Cheap targeted traffic

Associate Programs Newsletter #197

Today I recommend a new way of getting good, cheap traffic.

It's not pop-ups or exit traffic. It's better than that.


1. New source of good traffic - only 5 cents per visitor
2. Calculating how much you can afford to pay per click
3. LookSmart Site Promote proves too costly
4. Scientology conquers search term on Google
5. How to use PayPal to track affiliate sales
6. ValueClick takes over Be Free, and other news
7. It's a weird world
8. Popular articles you may have missed
9. Thought for today: Worrying


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1. New source of good traffic - only 5 cents per visitor

Here's a brand new source of good, reliable, cheap web traffic - for the incredibly low price of only 5 cents per visitor.

This isn't pop-up, pop-under or any sort of exit traffic or incentivized traffic.

This is the real McCoy - visitors click on a description of your site to arrive at your site.

You're allowed to examine the site which sends you the traffic to see that everything is OK.

Search engine expert Sumantra Roy launched this Pay Per Click Package a few days ago and he's already being rushed with orders.

He builds a web site - which he owns - for each customer and sells the traffic for a flat rate of 5 cents per click.

Compare that with some of the bids on Overture!

The minimum size order is $500 for 10,000 visitors.

"You can keep renewing the service indefinitely by paying us $500 for each additional block of 10,000 unique visitors," Sumantra says.

Because of the rush of orders he's received, at present direct affiliate links or even mini sites trying to promote one affiliate program won't be accepted for the Pay Per Click Package.

"We are only accepting sites which are proper web sites in their own right," he says.

There's no set-up fee.

I've been recommending Sumantra's services for quite a while without any complaints or any problems.

He has a good reputable business, but how on earth can he can sell targeted traffic as cheap as 5 cents per click?

It sounds too darn good to be true. So I asked Sumantra some tough questions.

If you can't wait to get started, you can skip the interview (it's long) and order a Pay Per Click Package here...
(Scroll down the page looking for "Pay Per Click Package".)

...or read the interview for all the details...

(NOTE: When I interviewed Sumantra a few days ago, the minimum size order was $150. Because he's been rushed with orders, he has now made the minimum size order $500. The price is still only 5 cents per visitor.)

Sumantra says my questions raised some important points.

"In fact, I must admit that some of your questions made me think of the different problems that could arise with the Pay Per Click Package (which I hadn't thought of earlier), and I will shortly update our FAQ and Terms and Conditions to reflect those issues."

Here are my questions and Sumantra's answers:

Q: I believe this will be HUGELY popular if you deliver what you promise to deliver. If it is, do you have scalability? If you receive hundreds or thousands of orders, pushed along by your two-tier affiliate program, will you be able to build all those web sites? You might have excellent intentions, but will you be able to cope?

A: You are absolutely right - if we receive thousands of orders in one go, we will not be able to cope because of the labor- intensive nature of the business. What we will essentially do in such cases is to increase the initial price of the Pay Per Click to a level at which we can cope. For instance, we may increase the initial deposit requirement to $500 for 10,000 visitors or $750 for 15,000 visitors. That should ensure that the orders are in line with what we can cope with.

In fact, after I sent out a special mailing to the subscribers of the Search Engine Masters Course, we are continuing to receive a steady stream of orders every day...

I wanted to make the package as attractive as possible and hence decided to price it at $150. In hindsight, I may have made it a bit too attractive :-)

Q: What do you say to people who ask how long it will take you to send them 3,000 visitors for $150?

A: We tell them that it is very difficult to predict exactly how long it will take to use up the $150. We tell them that it can vary between 1 month to more than 6 months, or even a year perhaps, depending on how popular their keywords are. For instance, for , I would expect that $150 will last you for at least 6 months or so simply because terms like "pay per click search engines" are just not that popular. For , $150 will last you for a lot less because terms like affiliate programs are far more popular.

Q: What guarantee do we have that we'll see the traffic? If you're utterly swamped with orders, couldn't we end up waiting years for the traffic?

A: As I mentioned, we will update the price of the package to ensure that an order backlog doesn't appear. And although our web site doesn't mention this right now (we will be updating it soon), we will have a money-back guarantee which states that at any point of time, you can ask for a refund, and we will refund your money less the value of the traffic that we have already sent to the site.

Q: Will you build a separate web site (not just a page) with its own domain for every URL? If I put in 10 orders, will you buy 10 domain names?

A: Yes, that's correct.

Q: I just want to make sure I understand this - you're actually building individual web sites with links on them which people have to click?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you using pop-ups or pop-unders?

A: No, never.

Q: The price you're asking - a flat 5 cents per click - is extremely competitive, especially considering you're buying a domain name and paying commissions. How long will the price stay at 5 cents per click?

A: Our web site doesn't reflect this right now (again, I will be updating the site soon), but our policy is this: when a customer orders the Pay Per Click Package, he is guaranteed to get the same flat rate of 5 cents per visitor for at least 1 year from the time that he orders. We reserve the right to raise that rate after 1 year. If we decide to increase the rate, the new rate will not be applicable to any deposit the customer has already made to us - it will only be applicable to the deposit(s) the customer makes after the announcement of the rate increase.

Of course, the price of 5 cents may increase at any time for customers who haven't already ordered the Package.

In the most likely case, although we cannot specifically stipulate it, we won't set a price beyond Overture's minimum bid requirement, because the Pay Per Click Package has specifically been targeted to people who are currently using Overture.

Also, I can quite understand from personal experience that customers become used to a particular price, and any rate increase will create a lot of ill-will - witness what happened in most of the major discussion groups when Overture changed its minimum bid requirement from 1 cent to 5 cents. A company like Overture can shrug that off - a small company like ours can't. Hence, I will definitely have to think a million times before I ask existing customers to start paying more than 5 cents.

Q: If someone wanted to promote sites about web hosting or online casinos, for example, could you REALLY provide traffic at 5 cents per click? (On Overture, the prices are more than $6 per click for "web hosting" and more than $13 for "online casinos". Those are extremely competitive fields. How can you possibly sell traffic at 5 cents per click?

A: Sure, we can do that. In the past, we have got clients a top 10 ranking in Google and AltaVista for a highly competitive keyword like "debt consolidation".

Q: Will I - or other customers - be able to have a look at the site you create to send traffic to me? (I'd like to see what sort of image the page projects, and check that you're sending carefully targeted traffic.)

A: Yes, definitely.

Q: I'd like to promote this by sending people to a page on your site which explains your Pay Per Click Package. Can you give me a referral URL for that?

A: That's a very good idea... We don't yet have a page ready for that - we are working on it. I should be able to give you the URL within 2 weeks or so.


Sumantra has answered all my concerns.

I think this is a fantastic bargain.

I've jumped in and ordered Pay Per Click Packages to promote my web sites.

Order a Pay Per Click Package here:
(Scroll down the page until you see "Pay Per Click Package".)

(You can also join the affiliate program and earn a 10% commission on the first order and 20% on follow-up orders - that's powerful residual income. Grab this chance. This is going to be hugely popular.)

[UPDATE: It WAS hugely popular, and that was one of its problems, as described in Newsletter #212]

2. Calculating how much you can afford to pay per click

Can you afford to pay 5 cents per visitor?

Here's a simple way to work it out.

The value of a visitor to you is your net monthly profit divided by the number of unique visitors a month.

For example, if your average gross monthly revenue is $10,000 and your expenses total $7,000 your net profit is $3,000.

Suppose you're attracting 30,000 unique visitors a month,

$3,000 divided by 30,000 = $0.10 per visitor.

(My computer has a calculator under: Start/Programs/Accessories/Calculator.)

To allow for a comfortable margin for error - and to pay for your time - pay half that, or 5 cents per visitor.

Not all traffic is the same. Try a cautious test and see if you can turn those new visitors into buyers.

Order a Pay Per Click Package here:

[UPDATE: I recommend you DON'T order this package. Unfortunately, Sumantra couldn't deliver. See Newsletter #212 for details.]


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3. LookSmart Site Promote proves too costly

I've deactivated the LookSmart Site Promote order which I placed for one of my sites,

It was costing $29.95 a month. As far as I can tell from my stats, in three months I received 116 visitors from LookSmart. That's too expensive.

Deactivating the Site Promote order still leaves the site listed in LookSmart.

4. Scientology conquers search term on Google

Here's a fascinating article describing how the Church of Scientology has built a network of sites to conquer the search term "Scientology" on Google.

It also points out flaws in this technique.

5. How to use PayPal to track affiliate sales

"It is quite simple to use PayPal to track affiliate sales. I use it with my own affiliates," says G. Adam Stanislav.

In a post on the Associate Programs Message Board, Adam writes:

The PayPal form contains a variable named item_number. It is there that I insert the affiliate's ID followed by the item number. When PayPal's server contacts mine to inform it about the transaction, it returns the contents of item_number exactly as it received. All my software has to do is extract the affiliate ID from that field and store it in my database.

Very simple, very efficient, very reliable.

G. Adam Stanislav

In reply to a question, Adam gives a fuller explanation on the message board.

6. ValueClick takes over Be Free, and other news

Be Free is being taken over by ValueClick. From what I've seen of takeovers, the first step is usually to seek "increased efficiency" by cutting costs. Here's the news release: [This link is obsolete]

What's best for an affiliate merchant: signing on with an affiliate solution provider, or running an in-house affiliate program? Shawn Collins reports on his decision.

An operation that used deceptive spam messages and appeals to patriotism to sell Web addresses that don't work, including ".USA," has been shut down by a U.S. District Court.

Flashback: My warning, November 15, 2001:
Beware of the small print with .USA domain names


7. It's a weird world

Sunni Freyer writes:

This may horrify.

My only child, a son, 12, was home - too sick to go to school, too well to stay in bed, just right for sitting in front of his computer all day. I spent the day in my home office. I had lost track of time, when mid-afternoon, he came downstairs, sad- faced. "Why haven't you IM'd me all day, Mom?" he asked.

Sunni Freyer


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8. Popular articles you may have missed

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9. Thought for today: Worrying

"Worry is like a rocking chair. It uses up all your energy, but where does it get you?" - Bob Gass.


All the best

Allan Gardyne

March 22, 2002

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