Free Internet Marketing courses

These free marketing courses produced by an internationally acclaimed Internet marketer, Ken Evoy, show you, using a step-by-step process, how to build an online business in an efficient and profitable manner.

On the Internet right now, one small business opportunity stands head and shoulders above all the rest...

It's selling what you already know and love. If you do that, building an online business won't seem like work. It will be more like participating in a hobby you enjoy - only you'll earn income in the process!

These free marketing courses will show you how to do it. I highly recommend you RIGHT-click and download these PDF files and see just how valuable they are.

1. Recommend other people's products and collect the commissions.

RIGHT-click and download The Affiliate Masters Course... It's an intensive 10-day course on becoming a high-earning affiliate champion. (Updated regularly.)

As an affiliate, you don't have to worry about manufacturing a product, processing an order, shipping anything, or answering customers' emails.

The merchant does all that for you.

It's a wonderful way to get started in e-commerce. Just find manufacturers who make products related to an area that you know, join their affiliate programs, and start referring business and earning income.

I've been earning a very nice living by doing this since 1998. I strongly recommend it.

If this interests you, download The Affiliate Masters Course.

2. Sell your services.

RIGHT-click and download The Service Sellers Masters Course... It's an intensive course that shows you how to attract targeted visitors from around the world or from around the block, and convert them into new clients for your services, each with a high lifetime value. (UPDATED 2008.)

People will pay for your knowledge and skills.

Perhaps you haven't thought of this option. If so, don't dismiss it lightly.

The Service Sellers Masters Course shows you how to use the Internet to build your service business (whether you have one now, or not).

3. Writing that sells.

To succeed at making money from your knowledge and skills (using either of the two ways mentioned above) there's one essential skill you really must have - Netwriting.

RIGHT-click and download The Netwriting Masters Course... It's an intensive, newly updated course that shows you how to become an effective e-persuader.

Here's why you must have good netwriting skills...

If you start an affiliate business, your words must PRE-sell. If you want to convince people to try your service, you must use words to build TRUST. And if you're selling your own product, your words must persuade your visitors to buy.

To discover how to do this, the Netwriting Masters Course is the course you need. If you know how to talk, you can easily learn to e-persuade.

4. Sell at the perfect price.

RIGHT-click and download Make Your Price Sell! The Masters Course...

Selling at the right price can be the difference between profitability and failure. Learning how to discover the "perfect price" is something that every entrepreneur needs to learn how to do.

MYPS! is a quick read that will show how to set a price that maximizes profit for both you and your customer.

Because if your prospective customer doesn't feel that they are personally profiting from using your product or service, they'll never buy from you again.

After reading Make Your Price Sell!, there will be no more "guessing" what price to sell your products. You'll know what price to go with, using proven and tested methods.

5. Work at home moms

"WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course" has has been totally updated in 2008. This addition to the SiteSell University Series is a winner. "WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course" is written by four "ordinary" moms, who all became highly successful work-at-home moms.

It skillfully explains why having a successful affiliate website is the ideal answer for most mothers at home. Whether they are moms with young children or would-be empty-nesters. It starts right from the beginning, from reviewing all of the options and organizing properly, to the nitty-gritty of how to actually build a substantial income online.

RIGHT-click and download WAHM It! The Masters Course...

WAHM It! is a dream come true for any woman who has battled with the question, "Now what do I do?" when they have often given up meaningful, well-paid jobs to stay at home and care for their children.

6. Sell products on eBay

Have a product to sell? There isn't a faster or easier way to sell your product than through net auctions such as eBay. Turn your closet full of junk into your own start-up eBusiness.

RIGHT-click and download Make Your Net Auction Sell! The Masters Course...

This book will show you what products sell best on eBay. How to get these products (hint: you don't have to buy what you sell). And how to sell these products so that you get the maximum price for them.

The Net auction business is an easy, low-cost, no-risk entry into e-commerce. There are virtually no start up costs and you can get started in as little as five minutes.

MYNAS! will have you going far beyond just selling on eBay. You'll discover how to create a Web site that will bring you multiple streams of income. In addition to bringing more potential customers to your net auctions!

7. Already a skilled webmaster?

If you have good skills as a webmaster, consider setting up your own webmaster business. More and more small business owners are looking for help as they make the move to online promotion. Most don't have the time or skills to build their own site. As a result, they are actively seeking affordable webmasters.

So capitalize on this growing demand by setting up your own home-based business. Do the kind of work you love and reap all the financial benefits - i.e., the profit!

RIGHT-click and download The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course... It shows you how to set up and run a profitable webmaster business, building websites for other business owners.

Mark Frank, the author of The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course, and owner of a home-based website design business, gives you an insider's perspective on what to do... and more importantly, what not to do on the "business side" of your new company. (After all, you already have the "creative" idea under control, or else you wouldn't be promoting your services!)

If this sounds like you, download The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course.

Downloading and usage instructions

The courses are PDF files. Read them directly on your computer, or print them off and enjoy them wherever you go.

Have you downloaded one of the free marketing courses yet? If not, what are you waiting for? You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. Start changing your life for the better NOW!

Download the free marketing courses that interest you today and start building a real online business that works.

UPDATED: November 20, 2011
January 15, 2006

Comments (46)

Jeremy Reeves
Said this on August 19, 2006 At 09:59 am
Thanks for the free e-books! They're very informative and have helped tremendously :)

Jeremy Reeves
Said this on August 19, 2006 At 10:25 pm
I don't find words that can express my gratitude.
Thank you so so so much for the courses that we can not find elsewhere. thanks to you we are changing positively our lives..for a better future. Thank you again!you are great!
Said this on October 3, 2006 At 12:54 pm
The Affiliate Masters Course is one of the best resources I've read for internet marketing and selling online and now I have downloaded all these others, if they are anything like the Aff. Masters book I'm sure they will be great investments of my time. Looking forward to furthering my online marketing education! Thanks!
Said this on December 18, 2006 At 12:00 pm
Thanks for the good tutorial.
Web Hosting Resource.
Said this on February 25, 2007 At 06:14 am
Thank you so much for a series of ebook. It helps me a lot for starting internet business at cyberspace. I hope some day, the success will be mine too. A warm greetings from the Philippines!
Said this on April 16, 2007 At 03:57 am
Awesome reading... I have passed your link to others in the program, Cheers!
Said this on May 12, 2007 At 04:39 am
Wow, what a find! Im looking forward to really getting into this and making it work.
Joseph Ratliff
Said this on June 17, 2007 At 11:12 pm
Excellent resources...I love Ken's stuff.
Joseph Ratliff
Said this on September 27, 2007 At 02:43 am
Ken Evoy's FREE material is better than a lot of the paid learning material. I suggest everyone read and become students of his methods and suggestions. He helped me become a work-at-home internet marketer. It hasn't been 'easy' and it doesn't happen overnight, but it will happen if you put the effort into it. Keep at it, persevere, believe in yourself. Success will be yours.
Said this on May 8, 2008 At 01:18 pm
Ken's program does look excellent -- except for one thing. He is now selling the services of Sitesell webmasters to people who don't want to do it for themselves. That's fine, of course. He is also offering the opportunity for an affiliate to promote this service. But so far as I can tell, there is only a one-time commission for this. If someone is buying what amounts to a continuity program, then the commissions should reflect that. If I am an affiliate for a hosting company, for instance, then I receive a lifetime recurring commission -- for as long as the buyer continues to use the service. I wrote Ken asking about this, and received no answer. What do you think?

[What you say makes sense to me. I wonder if Ken saw your email. Try writing to him via the form on the site. Allan.]
Said this on July 1, 2008 At 09:18 pm
Ken Evoy's Affiliate Masters Course is an very informative marketing course, and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Internet marketing. I have learned a great deal from it myself.
Said this on August 15, 2008 At 09:59 am
This is a great e-book. Thank you. I just have one question, though. I can't seem to find the optoin
Said this on October 13, 2008 At 08:37 pm
Awesome! Thanks for very informative marketing course ebook.
Said this on November 4, 2008 At 12:19 am
thank you so much for all yourebooks. it truly helps a lot. you truly make a difference in our lives. may i bless you and this website abundance of success.

sunita from malaysia
Said this on December 30, 2008 At 09:27 pm
Wow no hassle to get these awesome real ebooks. Thank you and Thank you again.
Said this on January 29, 2009 At 02:56 pm
Awesome ebooks. These truly are wonderful free resources. Thanks!
Said this on February 6, 2009 At 05:18 am
No one can truly give out all this for absolutely free, but you have done that. It is only God that will reward you thanks.
Said this on March 6, 2009 At 09:48 pm
For someone new to affiliate marketing, it is a blessing to receive such quality instruction for no cost. I'm looking forward to applying all the ideas you've put in your free ebooks to build a better and profitable future!
Jack C
Said this on March 18, 2009 At 07:45 pm
I truly appreciate the free e books.I'm looking forward to educating my self. I had open heart surgery a year ago,I went back to work after a 4 part procedure on my heart,and was let go after 8 yrs of loyalty in the auto finance business,so I'm going to educate my self,and hopefully make a comeback.I see they are still some caring and thoughful people left in the world. I wonder some time though. God Bless you!!
Said this on March 29, 2009 At 01:44 pm
Just downloaded the free ebooks available for free here and had a quick browse, the information they provide looks to be of good quality and looking forward to putting the information into practice, thanks once again.
Said this on April 26, 2009 At 05:02 am
Came accross your site this morning and downloaded your e-books. Resigned my job here in south africa as I am moving to the Netherlands. Hopefully I can educate myself so that this can help me generate some income there! Will keep you posted and if I have any problems I will ask! Thanks again for this site and e-books! Roeleen M
Said this on May 10, 2009 At 06:39 pm
just browsing... new at affilliate products... downloaded your Affiliate Masters Course... am halfway thru it.... seems good.

Said this on May 10, 2009 At 06:43 pm
I did!!!!
Said this on May 27, 2009 At 06:54 pm
i'm new here, but i bet these books are the best ones to learn. i just hope to became a better seller after reading them
Said this on June 12, 2009 At 09:16 pm
i tried downloading a couple of those courses and they SUCKED not the content but the freakin thing kept jumping all over the place i dint know where the heck i was half the time that SUCKED
Said this on August 18, 2009 At 07:41 am
Thank's for your ebooks! I am from Indonesia, browsing to your site and download your ebooks. I hope educate myself and take success after read them. Very informative site and course! May Allah be with you! Thank you so much!
Said this on September 25, 2009 At 11:15 am
Maybe someone out there sell it around $19,95 - $199,95 for all those great stuff. But we've got for free in here.

Thanks for and

*i mean you Allan, and Ken Evoy.. thank you.. truly appreciate..

- Andre Pramono -
Said this on October 13, 2009 At 03:34 am
Wonderful resources for a beginner. I will go through each of them and recommend it to all my readers.
Said this on October 14, 2009 At 08:18 am
I need better ways to make my website work for me.
Said this on October 28, 2009 At 05:02 am
I would like to join the affiliate programe.

[You can join it here:
Said this on December 6, 2009 At 01:50 am
Thanks for the tips! I will definitely be reading most of these tonight!

Said this on February 11, 2010 At 07:40 am
amazing courseware..
treasure for IMers!!
Said this on February 16, 2010 At 10:21 am
This is with out question the most informative resource I have found to date. Thank you Ken for giving us this opportunity to learn from you.
Miguel Angel
Said this on April 24, 2010 At 12:19 pm
Friend, thank you for all this stuff, you know that joy of having found your website, I will follow the steps from Arequipa, Peru
Miguel Angel Gonzales
Said this on April 29, 2010 At 12:59 pm
All the free marketing courses has shown me how to do it!! I strongly recommend everybody to download and see how valuable they are.
Said this on May 2, 2010 At 12:54 am
Hi Allan,

I have been reading regularly your site from my college days.Now I felt I would give back my loyalty to you.Thanks for the best downloads.

Said this on September 15, 2010 At 11:13 am
Traffic, traffic and more traffic.. that is the key. Great eBook on Netwriting... "without traffic, you die". So right!
Denise Downey
Said this on September 24, 2010 At 11:29 am
Great resources here! I have known of and used Allan's and Ken's material since the beginning and they are still the best!
Said this on December 2, 2010 At 11:40 am
It was a really nice idea! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have fanned. Just continue publishing this kind of post. I will be your loyal reader. Thanks once more.
Said this on July 26, 2011 At 01:47 am
Thanks for these nicely done eBooks. I downloaded them all. More power to your advocacy.
Said this on October 15, 2011 At 11:48 pm

These ebooks are great. I can't believe what you are giving away here. Thanks so much!

Said this on November 9, 2011 At 08:08 pm

At the risk of sounding repetitive... the ebooks are really good information. Appreciate you give such valuable information for free :)

Said this on July 21, 2012 At 12:32 pm

These are magnificent learning sources, and they are free too!! Many thanks 

Said this on September 10, 2012 At 05:53 pm

The Affiliate Master's Course by Ken Evoy is a great resource, not only for beginners but it also serves as a good resource and refresher for experienced marketers who have maybe lost their way a little bit, or perhaps allowed their business to get cluttered with too much distractions and noise from the peripherals of the internet marketing community.

Said this on February 8, 2013 At 05:17 am

I appreciate your ebooks. I got a lot of knowledge.

Said this on April 27, 2013 At 02:01 pm

Wow!!! Thankyou for such a great website! I've been searching all over the net, picking up bits of info here and there, when I found everything in your wonderful website. This has been bookmarked, and I've downloaded your free ebooks, which I will read religiously, and refer to each and every time. Wish I heard of this site first!

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