try to get your money back, drop out, or continue following the instructions and see what happens.

I'm sorry to see that you don't have your own memorable domain name - just a sub-domain of someone else's domain.

You're doing the exact opposite of what Jay and I recommend for a first website. We have slightly differing approaches, but we both advise people to concentrate on one fairly small niche and aim to become an expert in that one particular area.

I've just been updating my Affiliate Program Tutorial, which was originally written in 2006, and I STILL believe that approach gives you your best chance of success.

Don't despair, though. There are MANY ways to build a successful online business. I once wrote an article describing 53 ways to make money with affiliate programs, and I certainly didn't cover them all.

Perhaps it's possible to turn your site into a success. Perhaps not. I hope your tutors are advising you to add lots of lively, UNIQUE, interesting content in which you reveal a bit of your personality. If you're publishing content that appears on a lot of competing sites (not something I recommend for a beginner), you'll need a lot of unique content to combat that.

Links are the lifeblood of your site. You must give other website owners a strong reason to link to you. As you develop your site further, keep asking yourself, "Will someone want to link to this page?"

To save your site, you may have to develop a totally new mindset, one in which you keep asking yourself, "What can I do to get attention?" and "What can I do to make friends with other website owners so they'll link to me?"

If you do decide to start another site, when you choose a niche ask yourself, "Can I build a site on this topic that other people will want to link to?" That's vitally important.

New comments are currently disabled.

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