Getting ready for review

It was always the plan to make my site a good quality content site. This is the true way to long-term affiliate success.

By building a good web site that people enjoy visiting you are essentially building an online business with a recognized brand.

If visitors respect and like you they are going to believe in your product recommendations and click and buy from your affiliate merchants.

On I would never recommend a crappy product and so my visitors are justified in putting their faith in my opinions. It you follow the Site Build It! manual you really can achieve a win win situation where you get commissions and your visitors end up with products they are happy with.

Having a helpful and informative web site is vital if you want to be included in the Yahoo! directory.

I wanted my site to be in Yahoo because of the traffic I would get from this directory and because being listed in Yahoo! helps boost your ranking in Google. It is possible to achieve a good PageRank in Google without having a listing in Yahoo! To achieve this, persuade important sites in your industry to link to you. My site received no traffic until it was listed by Yahoo! Google seemed to find my site only through the link in the Yahoo! directory.

Ken Evoy, the brains behind Site Build It!, advises:

"If you're not scoring at Google, list in Yahoo! We believe their relationship is so close that you get 'Google algorithm points' and move up in the rankings."

His daughter Nori's site,, gets a ton of traffic from Google, WITHOUT paying for Yahoo!

Even after paying the $299 fee my site was not guaranteed a listing in Yahoo! They would include it only if it was useful or informative enough. This is why you need to build a site on a topic you're interested in. Then you have no problems creating the kind of site they want in Yahoo!

The classic mistake is to think: "I'm interested in making money on the Internet. I'll build a site about that." Stop right there! Countless thousands of people have already done that. Choose a less competitive field.

During the two months I was working on this site (before submitting it to Yahoo) I was starting to research possible affiliate programs to join once I began getting traffic to my site. However, Allan reminded me that it would be best not to have any affiliate links up on my site when Yahoo! reviewed it. Allan didn't want to give Yahoo! even a faint hint of a reason to decline entry of my site into the directory and waste the $299!

If Yahoo! don't like your site they can take your money and not list you. Be careful!

NEXT: Getting my Yahoo! submission right

December 12, 2002

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