Building web pages has never been simpler

[Quick Tip: If you like, you can skip over this building-pages section for now. Come back to it when you have Site Build It! in front of you and it will make a lot more sense.]

Site Build It! is designed for people who have no knowledge of HTML. All you have to do is paste in your spell-checked plain text articles and Site Build It! will do the rest.

For those of you who know about HTML and want to have more complex pages, Site Build It! fully caters for you as well. It can interpret any HTML and build that into the page. You can upload images and build tables.

I did have some problems when using my own HTML on the index or home page. Site Build It! simply wouldn't display it properly. However, I never had a single incident on any of my other pages when I used my own HTML. It is best to keep your index page as simple as possible. The recently introduced navigation bar feature means that you don't need to include HTML of your own on the index page.

Read on to find out how you can build a web page in Site Build It! and have it online and submitted to the search engines within minutes.

Step-by-step guide to building pages with Site Build It!

Here's a quick guide to getting a page online and submitted to the search engines in five minutes, even if you don't even know what HTML is.

case study keywords

Here is the main page of Site Build It! When you first start you should choose between building your home page or building a new page to add to your site.

Your home page (for search engine optimization reasons) is just a simplified version of your article pages. I'll just show you how building an article page works. It may look a little complicated, but trust me you can't go wrong. The Site Build It! Action Guide takes you through this process step by step and there is heaps of online help to guide you.

To build a new page simply hit the "Add a Page" button. You are taken to this page where you can paste in your text and lay out your new page.

Site Build It! case study keywords

This is what you're confronted with when you want to build a new page. Every step is very clearly explained online. There is also context sensitive help which you can access by clicking on one of the little question marks (circled).

It is good to have your article and keywords researched so that you simply fill in the boxes. You'll have to give the new page a file name and title that contain the most profitable keywords that relate to the article. The title and description should also contain the keywords you researched as well as making the page look attractive to anyone who reads them from a search engine. You see some search engines such as Alta Vista will show the description in the results and if your page has a good description then you will get the click.

Site Build It! case study keywords

Building web pages has never been simpler. You simply insert a "headline" block and type in your heading. Then you insert a "text" block and paste in your article. Any HTML pasted into the blocks will be interpreted correctly and put on the page. It is a very flexible and fast method which builds a page on the server (and online immediately) so that there is no uploading step.

There are a few other blocks that make it easy for beginners, such as image blocks and text link blocks. Site Build It! comes with a super detailed manual that will take you through these features step by step.

At the bottom of this "Add a Page" interface you can continually preview the page as you go so that you can experiment. Because Site Build It! takes care of HTML formatting for you, using Site Build It! is one of the best ways to learn HTML. As you start to understand the concepts of HTML you can include it in your pages, preview them and experiment online without any hassles.

case study keywords

These buttons on the bottom of the page are self explanatory. "Analyze It" is used when the page is nearly complete. This button checks your page making sure you've put the important keywords in the right places and achieved the correct keyword density correct in the main body of the article. "Built It" builds the page putting it online and submitting it to all the major search engines. "Priority Build It" does the same thing but puts this page at the top of the list of pages to be submitted to the search engines.

I'd already written the first five articles in a plain text editor (such as Notepad or TextPad) so I had enough material to build my home page and a few content pages. It takes only a few minutes to get the hang of the Site Build It! interface.

One very important tip is to remember to use the "Analyze It" tool on all your pages.

The "Analyze It" tool is the fastest way to learn how to optimize a page for the search engines. Once you've used the tool a few times you'll know search engine optimization inside out and be capable of optimizing pages without Site Build It!, even on other sites!

As you can see, building a web site with Site Build It! is ridiculously easy. All the things Site Build It! takes care of let you focus on great content to make your site sell. Trust me, writing good content is a big enough job without all the added hassles of worrying about technical issues on the Internet.

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December 12, 2002

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