Free Affiliate Masters Course

What does affiliate success boil down to? Let's start... at the beginning!

The number #1 challenge for all affiliates...

Build a website...

that builds targeted traffic...

and that causes visitors to click through...

with a warm, open-to-buy attitude...

to merchant sites that you represent...

so you earn fat commission checks.


There is an endless labyrinth of possible software and information/advice offered on the Net. I'm not sure which is worse... the over-priced products that under-deliver, or all the free info available, most of which does not work so it costs you something more valuable even than money... your time.

Wouldn't it be great if the single best approach, explained in detail, was also free?! Here it is...

The Affiliate Masters Course.

This 10-DAY course focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It leads you, step by digestible step, day by day, through a flawless process...

    from developing a Site Concept

       to brainstorming hundreds of profitable related keywords

          to building a themed site

             to generating motivated, targeted traffic that wants to click on your recommendations, links to the related products sold by merchants you represent.

The most amazing part of this course?

It's free!

Actually, the "price" is only the second most amazing part. The best thing about the Masters Course is the clear, high-quality, step-by-step, day-by-day content that lays out a process that really works.

What's more, it is a process that continues to work after more than a decade, while all sorts of get-rich-quick schemes crash or get burned by Google algorithm changes.

The course is now available in a beautiful ebook format! Newly updated, and a joy to print and read. To download The Affiliate Masters Course ebook...

RIGHT-Click here to download the Affiliate Masters Course ebook
(PDF: Suitable for PCs and Macs)

Save it to your desktop so that it's easy to find. 

This is it! The course in PDF ebook format! 

The Affiliate Masters Course shows you how to become a high-earning affiliate champion. Anyone... from newbie to those already enjoying success. It shows you everything, nothing held back. All the info you need to help you execute every step is included in one single course. Actually...

It's better than almost every other affiliate course or book available anywhere, at any price... but it does raise a question...

Why would SiteSell, the originators of this course, give it all away? Because they're hoping that you'll buy their truly excellent product,  SBI. You do not have to, of course.

All the info you need to execute a powerful, successful strategy is contained in the Masters Course. Nothing is held back - I was amazed at the truly USEFUL ideas and the perfect process, laid out in an organized and do-able manner.

And while I do totally endorse SBI as The Perfect Affiliate Business-Builder, you may well find that the course itself is really all you need - SBI simply delivers the tools to make it even easier and faster to get the job done.

To sum it up, The Affiliate Masters Course strategy for success is simple...

1) Create content that attracts targeted traffic.

2) Then convert that traffic into dollars by causing visitors to click through to the sites of the merchants that you represent.

3) Develop multiple streams of income through quality merchants that fit your theme.

Yes, we've finally found the single best solution, the total affiliate solution. You'll graduate as an accomplished affiliate Net marketer, a super-affiliate in the making.

Take The Affiliate Masters Course today. I will not make a more important suggestion this year.

RIGHT-Click here to download the Affiliate Masters Course ebook

UPDATED: August 6, 2012
August 15, 2008

Comments (102)

Asael Moncada
Said this on August 18, 2006 At 01:47 am
10 day course is a must for everyone wanting to start their own website.
Said this on May 18, 2013 At 01:25 pm
I like this, how can do to become an affiliate?
Said this on May 18, 2013 At 05:54 pm

Joseph, You can join the affiliate program here

Caesar Book
Said this on September 10, 2006 At 03:14 am
I would like to have my own website up and running in 10 days. show me how I can do this. Thank you.

[Caesar, You could go to eBay and buy an existing website and have it online in one day. But if you're new to affiliate marketing you most likely wouldn't own a successful business. I suggest that instead of concentrating on speed you concentrate on learning how to build a successful business. One good way to do that is to use Site Build It! and the comprehensive help that comes with it - . Allan.]
Said this on September 15, 2006 At 01:43 am
I downloaded the free affiliate masters course. It would have been great if the links had worked. I have visited every day for almost a week. There is tons of useful information. So far, I have been reading and understanding and I have not spent a penny. I have found the information more useful than any info I have ever paid for and there has been many of them. Thanks for the great job.

[Thanks for the alert. Sorry! I've now uploaded an updated version of the Affiliate Masters Course which has corrected this problem. Allan.]
William E Petersen
Said this on September 15, 2006 At 04:18 pm
I wanted to post my agreement with you about the value of The Affiliate Masters Course. The Affiliate Masters Course is the best free resource on the net. Better than many sources you have to pay for, the PDF document is worth downloading and costs you nothing.
A Practical Resource to Help Dads Grow
Said this on September 15, 2006 At 05:06 pm
I was astonished when I just discovered that you used the same wording as the SiteSell PromoPage word for word. You need not post this, but I would love to get your reply. Thanks,
A Practical Resource to Help Dads Grow

[William, It's not quite word for word, but very close. This is not something I usually do, but in this case it works brilliantly. If something works, I keep doing it. Allan.]
Said this on October 13, 2006 At 03:58 am
Haii all
this is my first time joint in the it's great that i got much information about affiliate, internet business, etc. Honestly I want to start my opportunity starting with the affiliate Master Course.
thanks all
Daniel Edstr?m
Said this on December 6, 2006 At 03:08 pm
This is the best Affiliate Guide i ever read!!!
Said this on December 7, 2006 At 04:30 pm

It pisses me off any time i want to read anything on the internet and its on pdf, zip, in fact it needs to be downloaded before read. The cafe where I browse do not allow downloads. Why can't all this have text html? Anyway can I get a text of your free masters courses?

[Just click on the link as you would click on any other link - and WAIT - and the Affiliate Masters Course should appear on your screen and you can read it in the cafe. Allan.]

Dinesh Bastola
Said this on December 15, 2006 At 11:29 am
Hello everybody
This is my first time joint in the I am very happy that i got much information about affiliate programs. I really want to start my opportunity starting with the affiliate Master Course. It is really a good programs for everyone.
thank you.
Dinesh Bastola
Said this on February 1, 2007 At 11:45 pm

The Affiliate Masters Course is a wonderful course, full of resources and it is 'right on the money'! I'm an affiliate manager for three online real estate companies, and each item you cover in the course is precisely what we've done to build a successful affiliate program. Great job of putting everything together in one place for those who are starting or expanding their affiliate program! I picked up some ideas that I'll begin to implement right away.
Tracey Fieber

Said this on May 19, 2012 At 01:20 am

I am new to online affiliate marketing and just starting to learn.  I need to make some money online and have lots of computer skills as I have been an ICT Consultant most of my life.  Enough of that already!  Can someone help me.

My focus is 100% in the real estate niche.  Please help me get where I want to go because there are a lot of scams.  A lot of marketing efforts do not really add value to life and in most cases are not even profitable.  I need to get involved in something that is real for one, adds value to life and is profitable.  I need to be guided by people who have been around, who are free and true.  I believe TRUST is better than money in the bank and one is able to build something of value.  My website is not yet developed.  I want it to be something close to associateprograms but more of a trusted guide.

Said this on May 19, 2012 At 08:08 pm

Hi Vitalis, You've made an excellent start by choosing to read the free Affiliate Masters Course. I hope you did download it and read it. Better still, study it and take notes. It's published by a company that has been helping people build profitable websites for more than a decade. 

If you choose the SBI way of doing things, you'll get a system that actually works - it's taught in more than 20 universities and colleges around the world. 

Here's a page you need to read, especially the section "Why Most Real Estate Websites Fail at Lead Generation"...

When you get there, you can click on the "Questions" link and talk to an SBI user.

For SBI sites and success stories, see...

Said this on February 5, 2007 At 03:58 am
If I truly truly want to be successful in the affiliate publisher business, what difference does it make to study the Free Affiliate Masters Course
or to go and buy the SBI program for affiliates??? Is it a really big deal of difference, except for how to set up a website or in terms of affiliate business itself the free course is just as good??? Greetings from Costa Rica...

[The free Affiliate Masters Course gives you a good, solid introduction to affiliate marketing, teaching you how to choose a niche and emphasizing the importance of building a high-quality site for long-term revenue. SBI goes into much greater detail and provides a suite of tools all in one place. Also, using SBI is bit like joining a club because it gives you access to an incredibly helpful private forum where SBI users help each other and share tips. Allan.]
Said this on October 9, 2011 At 03:20 am

I really want to get SBI but how can I get it if I don't have credit/master card, nor PAYPAL aacount? Can I pay for SBI through my local Bank, ANZ Bank?

Said this on October 9, 2011 At 08:24 pm
Hi Angireti, Good choice! Just go to SiteSell and contact support. They'll make other arrangements for you.
Said this on February 7, 2007 At 12:16 am
So in short, is SBI an ABSOLUTE INDISPENSABLE MUST for anybody who wants to be serious in the affiliate business or is it possible to make it successfully without it???

[I recommend SBI because I strongly believe it gives a beginner the best possible chance of success. However, people achieve success in many different ways, some with SBI, some without. In my free Affiliate Program Tutorial I suggest another option for people who want to take a more independent route. Allan.]
Said this on March 9, 2007 At 09:42 am
I've been reading the affiliate master course for couple of days now and so far I love it. I love how they emphasise on you. You are the reason it will fail or succeed, you're the master key in the process. It truly focus on getting you in a state of mind where you just want to succeed and feel you can. I'm lucky, I was able to stumble upon this after just a couple of sites pointing me to get rich quick ebooks. Since I'm a very critical and cynical guy, I searched a lot before handing out money and when I stumbled upon this course, I knew I made the right decision, espacially reading comments on what those best selling GRQ ebooks really contain. This is the first though I come here, even before I started reading this book, I have been roaming the net for everything related to affiliates and also SBI, since I want to make sure it is what it says. It does seem like it so far. Your site is also very interesting. Keep up the good work.

[Thanks for your kind words. You've made an excellent choice starting with the Affiliate Masters Course. Allan.]
Carlos Copeland
Said this on March 14, 2007 At 02:10 pm
Allan My main Man,
I have a Mac it's killing me that when I download any zips files and use stuffit expander to convert this to a pdf file I'm having problems. Is there anyway other way I can get these pdf files free.
P.S. Thank You for the information that you are sharing. Most time you find information like this it's a waste of valuable time, and not very useful!!

[Ken Evoy, who created the Affiliate Masters Course, loves Macs and uses one himself so I'm sure his support team will be able to help you: . Allan.]
Said this on March 15, 2007 At 11:40 pm
I've read this and it's very useful for those beginners to start with affiliate programs.
Tony - Gold Coast Oz
Said this on March 21, 2007 At 01:09 pm
Firstly let me say that I'm SHOCKED and SURPRISED ... BIG TIME. The reason I say this is because everywhere you turn on the net you get to pages that contain info on what you searched for, no doubting that, however, when you get there they're selling you some wiz bang product that's better than anyone else's, often with the exact testimonials as some other websites. This is trully a remarkable site as it gives you a wealth of knowledge FOR FREE!! Allan, good on ya mate, you're an absoloute champ and please keep up the good work.

[Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate them. If you stick around long enough, perhaps I'll eventually sell you something. :) Allan.]
Tony - Gold Coast Oz
Said this on March 21, 2007 At 01:18 pm
PS: I forgot to mention that I downloaded the Affiliate Masters course and I can't wait to read it. My heart is filling back up with hope again after visitng this site.
Thanks mate.
Nik Shikin
Said this on April 15, 2007 At 08:14 am
Just to drop by and say thanks to this wonderfull free and good ebook!
Said this on July 11, 2007 At 11:35 am
The link to download the Free Affliate Masters Course will not do anything. I have clicked on both links available and nothing. Your site is very informative. Thank you. I have been suckered into paying for advice that is clusmy to get around. Getting lost in every step. Your site is much easier to use. I would love to read the the Free Affliate Masters course. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

[Perhaps there was a temporary problem with our server. I've just tested the links and they're working. Here's an alternative link to the free Affiliate Masters Course. You'll need to highlight it and copy it into your browser:
Said this on November 12, 2007 At 11:02 am
I am totally newbies in affiliate and does not know anything about building a website... and blind about html or whatsoever... my question: 1) do we really need website to run affilliate ?
2) let say i am interested in sports, electronics and music, how i can put that 3 topics in 1 website?
3) I dont have any specific expertise?
appreciate your advice.
Jimmical, Malaysia

[1. It IS possible to earn money from affiliate programs without owning a website, but it's much more difficult. When you build a website, you start building a business, gaining a reputation and getting repeat visitors and repeat sales. Just learn one small step at a time. You'll get there is you really want to. 3. You could put three totally different topics on one site, but it would be a bad idea because it would confuse search engines and confuse your visitors. Stick to one niche at a time. 3. BECOME interested in something. Remember, you didn't know anything when you were born. You learned things. KEEP learning. Here's an article I wrote with lots of ideas on how get ideas for a site:
Said this on November 25, 2007 At 06:05 am
Ive been searching the internet for some months trying to find information that not only helps start affiliate programs but also explains the lingo in non computer professional terms. It's also good to see terminology in the Aussie language - not all that easy to find Aussie programs on the net. thanks
Said this on November 30, 2007 At 04:50 am
Hi Allan,
Really i can say that your web site is the most powerful guide to success on line, all the informations are useful and helpful, and the best are free.
Thank you for your help...
Said this on December 23, 2007 At 05:48 pm
Hello Allan
I think I got scammed by a "learn how to make money - become an affiliate" website. Okay, so now I'm searching for some truth about some facts. First, I joined Now, is it true you cannot make commissions from blogs, although the blog has a URL. I did like how has all the code built in, all I had to do was typing the article - but I'm getting a queazy feeling there will be no traffic to drum up sales to the products written about. Yes, my blogs use Adsense and of course meta tags. But so far, when I go to it appears no one has even read one of my articles. I'm downhearted. Regrettably I'm not flush, so I'm now trying to correct my steps taken. I have now also downloaded the Master course you offered, but you also said we affiliates MUST have a website. I'm concerned about having that financial outlay too. Can you steer me in the right direction. Thank you - I do like and especially your insight.

[Yes, I strongly recommend that you get your own website. A blog is one kind of website. It is possible to earn affiliate commissions from blogs, including ones from However, there are millions upon millions of blogs out there, so simply owning a blog and putting articles on it is not enough to guarantee that anyone will actually read it and click on your links. If you study the free Affiliate Masters Course that will give you lots of useful information. You can also ask for a website review on our affiliate forum. Allan.]
Said this on January 9, 2008 At 02:40 am
Thanks a lot for all those great resources, important thing i learnt from you right here is to stick to one subject in my business, i was about to fall in this mistake, thinking that including many topics and fields in my website would attract a lot of visitors with different tastes, so that i can use many affiliate programs and put a lot of merchant ads, but it seems this came to be a wrong thinking, right ?

i just have a comment on what you said >> However, there are millions upon millions of blogs out there, so simply owning a blog and putting articles on it is not enough to guarantee that anyone will actually read it and click on your links >>

what's the difference between a blog and website if both of them are having unique domain name, what would prevent anyone then from visiting, reaching, clicking through links?

what do you suggest to use as a content management system for building website and making it easier to post articles and updates without a lot of troubles ? can wordpress achieve this ? or again this could be harmful to my business?

i am a newbie and i reached your website because it's so popular and everyone recommended it for me, i downloaded the course and expecting a lot from it, i hope you can give me a good guide or hints to start with , thanks again :)

[We haven't found a perfect content management system. For, we ended up hiring a programmer to amalgamate several scripts to form a cohesive whole. WordPress is very good and can be used for a large number of purposes. It does enable you to publish articles easily. However, simply building a website or blog is a bit like building a house in the middle of a desert. If you want people to find you, you have to learn how to attract visitors to your site. A blog is just a type of website. Aim to be the best you possibly can be in one niche and build your reputation in that niche. Aim to build something that adds real value to the Internet. If you do it right, people will give you free publicity, and those links will play a big role in helping to get your site ranked well in search engines. The free Affiliate Masters Course is worth studying carefully. You'll learn many very valuable tips. Allan.]
Said this on January 9, 2008 At 08:27 am
Thanks for your reply, i read in your article about finding the proper niche : " Regularly check new affiliate programs as they are listed in our directory. Consider building your websites quickly before most of your competitors even know the topic exists."

this is a thing which make me discouraged about building a website or a blog, always in hurry, stressed, thinking that i am too late to publish it, which makes me not concentrating while working or making my pages, as well as always feeling that i am putting the wrong content or putting it in a very slow way.

So, how in your opinion i can take advantage of some event and hurry up to build a website or a blog for it? what's the way? how i can arrange the contents materials that fast before anyone does, and if i did, how can i do it fast? does it mean that i am already having a website template or management system that will build my website that fast, i saw something like what you are talking about, some event comes up, in a few hours i find in my city few websites that came up with that event, i hope you can tell me what's they key behind this?

Are you available for an online discussion at some time?, i am really turning to be a fan of this great website and its resources :) thanks a lot for all this good work, it proves a lot of effort made before it.

[I'm usually available for an online discussion at our affiliate forum. That's a good place to ask questions because the forum has many friendly, helpful members. There's no need to feel discouraged. You definitely DON'T have to build a website fast. That's just ONE suggestion I made among about a couple of dozen in the article you mention. If you do want to build a site fast, WordPress is a good solution. However, with WordPress you don't get the valuable suite of tools you get with Site Build It (SBI). You don't get an instruction manual which teaches you how to build a business, not just a website. You don't get an incredibly helpful private forum, which is part of the Site Build It package. That's why I recommend that people start with SBI, because it teaches them how to build a business, not just a site. SBI puts all the emphasis on building a business that works, not building something fast. Allan.]
Said this on January 10, 2008 At 10:25 am
Does (SBI) Site Build It, offers a web space, how much size is it? is it included in the $300 package? i did't find this information clear in their website, does it support databases and so on, i mean making categories, product lists, etc? in your opinion, if not SBI, what would you recommend to start making your website?

[For all normal website uses, you have virtually unlimited web space, which is included in the package. For people who want databases and forums and unusual additions, there's a new SBI option which is in beta testing now and should be available soon. However, I strongly recommend that for your first website you build something simple. WordPress is also a good choice but you won't get the training you get with SBI. Allan.]
Said this on January 10, 2008 At 09:38 pm
What about Joomla ? do you recommend it, or you prefer wordpress over it ? I am lost in choosing the content of my first website, afraid of making the wrong choice or the wrong layout, i am currently reading the free affiliate course of sitesell, but i am concerned with how my website layout should look like in the begining, a single page talking about something ? or a homepage with many links, can you get what i mean ? When should i start submitting it to search engines, is there a difference in the method of submitting to search engines and SEO if using wordpress ? I really appreciate your help, i hope that i amn't over asking, but as i mentioned i am just feeling lost and can't even figure out the right starting point.
thanks a lot.

[I haven't tried Joomla but I know someone who uses it and likes it. There are many ways to build websites. I think the training you get is much more important than the tools you use. Our affiliate forum would be a better place to discuss all these topics at length. Allan.]
Said this on January 11, 2008 At 08:30 am
what do you think about article submitters software packages ? are they fake, useless ? Wanted to ask if it's acceptable to ask you questions right here ? i just find it a good chance to learn from you, since i can't find your email address listed anywhere in your site. Thanks for the help, and for the free affiliate course you offered by, it's really really helpful and i am writing alot of notes while still being in DAY 2, i feel i will get out with alot of ideas that will help me to start right.

[The best place to ask questions is on our affiliate forum. The link is at the top of the page. I recommend you read the whole course before you ask questions. Allan.]
Said this on January 16, 2008 At 02:58 am
How do I find the best paying affiliates?
free ebooks @

[Affiliates? An affiliate is someone who joins an affiliate program. With any luck, affiliates do the receiving, not the paying. Anyway, there's no easy answer to your question. For example, I can tell you which is MY top-paying affiliate program, but that doesn't mean the program would be your top paying program. It doesn't mean that the program would suit your audience. The most effective way to have a high paying program is to successfully imagine what your visitors are seeking when they arrive at your site - and sell it to them. Allan.]
Said this on March 8, 2008 At 12:06 pm
I thought your Masters Affiliate Course was great. The only thing I didn't understand is why didn't it cover anything about auto-responders?? That's a must in starting any on-line business. Also I know in the near future I will definitely go with Site Sell. It makes so much sense and will definitely save a lot of time, money and most of all headaches.

[It's not our course - it's Ken Evoy's. Good point about autoresponders. I guess that's the problem with writing an introductory course - knowing what to leave out. Allan.]
Bill Shucart
Said this on May 15, 2008 At 04:03 pm
Amazing insight! Practical insight into strategy and tactical application. My question is in regards to the contact person within the organizations who handle the affiliate programs and any customization of the programs offered. Who do I contact?

[There are many thousands of affiliate programs. Some have inhouse affiliate tracking systems, some use affiliate networks such as Commission Junction on LinkShare. If you want to negotiate, there's no single person to contact. In most cases, you'd want to contact the affiliate manager. It's best to negotiate from a position of strength - make good sales and prove your worth, then negotiate for a better deal. Allan.]
Said this on June 3, 2008 At 11:02 pm
Allan when are the stocks going public? Your business have the feel of a early microsoft, google. I think you have a great service here.

I have been reading the Affiliate Masters Course trying to absorb as much as i can, Allan there is so much noise out here for us newbies, everybody offering/selling the perfect solution. I am really impress with & SBI.

Much Respect Good Sir, Much Respect.

[Thank you! I appreciate your comments. I'll let you know if we ever plan a public stock offering. :) I'm more interested in having a good lifestyle, though. Allan.]
Said this on August 1, 2008 At 10:21 am
Your information sounds great but none of it is opening with my stuffit and I do have 5 or greater. Any suggestions?

[Here's a PDF file you can download:
Said this on August 22, 2008 At 12:55 am
It is an awesome thing to know that more and more bloggers create online ebooks for their users. Keep it up allan!
Said this on September 29, 2008 At 01:01 am
I'd love to use this guide, but none of the links work.

[They do work, but sometimes folks have problems because it tried to load in their browser. Try right clicking on the guide and downloading it to your local hard drive first before opening it. - Jay]
Said this on October 12, 2008 At 11:41 pm
very interesting course should of read it 10 years ago thanks looking forward to visting your web page offen
Mike Kliem
Said this on October 13, 2008 At 07:17 pm
When I right click on the pdf ther is no option to save it.. and when I open it in a seperate browser seems to be empty..??
Obviously with so many people having an issue with this pdf something is not right.

[I'm not having any problems with it myself. I can open the PDF and under "File" use the "save as" function. If you still can't open it try downloading it here:

Said this on October 20, 2008 At 06:27 am
I have read the pdf I just downloaded. Been stumbling from one article to another for affiliate programme for dummies.

Finally, I decided, I need a step by step guide. Ebooks are too easy to find these days, and it takes a lot of time to just put such a detailed article together.

Look forward to get started to come back to read this site again.
Said this on October 21, 2008 At 02:06 pm
Thanks so much for all the great information that have supplied to me regarding affiliate marketing.
I am looking forward to using your techniques with my marketing campaign and hopefully I will have good results.

Thanks again,
Sam England
Said this on November 18, 2008 At 05:30 pm
Thank you for this indepth expository on affiliate marketing. It simple and straight to the point. Looking forward to jerk up my marketing skills.

Thank You
Said this on November 24, 2008 At 01:44 pm
Hi. I understand almost everything and I already got my niche. The only trouble I had is thinking what layout(template) to use in my website. I also was trying to find websites from affiliates that do it the right way. I want to see sample websites. I want to get an idea on how to build my site.

I already have a website for my finacee. The website is her Author website. I know after I learn this I could make some profit.

Thank You.

[There are thousands of different successful layouts. When you're starting, I recommend you build a very simple site, so that you concentrate on the creating useful, interesting, pre-selling articles instead of worrying about fiddly stuff. If you use one of the basic templates provided by SBI - - you'll have a good start for your first site. Allan.]
Said this on December 5, 2008 At 09:01 pm
thanks for the course
good work
Said this on December 6, 2008 At 02:55 pm
Those are some great tips and I agree with you 100% on the fact that your job as an affiliate marketer is to entice your visitors to click through to the merchant site with a warm, open to buy attitude... that's what it's all about!
Said this on December 10, 2008 At 06:07 am
I am quite new to affilliate marketing. I do not know how to start with. Moreover I cannot invest some dollars every month. Is there any way to start with?

[It's not easy, but it is possible to make money with affiliate programs without spending any money. We've discussed this on our affiliate forum, for example here:
How to make money on the Internet when you're flat broke
(Scroll down to find my post)

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