How to earn residual commissions from discount coupons

Associate Programs Newsletter #524

As I'm sure you know, discount coupons are hugely popular and very useful for encouraging more sales.

However, it's a lot of work keeping affiliate vendors' coupons up to date, and building a coupons site is too complex  and labor intensive for most of us.

So many affiliate sites are displaying out-of-date coupons, which annoy their visitors.

Husband and wife team Jami and Jason Khehra became fed up with out-of-date coupons and figured out a way to make things better for customers and much easier for affiliates.

They've created Coupon Gravy, which has more than 50,000 verified coupon codes that are "guaranteed to work" for more than 3,500 online retailers.

Coupon Gravy affiliates can earn commissions in 4 ways:

  * You can publish a banner or a "Top Coupon Codes" widget on your site. It's automatically updated.
  * You can link to a specific page, for example..
  Amazon coupons
  Budget Rent a Car coupons
  Hooked on Phonics coupons
  Mikasa coupons
  Vitamin World coupons
  You never have to worry about updating the coupons. That's done for you.
  * You can link to a category.
  For example, if you have a jewelry or vacations site, you can link to...
  Jewelry coupons
  Vacation Packages
  There's a massive range of categories to choose from.
  * Now here's the real gravy... If someone you send to Coupon Gravy signs up for a free account, you'll be credited for that user's sales forever. You earn residual commissions - very nice!

Any website can sign up for the affiliate program. A 180-day cookie tracks purchases and the affiliate receives 50% of the commissions on any sales.

Have a look at all the real bargains in Vacation Packages, for example.

If you own a travel site, you'd be most unlikely to sign up for that huge list of travel affiliate merchants. However, now you can simply, say something like...

      "Here's the best place I've found to get discount coupons
       on a huge range of travel packages."
       and link to the Travel Packages page. Easy.
Whatever industry you're in, there's a good chance the site will have coupons you can link to. There are dozens of categories.

It's a brand new affiliate program. When I joined a couple of days ago, I struck a couple of teething problems with the site. However, I was impressed by how promptly Jason fixed the errors.

Some of the coupons offer huge savings, such as 25% off at Mikasa, up to 50% at Footlocker, and up to 70% at FinishLine. Some just offer free shipping.

I'm sure you've figured out that if you want to, you can go to the affiliate merchant, sign up for the affiliate program, post the coupons on your site and receive all the commissions. But then you have to keep the coupons updated regularly, and the merchant most likely won't pay you residual commissions. Jason will.

To me, this new site is a very attractive, simple alternative.

TOP TIP: To make the most of this affiliate program, aim for more than just having the 180-day cookie working for you. You want residual commissions forever. So make sure you encourage your visitors to sign up for a free account (to earn points to get prizes and gifts). Then, they're much more likely to return and select more coupons and buy more bargains. When they've signed up, every time they use more "guaranteed to work" coupons, you'll earn residual commissions on all those sales. Nice!

Learn more about the affiliate program here

Can you outsmart Google?

The Google Blog says its latest freshness algorithm update puts more emphasis on fresh content.

Although only 6% to 10% of searches will be noticeably affected, no doubt this change will encourage some affiliates to inundate Google with a flood of worthless articles.

Can you outsmart Google by producing dumb content that no one wants to read or link to?

We're not going to be so silly, are we?

We know that getting links to our sites is still hugely important.

So we create content that people want to link to.

For a refresher on how to do this, here's an article crammed with heaps of ideas...

Create Compelling Content That Leads to SALES


I've seen a video preview of Site Build It's new BB2, which is the core of the SBI site-building system. It's sleek and smooth, which I suppose it should be, considering 2 years and $3 million went into its development.

This is a truly massive improvement. It includes an all-new Site Designer, where you look at your template as you're customizing it. All the changes are written to the CSS file, which you never see. The techie stuff is hidden out of site.

With Site Designer, you can make changes to fonts, colors, columns, etc that change all the pages on your site. You can do all sorts of stuff, making SBI hugely more flexible.

SBI just keeps on getting better and better, at no added cost.

For years I've been recommending SBI to friends and family, who love it.

SBI users love it because they get RESULTS.

Here's the proof

Thought for today: Good bargains

"The bargain that yields mutual satisfaction is the only one that is apt to be repeated." - B.C. Forbes.

All the best

Allan Gardyne

November 10, 2011

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FYI: this newsletter is still missing from the archives index page:


Said this on January 30, 2012 At 02:44 am
Hi JB, Well spotted! Thank you. The error has now been fixed.

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