Free Affiliate Masters Course

What does affiliate success boil down to? Let's start... at the beginning!

The number #1 challenge for all affiliates...

Build a website...

that builds targeted traffic...

and that causes visitors to click through...

with a warm, open-to-buy attitude...

to merchant sites that you represent...

so you earn fat commission checks.


There is an endless labyrinth of possible software and information/advice offered on the Net. I'm not sure which is worse... the over-priced products that under-deliver, or all the free info available, most of which does not work so it costs you something more valuable even than money... your time.

Wouldn't it be great if the single best approach, explained in detail, was also free?! Here it is...

The Affiliate Masters Course.

This 10-DAY course focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It leads you, step by digestible step, day by day, through a flawless process...

    from developing a Site Concept

       to brainstorming hundreds of profitable related keywords

          to building a themed site

             to generating motivated, targeted traffic that wants to click on your recommendations, links to the related products sold by merchants you represent.

The most amazing part of this course?

It's free!

Actually, the "price" is only the second most amazing part. The best thing about the Masters Course is the clear, high-quality, step-by-step, day-by-day content that lays out a process that really works.

What's more, it is a process that continues to work after more than a decade, while all sorts of get-rich-quick schemes crash or get burned by Google algorithm changes.

The course is now available in a beautiful ebook format! Newly updated, and a joy to print and read. To download The Affiliate Masters Course ebook...

RIGHT-Click here to download the Affiliate Masters Course ebook
(PDF: Suitable for PCs and Macs)

Save it to your desktop so that it's easy to find. 

This is it! The course in PDF ebook format! 

The Affiliate Masters Course shows you how to become a high-earning affiliate champion. Anyone... from newbie to those already enjoying success. It shows you everything, nothing held back. All the info you need to help you execute every step is included in one single course. Actually...

It's better than almost every other affiliate course or book available anywhere, at any price... but it does raise a question...

Why would SiteSell, the originators of this course, give it all away? Because they're hoping that you'll buy their truly excellent product,  SBI. You do not have to, of course.

All the info you need to execute a powerful, successful strategy is contained in the Masters Course. Nothing is held back - I was amazed at the truly USEFUL ideas and the perfect process, laid out in an organized and do-able manner.

And while I do totally endorse SBI as The Perfect Affiliate Business-Builder, you may well find that the course itself is really all you need - SBI simply delivers the tools to make it even easier and faster to get the job done.

To sum it up, The Affiliate Masters Course strategy for success is simple...

1) Create content that attracts targeted traffic.

2) Then convert that traffic into dollars by causing visitors to click through to the sites of the merchants that you represent.

3) Develop multiple streams of income through quality merchants that fit your theme.

Yes, we've finally found the single best solution, the total affiliate solution. You'll graduate as an accomplished affiliate Net marketer, a super-affiliate in the making.

Take The Affiliate Masters Course today. I will not make a more important suggestion this year.

RIGHT-Click here to download the Affiliate Masters Course ebook

UPDATED: August 6, 2012
August 15, 2008

Comments (102)

Said this on December 19, 2008 At 05:22 am
I love the free ebook. Informative and useful. I have them on my site to be shared by my many readers. Again thank you.
Said this on December 20, 2008 At 03:51 pm
Quick question that this site doesn't cover: When creating a site, do you have to "cite" or "reference" any information that you pull from other sources (Example, citing a book from which you got your information on Botticelli)?

[Yes, you should. You can quote the odd sentence directly and cite your source - that's fair use. If you take large sections that someone else has written, that's breach of copyright. Some old books no longer have copyright. You'll need to research that. Allan.]
Said this on January 3, 2009 At 06:50 pm
Thank you for the information.
Said this on January 22, 2009 At 03:12 am
I will follow up
Said this on January 23, 2009 At 04:48 am
iv read ur great tips twice which gives me lots of inspiration.thx for ur info.
Said this on February 5, 2009 At 01:19 pm
Dear sir ,I WOULD LIKE T PLS GO ON UR 10 DAYS COURSE to start my own website thanks for the course and God bless amean -OLA
Said this on February 25, 2009 At 10:33 am
There is something to be said when individuals like Allan give out free and real tools to help others make a living, especially in this economy.

I am new (Feb 24, 2009) to affiliate programs so I will study the Master Course and apply what these gracious people have given me and let you people know how well I have done. People everywhere should be able to help others like Allan Gardyne has.
Said this on March 9, 2009 At 08:57 pm
great site
Said this on March 18, 2009 At 01:34 am
Hello Sir.

Sir thank you for giving this information to us for free, these are really great, helpful information for a newbie like us, i am a newbie in internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

Thank you a lot for helping us.
Said this on March 20, 2009 At 05:24 pm
I've just read the book and I want to say that the exact method that have been explained are the method that super affiliates use to earn $X.XXX a day in commisssion.

Thanks for sharing such a beauty!
Said this on April 28, 2009 At 09:42 am
Hi There,

I am new to affiliate marketing. This morning I had a phone call from world market systems. They were offering me an affiliate program whereby they can build you a website for as little as $149 US. Once you have the website running you can link as an affiliate with Ebay, Amazon, to name a few. Have you heared about them? Any comments. I bought 6 websites with stores on line. 2 are running and I was thinking of using one for the affiliate program. By the way, you were recomended by them. Please advise asap. thanks

[Never heard of them. Good luck! Allan.]
Said this on April 29, 2009 At 08:41 am
Hey Allan,

Waheed here...

Are you saying owning a site does not determines one's success in Affiliate Marketing?

[Simply owning a website isn't enough. As an affiliate you have to learn to build a website that will attract the right visitors - the ones that actually want what you're offering - and turn those visitors into sales. Allan.]
Said this on May 3, 2009 At 10:01 pm
After reading most of the comments above there seems to be quite diverse or variegated assemblage of people finding value in your course so I hope to find the same by downloading it today.

Said this on June 2, 2009 At 08:35 am
need your help

[First, you have to help yourself. Our affiliate forum is a good place to ask questions. The link is at the top of the page. Allan.]
Said this on June 9, 2009 At 01:02 pm
Your book did not help me. It's just full of affiliate links so you can make money.

[You didn't read it very carefully. It's not MY free course. It's written by Ken Evoy of SiteSell, whose highly reputable company has helped many thousands of affiliates and others launch successful Internet businesses. If the course didn't help you, perhaps nothing will. Allan.]
Said this on June 30, 2009 At 01:35 pm
I just wanted you to know that, is the most informative website that I've found online so far and believe me I've been looking and learning for almost 2 years now. Since I've found your site Allan, I can proudly say that I'll hopefully have my website published by the end of the day, today! As soon as I start making money, my next goal will be to get SBI! I am so enthusiastic about the opportunities that I know now are within my reach, and it really is because of how you AND the course have helped me learn. I have learned from other sources, but it was only because I hadn't gone to your site yet. Finding AP's has everything in one place to help anyone become successful online if they really want to.

Liz Nelson
Said this on July 1, 2009 At 07:26 pm
I appreciate your website so much and the FREE affiliate ebook I can recommend to my members to come check out! We just opened up a new affiliate hub and it makes it much easier to have a great relationship with you all and the quick responses by email!
Said this on July 7, 2009 At 08:22 pm
I downloaded and read the entire eBook very long time ago. I am actually one of its affiliates promoting its products.

What has been mentioned all the time in the whole course is based on a simple yet powerful process.

CTPM contains 4 main steps:

Content which is the core of a website.
Traffic that is the attracted visitors by the high-quality content
Presell which means over delivering information and gain trust.
Monetize that is the final desired result of the previous steps.

No matter you run a merchant or affiliate website, it's always the same process. In this course, it teaches exactly the needed knowledge every beginner need to get for affiliate marketing.

Thanks Allan for giving us the chance of downloading this great Masters course. Hope everyone finds it helpful.

To Your Online Success!

Hooshmand Moslemi
Gaz S
Said this on July 21, 2009 At 11:02 am
The choosing your niche chapter is getting me a bit if I'm honest. Comparing wordtracker to google's keyword tool, the amount of searches can differ quite a bit. Wordtracker says about 300, google says about 10,000. Which is the best to trust?

Also what sort of figures should I be aiming at in terms of supply and demand. Should I only choose topics that have say around 1000 searches in wordtracker and less than 1 million sites already out there?

[The Site Build It private forum discusses such issues in detail. It's a really good source of helpful info. I made a post on our affiliate forum which may help you -
Analyzing keyword supply and demand
Said this on August 2, 2009 At 07:18 pm
Is it possible to make money from one page website? All I could afford is a design it your self program for now. Do have any articles on making Adwords more profitable instead of being a money pit?

[It's possible to make money with a one-page site if you're giving away a useful report and collecting email addresses. This requires several different marketing skills - you'll need to concentrate on learning all the basics first. You can get a free 12-part course on PPC marketing by signing up for the free newsletter at . Allan.]
Said this on August 17, 2009 At 09:18 pm
Thank you. I want to give you guys a try.
Said this on September 9, 2009 At 10:46 am
Hi, After read the master course for SBI i liked it so much that i decided to investigate the company more in hopes of eventually investing the $299/yr they charge to use there tools and services. Ater about a month of research every thing looked great so i decided to take the leap of faith and purchase SBI. I tried a few times to use my check card to purchase it but it would not go through. So i called my bank to ask what was the problem. They told me they stopped the transaction because SBI had a record of fraudulent practices with some of their other customers. So they no longer allow transaction with SBI. Have anyone eles had this to happen to them? Thanks for reading.

[What! This is absolute, malicious rubbish. Which bank told you this nonsense? Allan.]
Said this on September 10, 2009 At 11:37 am
Hi allan, This Steve. I am in the military so i use a bank by the name of Armed Forces Bank, I have been with them for 10 yr with no problems. After doing a lot of looking around the net i found a lot of info on SBI (mostly good some bad) but i never found this accusation any where else which is why i decided to contact you to see if you had found any thing like that out there on the net. Maybe it is a isolated problem. I can tell you that it really is a downer because i thought i had finally found some thing worth investing my time and money in on the net (i been scammed a few times). I may still consider sending in a money order cause i know no company can please every one. Thanks for reading.

[Thanks for the extra info. I've been dealing with Ken Evoy and his company SiteSell for 10 years and have had many long conversations on the phone with him. It's a good, solid, reliable company. Allan.]
Said this on September 11, 2009 At 12:15 am
Thank you- Thank you- I have a website that I have not monetized until now. It was strictly so that families could get info on my case management business. I have been reading this ebook- and now am sending it to my sister.
Senior Care Management
Said this on October 15, 2009 At 10:12 am
Thanks Allan,
I have read the ebook on "Affiliate Masters Course". I have never seen such a comprehensive material on affiliate like that. I have made up my mind to buy the Site Build It (SBI) system right away and start my two powerful business ideas on my website I am building. I am on my way to a cool and reliable money making system.

Said this on October 15, 2009 At 12:18 pm
Thanks for this great affiliate ebook. I'm downloading it now and will read to digest and learn tips from the masters. I really want to earn from affiliate marketing.
Said this on October 24, 2009 At 02:40 pm
Dear sir,
I want to farward all information above in this page and download to my email.

[I've emailed a copy of the Affiliate Masters Course to you. Allan.]
Said this on November 4, 2009 At 12:53 pm
Hi Allan,

I have downloaded (again) the Affiliate Masters Course two days ago and tried to click on some links but they are not working (because of a lot of spaces following the link text). Because I would like you to be credited for any eventual purchase, I typed your affiliate link by hand to get past that. However I suggest that you revise the links.


[Thanks for the alert! That's a weird problem. The links appear correct in the PDF but they're not working. And yet if you type one of the links, like this
into a browser, they DO work. Very puzzling. We'll sort it out. I suspect this is a temporary problem on the site, not in the PDF. Maybe it's something to do with the trailing slash. Or perhaps it's something to do with the latest version of Acrobat Reader. We'll find out. Allan.]
Said this on December 19, 2009 At 11:48 am
This is a nice idea, thanks for the information.
Said this on January 17, 2010 At 03:14 am
Many of the top universities are now offering free courses like the University of Michigan and Yale. Hope there will be more free courses offered in many different fields.
Said this on February 27, 2010 At 12:40 pm
Thanks for providing Ken Evoy's excellent course. I purchased his Make My Site Sell e-book several years ago and found him to be an excellent teacher/writer will top-notch knowledge in site development and optimization. His information helped me build a site that was the basis of a sustainable, though now dormant, resume writing practice. I expect similar success with my new interest in affiliate marketing. Your site looks to contain lots of other helpful information, as well. Thanks again.
Said this on February 28, 2010 At 09:46 pm
Hi Neil,

Thanks for the comments. We certainly find Ken's material extremely useful and the Affiliate Masters Course is almost a blueprint for building a successful affiliate site. Do make sure you also check out Allan's "Affiliate Program Tutorial". This is based on his own experience and sets out the steps he believes are necessary for becoming a successful affiliate. It's good stuff.


Ian Elliott
Said this on March 31, 2010 At 11:03 am
I have not got any yet ....perhaps later....
Said this on May 1, 2010 At 09:03 am
Thanks for the information. Can't wait to start on the eBook.
Said this on May 3, 2010 At 06:53 am
Thanks, I already download the Affiliate Masters Course ebook, and can not wait to read it, this is something great that I have ever read.
Said this on June 4, 2010 At 11:58 am
Hi Allan. Just a quick question for you. (BTW thatks for your great resources and help, you personally being able to take the time to answer some poeple really shows alot! Thanks)

I am currently reading the 8 part step by step for beginners how to make $1000.00 a month. Would reading this SBI course be somthing that would compliment what i'm learning over on your other course or just serve to jumble everything into somthng else.

I only thought about reading this once I'm done the 1000.00 a month course because I have decided that the SBI program would be a good fit for someone like me.

Sorry for the hand holding quesions, I'm just trying to get a good process going to get me started the right way by learning stuff that compliments each other as I am trying to stay on the same path and stay focused as I begin. I just figured since you're experienced with the material in both, you may be able to offer your thought's if what I learn from the 2 will give me a good beginning.

Thanks again!


Said this on June 14, 2010 At 06:58 am
awesome!!! Thanks Allan.
Said this on June 27, 2010 At 03:35 am
Looking forward to reading it.
Said this on August 22, 2010 At 10:05 pm
Thank you Allan

Looking for to reading this program is something I always wonder how this work. So I'm going to learn from you for free that awesome. I feel like I'm going back to school never too old to learn again LOL

Thank again
Said this on September 17, 2010 At 09:30 am
Thanks Allan for the great information.
Said this on November 4, 2010 At 01:25 pm
Thanks for the ebook, was a great read.
Said this on November 5, 2010 At 05:40 pm
I have already downloaded the Course but was unable to post it on my desktop, now I am unable to get back to it to read it. I can't see where I downloaded it to. Help!

Said this on November 30, 2010 At 05:54 pm

Hi Allan,

I have enjoyed reading your 12 mistakes most affiliates make. Excellent information, I contacted a company yesterday that I really like, is perfect for my blog content, which is nearly 3 years old now. I think it is great that newbies on the net can make money, at the same time, it is those of us who have been writing and working hard on gaining a targeted audience that will most likely profit the easiest (?) from becoming an affiliate. What are your honest thoughts on a newbie site vs. a site that has been up for a few years?

Thank you for allowing us to D/L the e-book, what a fantastic way to share knowledge!! And yes, you may end up selling ME something one day! SMILE

Shauna Harrelson LVN

Said this on December 7, 2010 At 08:10 pm
Hi Allan,

I came across your site quite a while ago, and I've now just stumbled across it again, and spent a bit of quality time on it this evening. Thankyou for sharing this e-book, I've just saved it and will have a good read of it soon.

kind regards,

Said this on April 30, 2011 At 10:44 am
Hi Allan
I downloaded the program and will read it as I go along
I hope this will help me in many ways I just about had it with the super affiliates
they make fools out of people,yes they make money but we are their game pieces
I want my Website to be a assorted product site so that people can can spend more time surfing my Site,as the site develop I will have some free stuff and give a way's as a Niche
Thank You
Said this on August 27, 2011 At 12:48 pm

I cannot download this file... even when i click the link to open it - still won't work... I am very interested in this course and was wondering if there is another way i can get this course. I am very new to the affiliate marketing and need more info, if you don't mind please email it to me.


Said this on August 27, 2011 At 06:38 pm

Hi Camilla,

I've just tested the link and it's working. The report is a 152-page PDF file, so you may have to click and WAIT for it to download. Alternatively, here's another place where you can get it:

Said this on November 30, 2011 At 09:56 am

Thanks for the free masters course, I will sure enjoy reading it, for the content it is appreciated that you have provided this resource free.


Said this on December 21, 2011 At 03:24 pm

Hey Allan, you have greate info on the niche thing, you are already given me ideas even before download affiliate course, thanks

Said this on March 4, 2012 At 12:51 am


All the links in the AffMaster.pdf give me the following error message in my browser:

No Such URL at This Domain


There's no such page /chooseit/ at

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