Did You Get Google Slammed?

Associate Programs Newsletter #501

Thanks for all the congratulations last week. It was fantastic to hear from so many people. And yes, Allan really was out kayaking. 
Well, Google has been up to all sorts of tricks this month and someone's going to be seeing less money in the bank.
Sadly, they could have avoided that loss if they had only followed what the search engines have always said about quality content.
So can you save your sites? Can you protect your income? This week we see what you can do.

     1. Google Cleans House
     2. My Week - Earthquakes
     3. Thought for Today - Rules
     4. Cool Site - SwiftCD

1) Google Cleans House

Google has slammed the door on a lot of sites in the past month with its new algorithm changes. What do those changes mean for your business? Have you protected yourself from getting "sub-optimal" rankings?

Don't get swept out of the top search engine results when there are things you can do to protect your affiliate income.

Getting dropped is devastating if you make a lot of money out of a site.

Avoid this tragedy... click here now

2. My Week - Nowhere To Stay

I was preparing to fly out to Christchurch shortly but sadly a massive earthquake hit the city center on Tuesday morning destroying buildings and damaging the venue where I was going to speak and stay. Now I'm just hoping my friends are all ok. I guess it's a waiting game until the phones are up again.

I was also looking forward to catching up with Allan again but I guess we'll have to use Skype for now.

Best wishes to all our NZ readers, I hope you and your families are all safe and sound.

Till next week,

Brad Hauck

3) Thought for Today - Rules

"Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men."
 - Douglas Bader (British World War II Ace)

4) Cool Site - SwiftCD

SwiftCD create custom CDs and DVDs one at a time and ship them world-wide directly to your customers. It works well and can be integrated with e-junkie to take the order and ship without you having to do anything.


February 23, 2011

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