How four Internet marketers have helped me

I've read dozens of Internet marketing books, courses and manuals. I read them voraciously because all I need to pick up from a book is one good idea to help my affiliate marketing, and I've received value for money, ten-fold or a hundred-fold.

Here are four Internet marketers who have played a huge role in turning my little part-time business (1996-97) into a thriving affiliate marketing business which now has employees in three countries.

I owe an awful lot to the following marketers...

Ken Evoy (attracting raving fans)

The multi-talented, multi-millionaire Dr Ken Evoy's main philosophy in selling is to OVER-deliver, so you can order with complete confidence because you know you'll always receive products which are outstanding value.

I recommend ALL his products.

He also works tremendously hard to help his affiliates succeed, so his affiliates tend to be loyal, raving fans. One way in which delivers outstanding value is by paying lifetime commissions - a customers is "yours" for life.

It's hardly surprising that his products have been at the top of my best affiliate programs list for ages. I earn four-figure monthly commissions from Ken. I recommend you join his affiliate program. [If you do, be sure to read the affiliate agreement. It's very unusual. Concentrate on making first-tier sales. Treat the lifetime and residual commissions as a bonus, not a sure thing.]

Corey Rudl (the master of online automation - and back-end selling)

When I started earning commissions using Jim Daniel's advice, I invested in Corey Rudl's course, The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet. Using just ONE tip from that course, in one month I quadrupled my affiliate marketing commissions.

Corey became a millionaire at the age of 25 and at 30 was generating sales of more than $5.2 million a year. By the time he died in a car crash in 2005, he had achieved more $40 million in sales.

His company continues to go from strength to strength. The company's home-study marketing course is the #1 best-selling Internet marketing course online. It describes in detail the techniques Corey used. It tells you how to build an online business, automate it, and then build another one...

The course is absolutely essential reading for everyone who is marketing online. I highly recommend it.

Marlon Sanders (a formula for selling)

Another Internet marketer who has helped me enormously is the zany, outrageous Marlon Sanders. (If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, grab the opportunity.)

"Go where the money is," says Marlon, and he has certainly helped me make money. Marlon's Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy really is exactly that. It's a must-have in every Internet marketer's library.

Jim Daniels (earning money by helping others)

The first good Internet marketing book I read, Insider Internet Marketing (now out of date), was written by one of the Internet marketing pioneers, Jim Daniels. This is the book which inspired me and taught me the rudiments.

February 6, 2006

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