How "Arbitrage Conspiracy Unleashed" Could Net You A $2286 Bonus

Associate Programs Newsletter #435

Here's something for affiliates who think big.

Hear an interview with a guy who's generating absolutely astounding revenues.


1. Hear how Aymen does a $100k a day
2. A warning
3. $2286 in important bonuses
4. A quick interview MP3 with Aymen
5. Thought for today: Big goals - big success

1) Hear how Aymen does $100k a day

Just wanted to quickly update you on my email from last week about Aymen.

Aymen is a guy I've gotten to know who's doing some mind blowing things online. Really quite incredible.

He is doing 50k-100k a day and up to 200k+ a day some days via affiliate marketing - in PROFITS.

As I mentioned last week, if I hadn't seen what he can produce with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it. Truly inspirational.

Anyway, I'm sending this quick email to ensure that you don't miss out on his the call he's doing on Wednesday, 5pm US PST.

On the call Shawn Casey will be grilling Aymen about the EXACT process he uses to generate these big numbers on a daily basis.

He'll also be revealing the super-lucrative niche that very few marketers have ever heard about.

For the skeptical, Aymen is going to show screenshots from his accounts and some interesting numbers about the industry.

Of course all this is so you'll take seriously his latest updated training product Arbitrage Conspiracy Unleashed that he'll be sharing about as well.

No matter if you're a seasoned marketing professional, or a total newbie, you should get on the call. It will open your eyes to see what is possible with your online businesses.

It's unlikely you'll hear again from a guy who does these sorts of numbers.

Register for the call here before the spots fill up.

Here are the times of the call depending on where you live:

Sydney: 12 Noon Thursday 12th
London: 1am Thursday 12th (I hope you're a night owl!)
New York: 8pm Wednesday 11th
Los Angeles: 5pm Wednesday 11th

Register here:
[UPDATE: This offer has closed.]

2) Important: A Warning

It's easy to get starry eyed about these sorts of numbers and think you will be able to simply do a few hours work a day and soon enough you'll be racking in the millions.

That's simply not the case.

If you want to succeed at doing anything online, you've got to work hard. There is no such thing as a push button get rich quick solution.

On the other hand, you can save yourself a lot of time by following a proven system. Just so long as you're ready to step up and commit to the vision. At some point, everyone who has made good money online has made that commitment.

They have chosen the path they believe has the biggest potential and then set their heart and mind on working hard to work the systems that either others share with them, or they are lucky enough to figure out themselves.

I wouldn't say for a second that Aymen's course is easy money. If you want to succeed in the game, you need to apply information with diligence.

However, I will say that this system works better than almost any other I've heard about.

The first edition of the course had about a 22% success rate.

With success defined as making back more money than the course cost. That's WAY above average.

I'm told the average is more like 2-3%.

In short, if you're not ready to do the work to make the money DO NOT buy this course.

If you are willing to work with determination I would say go for it.

Need some more inspiration?

See videos of real people who have worked hard and been successful with Aymen's teaching on the right side of this page.

UPDATE: I've just been told if you apply what he teaches and you don't make your money back he'll give you a refund and a bonus $1000 for your trouble. :)

[UPDATE: This offer has closed.]

3) If AC Unleashed is for you - $2286 in important bonuses

If you are one of the determined ones who want to make Aymen's training work, we've got an Arbitrage Conspiracy Unleashed Bonuses Package for those who choose to use our link to purchase the course.

The bonuses in this pack you'll need as you go through the course. They'll help you achieve results much more quickly and include paid tools that are used in the training itself as optional extras that help get results more rapidly.

This is not useless stuff you'll never use. They are important tools you'll need in the course to get better results.


 ** SpeedPPC V3 - To Use Now (RRP: $497)

 ** SpeedPPC V4 - Released on the 3rd of December (RRP: $497)

 ** 24 months access to our in-house ClickBank mining tool to find the hidden untapped ClickBank treasure. (RRP: $1128)

 ** Our WordPress Landing Page Plug-in (RRP: $97)

 ** 12 months access to our secret new product released privately on the 3rd of December. (RRP: $564)



Just make sure you clear your cookies and then use this link:

[UPDATE: This offer has closed.]

4) A quick interview MP3 with Aymen

I recorded this quick interview with Aymen yesterday to ask about 15 of my own questions that I hope you'll find useful.

Please excuse my laryngitis. :)

5) Thought for today: Ignorance and leverage

"Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success." - David Joseph Schwartz.

All the best

Jay Stockwell

November 10, 2009

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