Don't Stop Thinking Big

Associate Programs Newsletter #433

Jay Stockwell here.

I just got off the phone with a guy you may have heard of called "Aymen". He tries to keep a low profile, although it doesn't always work out that way.

Interestingly, his business card is made of titanium and has an octopus on it with just the word "Aymen".

It's quite funny really.

Nonetheless, Aymen is one of the most inspirational guys I've met in the business world. If I hadn't seen the sort of numbers his business can produce with my own eyes, I probably would not believe it.

Especially from a 26 year old.

Late last year he popped up on the radar via Brad Fallon from Stompernet who pulled him into the spotlight. You might have heard about Aymen as the "kid" who was doing 50-100k a day profit via CPA affiliate marketing.

The crazy thing is that nowadays, that's just the start of it.

At that time he released a course with Brad Fallon that was somewhat controversial. There was lots of good feedback, however, it had its share of negative feedback as well.

I've actually lined up an interview with him to talk more about the last launch and some of the highs and lows that went along with it. Look out for that early next week.

Regardless of what you might have heard, there is something that you can't ignore.

The "success" rate from the course was about 22%. This means that 22% of people made their money back or more from buying the course.

You might think that 22% isn't that high. However, for this kind of product (meaning business opportunity) that is VERY high.

Apparently it is normally more like 2-5%.

I'm sure you know the reasons why most people don't make any money. Most struggle to take action on the theory.

Anyway, I digress. When we were chatting he told me about the latest video he was releasing. The video is entitled "The Story Behind The Story".

Why I'm sharing this video with you is that for many of you the start of his story is probably very similar to what you're doing now.

Except as the story goes on, it demonstrates how determination can not just overcome, but actually go on beyond most people's perception of what is even possible. Even out of adversity.

It's pretty amazing how someone can go from promoting Clickbank products to building a multi-million dollar empire in only a few years.

If you've got a few minutes and want some inspiration to think big again watch this video.

No opt-in required. Just press play.

[UPDATE: This offer has closed.]

Thought for today: Think big

"As long as your going to be thinking anyway, think big." - Donald Trump.

All the best

Jay Stockwell

November 2, 2009

Comments (2)

Said this on November 5, 2009 At 05:07 am

Good knowledge for us.
Said this on November 10, 2009 At 10:50 am
I'm glad to read another success story here, as we all know success doesn't look at the age of a person as long as he's determined to get it

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