How to achieve 10,000 visitors a day with Site Build It

If you have any desire to build yourself a successful, money-making website based on something you're passionate about, you're in for a treat.

If you're on Allan Gardyne's list, you've most likely heard about Site Build It! But, for one reason or another, maybe you've procrastinated on getting it. For those of you who fall into this category, I believe you'll be highly intrigued and inspired by this article.

Back in 2002 I discovered and purchased SBI through a case study Allan published from an employee named Rupert. That case study is what convinced me personally to get Site Build It! and launched my "career" as an Internet marketer.

Therefore, I know how powerful case studies can be. They provide the real proof we crave before we commit to buying something.

I am writing this article as my way of "paying it forward" as Ken Evoy, founder of SiteSell, likes to say.

First, a bit more on me. My name is Dan Ho. I've been a full time Internet marketer since 2002, but only really started to gain traction in 2003, after I got SBI. In 2005, I was profiled in an ebook about how to make money in niche websites, and, finally, in early 2008, I launched my own private affiliate marketing training service in which I take people by the hand and get them making sales in lifetime income programs. (Some of our members use Site Build It! too).

I also became a Site Build It! Certified Webmaster, and remained so for several years. So, I think it's fair to say I know a thing or two about SBI after all of these years.

I'm still asked by some people every now and then if I would still recommend it to someone just starting out today.

The answer is an unequivocal yes! And that's exactly what this article is all about.

I met a gentleman named Bruce Monnier who lived near me. Bruce had a long history as an entrepreneur and I considered him to be very analytical minded. Even though Bruce is significantly older than I am (sorry, Bruce, it's true!) and came from an old school bricks-and-mortar business background, he was very open-minded to embracing business on the Internet.

Bruce has several children, and one of them in particular, who goes by the moniker Rays Lite, had a lot of experience in the sunglasses industry.

I told Bruce about Site Build It! and said, "This is the tool you need to get. It provides the full range of capabilities you'll need to build up your Internet presence." When he told me about their intended niche, celebrities and their sunglasses, I knew immediately it was a hot one.

Celebrities + Sunglasses + Affiliate Programs = Winner

Let's face it, who doesn't like gawking at celebrities? Even if we can't stand them, we love to hate them. When we love them, we really love them. And who doesn't like shades? Sunglasses can even make nerds look cool, for crying out loud. Here's how the equation looks for those who are mathematically inclined: Celebrities + Sunglasses + Affiliate Programs = Winner. This isn't rocket science, as you can see.

Regarding the site, I advised Bruce along the way, but the credit for ultimately creating this smashingly successful web site, because of how unique a site it is.

You'll notice that Britney Spears' official website is the first listed, sending thousands of free visitors!

How long does it take to get a site like this off the ground? Not as long as you think.

Here are some stats on it:

The domain name was created on August 14th, 2007. After domain registration, Bruce and Rays Lite decided to hibernate not for the winter, but UNTIL the winter. The site was officially launched on Nov 1st, 2007.

For the first several months, Bruce and Rays Lite plugged away, and as happens with many SBI sites, results were not immediately forthcoming.

This period of hard work and little to no results is the time frame that I like to fancy is required to pay homage to the Internet marketing gods. These fickle deities humor themselves by weeding out the people who want success badly enough from those who don't.

After Bruce and Rays Lite paid their homage, the site gained traction - boy did it ever. Traffic started as a trickle at first and then became a torrent as the floodgates were thrown wide open.

Here are the February, 2009, traffic stats:

traffic stats
Celebrity Sunglasses Finder now receives about 10,000 unique visitors a day and sells enough sunglasses to fund Ray's outrageous lifestyle.

Rays Lite, by the way, is the quirky persona who is an expert on all things sunglasses. He perpetually wears his favorite sunglasses (yes, even at night like the Corey Hart song says, and even to bed) and is usually spotted wearing a baseball cap, typically scrawled with inscrutable Asian characters.

On you not only get Ray's industry insider expertise on "What's Now and What's Not" but also some humorous videos of his lifestyle, in a segment dubbed "Ray's Life".

Celebrity Sunglasses Finder receives visitors from more than 150 countries and has become the authority on what shades your favorite celebrity is wearing. Manufacturers of major sunglass brands began to take note and now regularly contact Bruce and Rays Lite to ply them with valuable unreleased photos of celebrities donning their favorite sunglasses, which further enhances their authority status.

Bruce has also been able to negotiate special increases in commissions from select vendors in addition to customized discount codes, only for visitors of (Hint: buy a pair from them yourself if you like sunglasses and save yourself some money!)

It's almost hard to believe that by using a tool that costs only $299 a year (Site Build It!), one can achieve such industry domination in one year.

Find your passion, be decisive, follow through consistently, and there's no telling where your passion will lead you. You might just have some fun and make some serious profits along the way, too!

Learn more about Site Built It here

UPDATE, June 2009:

traffic stats
The site now receives about 14,000 to 15,000 visitors a day and is selling even MORE sunglasses.

EDITOR'S NOTE: SiteSell Education's course Building a Successful Business Using the Internet is taught in more than 30 universities and colleges around the world. It has been a huge success.

Learn how Site Build It can help you build a successful online business.

[UPDATE, 2013: SiteSell, the creator of SBI, has launched a WordPress Plugin called bizXpress, which provides you with all the brainstorming, research, keyword tools, comprehensive training, and support you would normally get with SBI, PLUS the ease and simplicity of the hugely popular WordPress system. BizXpress is now my No.1 recommendation for affiliates. Here's my bizXpress review.]

UPDATED: December 13, 2013
March 2, 2009

Comments (49)

Said this on March 5, 2009 At 09:51 am
I am considering using Site Build It.

This is a nice article but it didnt really say how SBI helped making the sunglasses website such a great success.

Can you please elaborate.


[I've added a short video which gives more info. As well as being a package of site building and site marketing tools, SBI is an education system which teaches people how to build an online business. There's also a hugely popular private forum where SBI users share tips and help each other. If you click on the "Related Articles" links, you'll find two older, much more detailed case studies of SBI. Allan.]
Said this on March 5, 2009 At 10:00 am
As someone who used SBI for several years, I'm a big fan and know how fantastic its potential for generating great results is, when its combined with ingenuity, hard work, and persistence.

Two things concern me, though. The title of the article is misleading as the article itself describes Rays Lite's site and SBI but doesn't explain how he used SBI to get to 10,000 visitors a day nor how someone else could do the same. Secondly, Rays Lite's site relies heavily on pictures of celebrities, in fact it couldn't exist without them. Yet all these photos are uncredited and listed as 'source unknown.' That means that the site hasn't sought permission to use them and is therefore infringing the copyright of the photographer or rights owner. Seems a little odd, not to mention ethically questionable, celebrating a site which unfairly uses other people's original work without permission to make money.
Said this on March 5, 2009 At 10:20 am
Yes, I can vouch for SBI myself. I've been an SBI'r for almost 5 years now. And when I started taking it seriously (just the last 8 months) it's produced a full time affiliate income. It started super slow to about 800-900 uniques a day now.. The key is to genuinely want to offer your visitors something of legit value somehow...

Thanks for the encouragement.
Dan Ho
Said this on March 5, 2009 At 10:38 am
Thanks for the comments.

Yes, perhaps the How To Achieve 10,000 visitors a day With Site Build It! may seem "misleading" to some people.

However, I don't view it that way. The article is pretty short, not a step by step type case study that was documented through the entire process. The article's primary point was to "intrigue and inspire" and to show that picking a good niche can lead to a tremendous amount of traffic if done right.

Do all niches have the potential to hit 10,000 visitors a day? No. Should that deter you? You'd be crazy if you let it.

I've personally never had a site achieve 10,000 visitors a day, but that's never stopped me from making a great deal of money online.

In the end, the point of the article was to show what some passion, consistency, thought, coupled with a fantastic tool like SBI can achieve.

In your own niche, you may be able to generate a full time income on only 1,000 visitors a day.

Henry Ken
Said this on March 5, 2009 At 11:04 am
This is what newbies like us need. The issue of passion is the brain behind great future successes. I am still digging deep on my passion and will soon find a stream that quench the thirst of millions. I just paid for my SBI and still brainstorming . . . It will not be long and with mentor like Allan Gardyne and others we are confident of a safe landing.

Thank you
Said this on March 5, 2009 At 11:10 am
Wow, what a story. I am also a big fan of sbi! After not finding good affiliate programs in Spanish, I made my own products and affiliate programs. Love your advice Allan. I follow you closely.

Sbi is easy enough for anybody, but professional enough for webmasters. Highly recommended!

Saludos, Michelle
Said this on March 5, 2009 At 11:12 am
sorry, correct email added for private use.
Said this on March 5, 2009 At 11:12 am
Very innovative idea!
Said this on March 5, 2009 At 11:46 am
Just goes to show you, finding a profitable niche is sometimes easier than some/most think. Out here in So. Cal, we all wear sunglasses ;-)
Said this on March 5, 2009 At 12:34 pm

I have an SBI site and whilst it is not doing anything like that, I would like to vouch for the fact that they will show you step by step how to build a site that makes money. As you mentioned, for the first six months you feel as if you're working for nothing! But it does take off. 15 months down the track and I have a useful part-time income that is growing each month.
Said this on March 5, 2009 At 12:58 pm
umm, the site only has 30k traffic...
Said this on March 5, 2009 At 01:05 pm
i use SBI myself and while I can't claim to have had the same success as Bruce and Ray, I highly recommend it. I'm up to 32 in Google's rankings for 'solar energy' out of 30 million. A bit more work and I expect I'll have my avalanche of traffic
Said this on March 6, 2009 At 07:28 am
I find this rather difficult to believe. Though I've been following affiliate marketing methods for some time now, and though I've been wanting to take the plunge, something's holding me back. Maybe I'm scared!??

[You're wise to be cautious. Getting about 10,000 visitors a day with a SBI site is fairly unusual, but it IS possible to earn very useful revenue with a lot less traffic. Thousands of SBI users do. You can read lots more case studies, in many different niches:

I've ghost written articles that have generated decent interest (ranging from 30 views a day to over 2000 over a year on ezine articles). I've been earning pretty well writing as a freelancer (writing is my strength), but somehow am not too sure whether to start in affiliate marketing, and where.

Is this for real? Can someone vouch for it? What should I do?
Said this on March 6, 2009 At 05:27 pm
I've been studying SBI and am considering buying but have quite a few questions left unanswered and one about that 10,000 people a day remark.

Firstly, I do love the idea of SBi. 50 + pages of sales copy on their site is quite convincing and I do want to buy it, especially for the training and also because it seems to have some amazing back end features for automation and achieving good rankings on Google.

(Although that seems to be a bit of a blackbox).

Anyway, I've looked at the various site examples but most of them have very basic clunky design. ie they just look homemade!

Yes, I know content is king but your potential customers initial perception of your business is also visual and they make their minds up very quickly! "They just may not hang around to read your content!

NB. Obviously this would depend on the type of business you are running, it might be OK for a hobby site or a $500 a month part time affiliate business but I'm not sure I'd really want to use it for a serious business that makes real money! Not even as just a lead gen site.

For many SBi'ers, I think the basic designs will become a negative moving forward as the rest of the web is updating and using new features such as audio, video, integrated blogs, cleaner crisp designs, web 2.0, high res images etc.

Much of which I do not see at a competent level on Sbi sites or in their sales literature.

Also, those features are becoming the norm. Surfers will begin to expect this and these crisp, media rich multi function websites will make SBi sites look even more outdated and amateur looking.

A similar problem will exist for most XSite Pro type sites too although that looks a little more versatile.

Now, I've heard that you can use dreamweaver to make your own design for an SBi site but that means I need to hire a web designer at substantial cost. ($1000 + per time and on-going maintanence).

I think you mentioned in a different article :-

"But what do you care more about? If the site looks above average, or if the site makes you money?"

To answer that -

1. Even average sites are beginning to look a lot better now.

2. Here is what I care about - I want a good looking up to date business site that meets the expectations of potential customers, increases their value perception of my business, reassures them that there is some one serious behind it and therefore gives me a better chance of making more money, serious money.

I'm not in this for $500 - to $1000 a month as a part time work at home mum.

Another query I have is regarding the traffic and the ranking of these sites.

A high Alexa ranking does not mean you are making much money and it's all about the money, otherwise why do it?

It's all very well having a 10,000 people a day looking at a celebrity sunglasses site but what does that actually equal in dollar income in your pocket?

A site like that will attract a huge number of curiosity seekers and that 10,000 people could actually represent only $300 a month in actual take home commission. Especially as up to 25% of affiliate commissions never get credited. (no-one ever mentions that do they!).

Look, I'm not anti-SBi, please do not take my comments negatively.

In fact, I really really want to use it but I'm just a little frustrated with what I see and I don't want to spend months (often 6 to 12 months) building a site on the SBi platform and then find out that it won't do what I want it to do and am limited to earning $1000 a month.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and apologies for my ranting, any advice welcome!

These objections are questions in disguise so sell me!



[SBI is a lot more than a bunch of tools. It's an education system which teaches you how to succeed online. I suggest you read more SBI case studies in a variety of niches
and talk to successful SBI users and ask them questions
Dan Ho
Said this on March 6, 2009 At 06:39 pm

First, I don't know what you mean when you say....

"especially for the training and also because it seems to have some amazing back end features for automation and achieving good rankings on Google.
(Although that seems to be a bit of a blackbox)."

My Comments:

What blackbox features? You mean the global search engines submitter?

There is nothing else automated as far as I know. It's a suite of tools. It doesn't do any of the work for you.

"Anyway, I've looked at the various site examples but most of them have very basic clunky design. ie they just look homemade!

"Yes, I know content is king but your potential customers initial
perception of your business is also visual and they make their minds up very quickly! They just may not hang around to read your content!"

My comments: yes, it's true, a lot of the designs can look basic or clunky to some people. However, like anything in life, you can learn how to use dreamweaver and/or frontpage yourself and create a very unique design.

Celebrity-sunglasses-finder obviously has a VERY unique design and a lot of video work done. That's because they took the time to learn those things.

SBI is compatible with those tools in case you are inclined to learn.

Now having said this, the websites that are using basic SBI design pages still work great, and still make a lot of traffic and sales if you do them right.

This is experience talking, not theory. Take this site:

It's been #1 in Google for YEARS for major keyterms like "herbal supplements". It still generates solid traffic 4 years after it was built and still makes a lot of sales.

How do I know? Because I advised the person who built it.

Remember, people use the web to get information.

"NB. Obviously this would depend on the type of business you are running, it might be OK for a hobby site or a $500 a month part time affiliate business but I'm not sure I'd really want to use it for a serious business that makes real money! Not even as just a lead gen site."

My comments: Matt, again, speaking from experience. I built an SBI site using one of the standard "clunky" designs that was responsible for getting one affiliate program I promote to over $10,000 a month.

I'm not sure about you, but I consider that "real business" level, especially considering it's just one affiliate program.

"Also, those features are becoming the norm. Surfers will begin to expect this and these crisp, media rich multi function websites will make SBi sites look even more outdated and amateur looking."

My comment: Again, depends what your niche is. Some markets may respond much better to flashier design, videos, and the whole she-bang. Celebrity Sunglasses Finder is an example. For some others, it doesn't matter.

"A high Alexa ranking does not mean you are making much money and it's all about the money, otherwise why do it?"

My comment: You're right, of course. A high alexa doesn't necessarily translate into higher earnings. But that's got nothing to do with SBI. Picking the niche is YOUR job.

Some niches may get a lot of traffic, and may not make much. Some may get little traffic but make a fortune.

"It's all very well having a 10,000 people a day looking at a celebrity sunglasses site but what does that actually equal in dollar income in your pocket?"

My comments: I am not at liberty to reveal the site's earnings. It was already a privilege of mine to be able to write the article. I do know it's enough so that the owner does not have to work a job. So I highly doubt it's $300 a month.

And from my own experience, I've used SBI to get over $10,000 a month in one program (which is now significantly higher than 10k a month).

"In fact, I really really want to use it but I'm just a little frustrated with what I see and I don't want to spend months (often 6 to 12 months) building a site on the SBi platform and then find out that it won't do what I want it to do and am limited to earning $1000 a month."

My comments: Again, SBI has nothing to do with the niche you choose, and, therefore, has nothing to do with income limits or floors.

By the way, to get to 10k+ a month or 20k+ a month, you have to cross the 1k a month threshold first.

I think there are many people here who would be extremely happy to build up a 1,000 a month income with a tool that costs $299 a year.

My last comment. I shouldn't have to say this, but I was not compensated whatsoever in writing this article. I wrote it more or less as a favor to Allan because he is an incredibly generous person and I wanted to reciprocate some of that generosity.

The SBI link here is his, not mine. I am adding credibility because I am an impartial voice. I do not work for SBI. I was one of their certified webmasters, but am no longer one.

If even one person buys SBI because of this thread and turns their financial life around, it was all worth it.

But I'm hoping SCORES of you do, and not just one. I like to think big. :)

Just remember me when you're famous, that's all I humbly ask.

Said this on March 7, 2009 At 01:30 pm
Hi Dan

Thank you very much for a great comprehensive answer. That really is helpful.

I have some more to think about but this sets me on the right track.

I'm going to pay the $300 for the SBi training and then decide whether to use it or go with something else.

Thanks again and best regards

Said this on March 8, 2009 At 09:01 am
I had an SBI site for a year. For an Internet business newbie, the training is outstanding. The 1 year sub is worth it for the training alone. However I couldn't get along with the site building tools, and after a year of frustration I scrapped SBI and went it alone with my build. For me this is the shortcoming of SBI. The 'Build It' part is really horrible to use and very limited. Robert
Said this on March 8, 2009 At 08:21 pm
I have an SBI site and I can't tell you how impressed I have been with the quantity and quality of the training and information SBI supplies for such a modest price of $299.

Success with SBI is really what you make of it; I think if people really follow the guide and are willing to learn and do the work, the SBI approach can generate a significant income.

That said, there is no question that SBI is a lot of work and the learning curve is steep for an internet newbie. The important thing is, is that it is doable. It takes a lot of commitment and time, but a reasonably intelligent, motivated person with persistence can make a go of it.

I have learned an incredible amount and I learn more each day as I try to carry out my ideas for the site. I haven't had this much fun in years! The mascot of SBI is the tortoise, who just keeps going forward, one step at a time. I've been a real snail and treated it like a hobby; but that was my choice.

This year I plan to treat it like a business.

P.S. It isn't that hard to spiff up the appearance of a site. True, the basic SBI templates aren't that "cutting edge", but with a $49 template from one of the SBI'ers and a little effort with a graphics program, you can generate a decent looking site. Or for about $200 or $300 you could pay someone to create the header and easily do the rest yourself.
J. Milan
Said this on March 9, 2009 At 11:52 am
People tend to don't understand or don't get the simplicity of LIFE. Its about PATIENCE. If you don't have the patience to unlearn yourself of all the internet crap you get feed to each day, then site buid it is not for you. Sorry for the harsh statement. Site build it is not an instant gratification business, but one that is built on staying power and the proper way to truly succeed on the web, if you have the patience to learn. I love Site Build It!
Said this on March 9, 2009 At 03:16 pm
Yet another brilliant case study about SBI!. I totally agree with you and give this wonderful program a 5 star.

What an inspirational story! The creators of Celebrity Sunglasses Finder have really understood the power of SBI! and implemented what they have learned. I bet the very first thing they thought before building such a successful website was to provide quality content to people. Only that way, the website has been able to stand out from the crowd and offer something unique and special.

Indeed, giving value to the readership would pay off. Now, I am talking about getting free links from authorities, celebrities and top websites. It doesn't get any better than this.

I congratulate the owners of Celebrity Sunglasses Finder and wish them all the best.

Also, I really thank Dan Ho and Allan Gardyne to provide such a high quality article that gives us not only ideas and thoughts, but also inspiration and motivation.

And finally thanks to SBI! for showing interested people how to create a solid business, how to build a website that works!


Hooshmand Moslemi
Said this on March 10, 2009 At 11:04 am
I have been building websites for years. My first SBI site is performing better and ranked higher than any of my previous sites combined.

And, it's only been live for 7 months. $299 is an excellent investment for this great tool.
Said this on March 11, 2009 At 01:49 am
wow this is cool ideas for SEO.
Thanks again!
Said this on March 12, 2009 At 01:25 am
SBI has changed my life. I would recommend it to the novice as well as the web professional.

Alisa R.
Said this on March 12, 2009 At 04:20 pm
I would like more info on pricing
Said this on March 12, 2009 At 10:34 pm
Concerning SBIt! - "Site Build It!" - to make it explicit, it is like an old lady full of lines and scares. As you may already know, the beauty after aging can not be appreciated from the outside but from the inside..."the heart."

Quite frankly, in 10 yrs work experience designing websites I have never ever found a tool-source-library (all perfectly integrated!) of such amazing power and that concerning its monetary value really "over-deliver in customer service."

Let me explain, think like attending your preferred university from your own home. Imaging getting an "extra-Master of Science degree" online, and learning by doing it.

And best of all, it's Forum, the "university library" with accumulated yrs of many designer's trials & errors at your fingers and mouse, were you gain real life learning experience first hand.

Best of SBI, the Brainstorm tool. Wou! I will need hundred of pages to describe it. Have to try it to believe it. It is your best bet investment.

Listen closely, don't spend too much time criticizing the article or the writer composition. Concentrate on the results. Numbers speak louder than words. At the end, you are evaluated by those only.

Finally, after many struggles I also found my niche. Just beginning to see the stampede of those hot-ready-to-click visitors pouring in to my website. This what SBI teaches you: Persistence, tortoise, focus, continue building. During recession time results matter!
Said this on March 13, 2009 At 09:13 am
I see 9,000 visits per day on my website, with the occassional 10,000 per day. I use SBI. Like many others here, I swear by SBI's efficacy. They've changed my perspective and my life. I have no doubt in time, I'll easily surpass the 10,000 mark consistently (and go beyond).
Said this on March 13, 2009 At 11:35 am
I'll chime in too about how fabulous I think SBI is! I started my site in September of 2008. I double and triple my traffic every month and have no reason to think it will not continue going up Up UP!!!

I'm shooting for OVER 10,000 unique visitors a day and see no reason why I won't achieve my goal. Yes, it is a lot of work but what could be more fun than working hard and writing about something that I am PASSIONATE about?

I too, have designed many sites over the years that do not hold a candle to the success of this first SBI site. (Oh yes--There WILL be more!!)
Said this on March 13, 2009 At 07:30 pm
Congrats! Yeah, the 10,000 a day is pretty spectacular, but SBI specializes in the spectacular. I've worked with a number of people who climbed to the highest ranks of their industry and pulled in very comfortable incomes. But it doesn't happen overnight. Like with any successful business, it takes time and effort.

There's a general graph that says the lower priced your product is (AdSense or affiliate or whatever), the more visitors you need to succeed. Conversely, the higher priced your product is, the fewer the "real" targets you need to succeed. SBI is really a master at bringing in those targeted clients.
Said this on March 13, 2009 At 07:33 pm
You bet SBI works! I too had several sites before SBI and they were nothing but money and time sappers. Even the first site I put up with SBI wasn't all that great. But it made more money in three months than all my other sites put together. Now, after four years, I've got a better handle on what a site needs, and it is doing quite well, thanks truly to SBI.
Said this on March 14, 2009 At 04:08 am
I'm building my very first website with SBI, knew nothing about HTML and online marketing before. Many of my pages rank top 10 in Google and Yahoo, traffic is growing every month. Started to make money too.

I do believe that SBI is THE product/course/tool - call it what you like - for a newby who is seeking to build a real online business based on her/his own interest and expertise.
Said this on March 23, 2009 At 10:32 pm
My wife and I have purchased SBI sites and have fell in love with the tools and videos that teach so well. The first year with SBI was a very rough one for us and I tried to pick and choose what I thought would work best.

Boy was I wrong. Now that we have started from day one again, we are already seeing increases in traffic. If would have listened then... as the old saying goes. Now many of our pages are ranking in the top 10 and we just now got on the right track.

If someone gets the 10,000 visits a day or not, "There is gold in them their hills" if you just stay focused and don't give up on your dreams.

I just wished my wife and I had found out about SBI many years ago.
Said this on April 11, 2009 At 09:35 am
Great comments.

My question is I don't have the money to purchase SBI. I have self designed and created my 2 websites, and I am working hard to get traffic to both. Without having SBI, can i still achieve the 10000 a day vistors to my websites? Of course there are many sites out there that are doing this, but asking how they did this would be a secret they would want to share.

So to all of you who have sbi, are you saying that if you did not have sbi you would not have achieved what you have? Would it have taken you double or triple the time, to achieve the same results?

Like all of you i have a passion for what i'm doing, so can you help with ideas, suggestions, comments on how to push my sites further without having sbi.

My first site which has been going for 1 year now and my 2nd site which has been going for 2 months. Both very different sites. The 1st is product based, and the 2nd is article based which i use adsense and i am looking into adding affiliate products to match the articles I write.

I look forward to your replies.

[There are many different ways of succeeding online. Yes, it's definitely possible to achieve big traffic without owning SBI. I like recommending Site Build It because it's so much more than mere web hosting - it gives people a solid education in many different facets of Internet marketing. The place to ask for ideas on how to improve your sites is in the "Site Reviews" section of our affiliate forum. Ask for a review there. Allan.]
Said this on September 4, 2009 At 03:54 pm
SBI is the best! No I don't have 10,000 visitors yet, but I love it. When I reach 10,000 visitors a day, I be crying.
Said this on September 14, 2009 At 05:44 am
Your site contains much useful information. I look for a lot of this experience. Thanks!
Said this on September 23, 2009 At 08:11 am
Interesting artice / debate. There is a lot of information here on how to promote your site whether or not you are an SBI fan. Thanks for the contribution.
Said this on November 18, 2009 At 03:13 pm
I always liked the idea of having a website that gets traffic and generates money. During my search, I got scammed many times before I finally came across SBI. Yes, it is true that you can succeed without SBI. There are lots of websites out there that made it without SBI. However, these people are gurus in HTML, Javascript, SEO, or everything that has to do with web design and marketing. And sometimes, they spend lots of money in advertising.
Basically, these people are not like me, a regular guy who knows nothing about building a successful website.
This is where SBI is fantastic. It helps anyone to create a successful website that frees them from a full time job despite their limited knowledge of the online world. With SBI, you will succeed if you follow the system. Even if you try to do it on your own, most likely you will have to pay for hosting anyway if your site is a business. So, why not add a few dollars and pay a hosting company that will really help you achieve success? And SBI is my # 1 choice.
Said this on April 18, 2010 At 12:30 pm
Very good article. Every one needs to own some business like this. 10000 visitors a day thats awsome.
Said this on May 10, 2010 At 05:52 am
Help me to find how to do internet marketing
Said this on May 11, 2010 At 07:42 pm
Hi Desmond,

This whole website is devoted to Internet Marketing. I suggest you start with the Beginners Section and work your way through. There's a lot to learn. - Glennys
Said this on February 3, 2011 At 11:30 am
Well, what I would like to see is a monthly statistics for the first year. I am also using SBI and not sure I or the right track. After 10 months of hard work only 300 visitors per day. Another important figure is the CTR on advertising. I have read many posts where authors talk about 5% and more. Well, I only receive 1%.
Said this on March 11, 2011 At 04:58 pm
Goran, it might be a few months too early...not ALL sites can hit those targets in under a year...keep plugging away (like me) and see what happens. You wont make a success out of ANYTHING unless you put in 100%. Good luck!
Said this on July 16, 2011 At 10:25 pm
Let me explain, think like attending your preferred university from your own home. Imaging getting an "extra-Master of Science degree" online, and learning by doing it.
Said this on July 16, 2011 At 10:26 pm
Like all of you i have a passion for what i'm doing, so can you help with ideas, suggestions, comments on how to push my sites further without having sbi.
Said this on July 17, 2011 At 07:41 pm
For ideas and suggestions, explore this website, including the affiliate forum.
Said this on September 15, 2011 At 03:46 pm

Building a site is not an easy thing to do if you plan on seriously making money from it. It depends on your goals. I am a fan of SBI! (Site Build It!). They really cater to those who are brand new to website building. Even those who are pros can learn a lot or they can use it if they just want to start a website and need a webhost.

As far as traffic is concerned, it takes time. Usually lots of time but if you have a year or so to wait it's possible to reach the figures shown above.

Said this on April 27, 2012 At 05:50 pm

I'm a satisfied SBI'er with almost 9 months of experience.  Our site is growing daily and we're almost up to 1000 visitors a day. can't wait to see where we'll be in a year!

Said this on May 20, 2012 At 05:18 am

Hello everyone,

i'm tired to think how can i build my coupon site, if you have advice for me.. please let me know. i want to know if my domain name is good?? or i'm must change it to start coupon business??

Thanks your advice


Said this on May 20, 2012 At 07:19 pm

Hi Adelina, CouponProduct does sound a bit strange, but so did "Google" when I first heard it.

A more appropriate place to discuss this would be on our affiliate forum. The link is at the top of the page.

Said this on July 30, 2013 At 12:30 pm

I truly enjoy reading information about SBI because it is such a good company. I have learned a great deal of skills and this information was as educational as it was entertaining.


Some of the names that I chose for my first SBI sites were pretty strange. But when I figured it all out things got much better.

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