Email marketing can increase website traffic

Website traffic is the single, number one issue among new webmasters.

When your website is constantly turning up ghost town statistics, it seems like there's no way out. Pair that with the reality that visitors, who have made it to your website, may never return and you've got instant "all-hope-is-lost" soup.

What you can do to capitalize on those who were fortunate enough to land on your site, is create an email subscriber list - but don't stop there, offer an irresistible incentive that will make it impossible to ignore your offer. Soon you'll see your subscriber numbers climbing.

But now what do you do? You take those subscribers and you send emails that offer them more irresistible incentives to return to your site. Offer them free strategies, ebooks, tips, anything to get them back to your site. Then offer them more bonuses for referring others to your site. Soon you'll have more return visitors and then some.

But wait a moment! Before you get started, you'll need to consider how you will manage your new subscribers. Before you begin collecting email addresses, you'll need a reliable and automated system that will allow you to collect the email addresses and then automatically send them the details on how to collect their incentive.

An autoresponder alone won't work, you'll need an email system that can collect addresses, respond, and then set up messages that will automatically send messages that will entice them back to your site. If you don't have an automatic email system in place, you'll have to email each of your subscribers one by one to avoid accidental sharing of their private information.

You'll also need to offer an "unsubscribe" link that will allow them to opt-out of your list should they decide they are no longer interested in receiving updates. This is important. Don't get sloppy with this. If you do, you'll lose credibility, and new webmasters can not afford this preventable mistake.

I suggest that you invest in a reputable automatic email service like iContact or another comparable service. So far they've got the most affordable rates, but it never hurts to shop around. So get your email marketing system in place, and get ready to stir up some traffic.

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July 30, 2009

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Said this on August 3, 2009 At 05:45 am
Email marketing is a must in today's time. To be successful in internet marketing, you must use email marketing to increase your list. Aweber is probably the best autoresponder available.

Thank you for the information. As always, you are right on the spot with this information.

Have a great day!

Said this on August 12, 2009 At 11:47 am
thank you so much
Said this on August 22, 2009 At 02:52 am
I too thought the same till i tied up with a very famous email marketing company.I basically tried to market my jobsite by shooting emails through the said company.But the problem is maximum times no one has the time to open the mail and moreover our sites name is not displayed in the senders field due to which your mail is rarely opened.

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