Earn up to 100% Google Adsense revenue without a blog or website

Yes, it's possible! At HowHub you can write and post "how-to" articles and earn up to 100% Google AdSense revenue through HowHub. 

They will initially pay you 50%, but after you refer a few people to join their site they will increase that amount to 100%. That's what you'd earn from your own website or blog, but without the traffic building fuss!
They've already got high volumes of traffic, so your articles are more likely to be seen and read by people who actually are there looking for the very information you've written.

The site is free to join, so there really is no risk - only benefits that come from earning up to 100% Google Adsense revenue.  Anyone can do it. There are so many subjects to write about, the possibilities for income are virtually endless.

Check out HowHub today and let me know how to goes for you.

[Editor's Note: This money-making method sounds good for hobbyists and perhaps for people who are looking for one more way to build their reputation online. If you own a site, you can link to it in your HowHub profile, but the links are no-followed - they won't pass PageRank. If you want to build an online business, I strongly recommend that you get your own website and your own memorable domain name and put your energy into promoting YOUR brand, your business, not someone else's. Also, with free services - including free web hosting and free URL redirecting - you run the risk that they will suddenly go broke or be abandoned. Learn from the fate of the many thousands of people who built websites using GeoCities and then were told that GeoCities was folding.]

May 12, 2009

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Comments (17)

Said this on May 16, 2009 At 07:23 pm
Thank you for this post. I will try it.
Said this on May 26, 2009 At 01:04 am
thank's for your info. i'll try now!
Said this on June 10, 2009 At 08:40 am
Sounds interesting. Eager to see how much traffic they get
Said this on June 15, 2009 At 08:03 pm
hey thankyou I am trying it right now.
Said this on July 14, 2009 At 01:15 pm
it is better that you try the information provided to you from us be this is your first surest way to make money in google adsense
Said this on October 21, 2009 At 11:34 pm
Thanks for sharing...
Said this on November 8, 2009 At 12:40 pm
Very nice and I follow up now
Said this on November 10, 2009 At 03:30 pm
It seems like the website is rather empty. There are hardly any articles. I can't log in anymore because it says invalid username/password. It won't let me restore my password and there is no contact information anywhere on the site.

I think this site might be dead. I hope not though because it was such a good idea.
Said this on November 20, 2009 At 08:42 pm
Just to say this is great! I am a beginner. The extension worked after the first try.

Maybe a small suggestion on the explanation: that one should make a channel on adsense with the name
Said this on July 15, 2010 At 12:47 am
Thanks for sharing...

manuel osado
Said this on August 18, 2010 At 07:55 am
Good way for beginners to start making money online.
Said this on February 10, 2011 At 03:48 am
thank you for useful information about adsense.it will help me to earn some extra money with adsense
Said this on October 29, 2011 At 05:22 pm

The link is broken...howhub doesn't come up in either IE or Chrome....help!

Said this on October 29, 2011 At 07:07 pm

Yvette, Thanks for the alert. You can still find the site at http://www.HowHub.com

Said this on October 30, 2011 At 01:06 am

Good article dude.

Said this on December 13, 2011 At 01:25 pm

i know another website where you can show your adsense ad and post blog pictures, videos  http://adsensesharing.net

Said this on May 12, 2012 At 02:01 am


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