Brandable ebooks

Brandable ebooks are a valuable tool to increase traffic and revenue. Anyone interested in Internet marketing or creating a profitable affiliate business knows about ebooks, right?

Thousands of them are available, and if you give them away, they can be a useful way to direct free, targeted traffic to your site.

Brandable ebooks have to be one of the best methods of viral marketing available. You write the book, include the links you want, and let your web site visitors give it away for you!

It's a win-win-win situation. For you as the author, for the person giving the book away, and for the reader.

If you want people to promote your free ebook, you must provide them with a powerful incentive.

Here it is...

In the ebook you include affiliate links to products or services you recommend. You allow your readers to change some or most of those links to THEIR affiliate links.

If those links are to two-tier affiliate programs, you'll earn second-tier commissions when other affiliates recommend your book.

In some brandable ebooks, readers benefit by being able to rebrand the book with their name and web site details, effectively making it look like THEIR book.

The reader benefits by gaining access to your knowledge and ideas, usually with just a mouse-click.

Tips on creating brandable ebooks

Creating and writing a brandable ebook takes time, so you want it to be a profitable exercise.

It has to be not only a good read, it must contain helpful, practical information so that your readers will be eager to recommend it.

One way to do it is to contact experts and persuade them to contribute one article each. This method has the advantage that your contributors can then promote the book for you, giving it away as a bonus for subscribing to their newsletters or as a bonus when someone buys one of their products.

Be tough. If you get other people to contribute articles, examine what they write critically. You don't want self-serving articles in your ebook. You'll probably need to edit their contributions. If what they write isn't adequate, don't be shy. Go back to them and ask some tough questions to encourage them to provide useful content.

One advantage of writing all the book yourself is that it's easier to retain control over the quality of the content.

You don't have to be a Hemingway or Woolf. Have a look at some examples of brandable ebooks currently available on the web. They vary widely in style, substance and length.

A short report will do

You don't have to write a whole ebook. Just a short report will do. The usefulness of the content is much more important than the length.

Make it easy. Don't expect affiliates to change 10 or 12 affiliate links in an ebook. If they have only ONE link, you'll have a better chance that they'll do do what you want them to do.

Here are a few examples of free brandable ebooks.

If you want good tips on writing attention-grabbing text, I recommend Ken Evoy's Make Your Words Sell

[UPDATE: Make Your Words Sell! (MYWS!), which used to be sold for $29.95, is now FREE.]

Once you've picked your topic, you need to set up your affiliate links. Or you could choose to do it the other way around. Decide on the best affiliate links, then write your ebook.

Affiliate links with two-tier programs or lifetime commissions are obviously your best bet. You do the work once, and get paid over and over again.

You can check out for more information on dozens of programs that pay residual commissions.

Finally, your brandable ebook has to be created in a format that enables YOU to decide which links can be altered. My preference is PDF (Portable Document Format). It's stylish, professional, user-friendly, and suitable for both PCs and Macs.

Adobe Acrobat lets you quickly and easily convert any Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, or other electronic document to a reliable PDF file. It's expensive.

One popular program used to create rebrandable ebooks is Activ E-Book Compiler, which creates .exe files, and includes branding software in the download package. You can get a free trial download.

However, PDF files are more universally accepted than .exe files.

For that reason, I recommend you get Michael Wagner's viralPDF software and use it to rebrand PDF files. Michael also provides useful tips, including links to free software you can use to create PDF files.

UPDATED: October 10, 2011
September 12, 2003

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Thanks Allan, you make it sound so easy (which I'm sure it is, now that I know). Great information, glad I found your site!
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Wow! Wish I had known this much sooner. Will definitely apply to my reports and ebooks in the future. Thanks much
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What a cool advice! thanks for this Allan!

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