Best Affiliate Programs

No vague theory, no complex rating system - this our list of our current top affiliate programs which are earning the most money for [UPDATED 2013].

These are the best affiliate programs for us. They have superb products, pay very good commissions and provide reliable online reporting of affiliates' sales. They work well and are well supported.

If you have a site aimed at website owners, or a section of your site aimed at them, these affiliate products should sell well for you, too.

(Our sales are helped by the free Associate Programs Newsletter, which examines affiliate marketing and reviews the best and worst affiliate programs. It has more than 35,000 subscribers.)

#1 Affiliate Program: SBI

Ken Evoy's SBI is right up at Number 1, where it belongs.

I've earned regular four-figure monthly commissions (and even earned five-figure commissions) from Ken's affiliate program.

Ken is a truly amazing, multi-talented individual. Among his achievements, he has taught medicine, designed toys and games which earn millions of dollars in royalties, and invented a "virtually impossible to sell" niche software product - which he sold on the Net, earning $1,000 to $5,000 a day.

sbi120x120.gifSiteSell's fast-selling SBI has been my top money-earner nearly every month for 10 years.

It makes it easy for you to create your own website simply and easily, even if you have no technical knowledge at all. It analyzes which themes will be profitable.

Even better, it helps you optimize the pages for the main search engines and teaches you how to promote your site effectively. This remarkable tool also generates your Google and Yahoo! Sitemaps and automatically submits them when necessary so you don't have to!

SBI (formerly known as Site Build It) doesn't just teach you search engine optimization. It teaches you Internet marketing.

Most important of all, it teaches you how to be successful. No wonder SBI has tens of thousands of happy users.

Ken was the first to introduce the concept of PREselling to affiliates. This is the process of building relationships with your visitors and putting them into a warm, willing-to-buy mood so they are much more likely to make purchases based on your recommendations.

Ken Evoy explains how SBI changes lives

The SBI Action Guide and videos show you how to master this technique to drive your affiliate conversions through the roof. You won't just be building a website, you'll be building a long-term web business.

There's an incredible private SBI forum where SBI owners and users share tips and help each other. There's nothing else like it on the Internet.

I use SBI for several websites and highly recommend it.

SBI sites succeed. 61% of SBIers end up in the Top 3%. And only SBI! sites prove success. You'd think that others would if they could, wouldn't you?

See the proof.

As well as offering fantastic value for money, SiteSell President Ken Evoy works extremely hard to help his affiliates earn money. I've spent many hours chatting with him and learning about his products and plans. You can trust him to OVER-deliver on his promises.

The SiteSell program offers:

  • Outstanding value for money. You can feel comfortable promoting excellent products.

  • Lifetime commissions. You don't just earn a commission on the first sale. You earn a commission on every purchase by that customer - for life. Think about that. You sell once, earn indefinitely!

  • Two-tier commission structure. You earn revenue on the sales made by the people you refer to Ken.

  • Limited number of affiliates. Your efforts are protected.

  • A fair contract, which has non-terminatable/non-modifiable features. Ken looks after YOUR interests.

  • The BEST manual for affiliates - 224 pages packed with useful ideas - totally FREE. You receive excellent advice to get you started earning money.

  • A site that SELLS!
    Ken's site makes the sale for you.

All these features ensure this program is a long-term winner.

SiteSell's lifetime commissions are for active salespeople only. You stop receiving lifetime commissions if you stop generating new sales. This program may not suit you, but it has worked remarkably well for me for a decade.

Ken writes affiliate support newsletters which consistently offer the most detailed, helpful, step-by-step advice for affiliates I've seen.

Click here to see a sample of the single best affiliate-support e-zine on the Net.

Join the SiteSell 5 Pillar Affiliate Program here

#2: Niche Profit Classroom

I like promoting Niche Profit Classoom, for three reasons...

adamshortpic.jpgNPC provides a superb business-building education from a real been-there, done-that affiliate, Adam Short (right), who owns more than 300 profitable niche websites.

  • It has a superb sales pitch - profitable websites FAST. That has huge appeal.

  • Not only that, but you get full access - you get to try everything - for one dollar.

  • With a sales pitch as strong as that, it's not surprising that Niche Profit Classroom has been high on my list of earners for years.

NPC provides step-by-step video training that shows you how to create money-making websites. You get to use NPC's software tools for market research, keyword research and to build your websites.

They make it as easy as possible for you. You can use NPC's own Niche Profit Press website builder to build your website fast.

"Believe it or not, it's actually possible to have a website up and making money not in months ... but in mere days," says Adam.

You get to watch over his shoulder as he builds a website, attracts traffic, and makes sales, all in DAYS.

As you delve into NPC, you discover that there are HUNDREDS of videos to help you as you gradually expand your knowledge of various aspects of building and promoting websites and making sales.

As a tempting bonus, each month you receive two ready-made businesses, niche packages with the research done for you. You can customize them, and plug them into the Niche Profit Press website builder to have websites built in minutes.

You also get hand-holding coaching where any questions are answered and free website reviews.

Another good thing about NPC is the weekly webinars. You can rest assured Adam HAS to stay on top of his game as he answers any questions tossed at him in those webinars.

Adam is so confident you'll love NPC that he's prepared to give you full, unrestricted access for just $1.

You can read Reena's long review of NPC here, or simply dive in now and try NPC for A mere $1. Where else can you learn so much for a dollar? Of course, once you're in and see the value, you won't want to leave.

#3: NEW
A Gem Among The Dross - Social Media Marketing

Here's a new course I'm really enjoying promoting because it's so GOOD. It's the best course I've seen on promoting your blog or website using social media. Author Lynn Terry has been working online for 16 years. She's the real deal when it comes to promoting a site using social media - efficiently.

When it comes to using social media effectively, there are all sorts of subtle little things that are vitally important - things that aren't obvious when you try to figure out how a successful marketer is doing it.

Lynn shows you - with screenshots - exactly how to do it in as little as 15 to 30 minutes a day.

No sneaky stuff. No hype. Just good, solid, reliable tips and instructions, based on her own very successful experience.

Get it here: Social Media Marketing.

Lynn pays 50% commissions, paid instantly (that's nice!) through JVZoo.


# 4: Ready made niche content packages

If you're building a string of websites, writing a blog or distributing articles to article libraries, you need a lot of articles. It's time-consuming and tedious trying to research and write all those articles yourself.

You can hire writers at places such as elance and RentaCoder, but if you've tried that, you'll know it can be done but it's not as easy as it sounds. So you need a workable shortcut.

Stefan Everaet has come up with a good shortcut for you. He's creating ready made niche content packages. He makes at least three new packages available each month.

Niches covered include financial, gardening, pets, health, sports, travel and a whole lot more. Stefan even encourages you to let him know which topics you prefer and he'll do his best to provide content on those niches.

Each package includes about well written articles and beautiful graphics. I'm a subscriber, so I've had a good look at the quality of the content. I was pleasantly surprised how well written the articles are.

You'll want to tweak and optimize the articles to help search engines find them. This is a good thing. It means your articles will be unique. You can also add your own tone and personality.

UPDATE: Stefan's service is now hugely improved. You can choose between several monthly subscription levels. For example, if you're interested only in travel, you can use your credits to get only on travel-related content.

Check it out here but DON'T buy it through this link:

I've arranged a special discount price and a valuable special bonus.

Use this special bonus/discount link

...And a few other favorites

Super Affiliate Handbook

cover-sah-179.jpgWhat does it take to be a super affiliate?

You'll find the answer to that question and hundreds more in Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 In One Year Selling Other People's Stuff.

Rosalind's success as a genuine super affiliate and the success of her Handbook is all in the details. She writes in a clear and concise style and presents the facts in a down-to-earth, no-hype manner that enables an absolute beginner or a seasoned veteran of affiliate marketing to learn what it takes to become a super affiliate.

She knows her stuff because she's been there herself.

This is a very comprehensive manual, covering a LOT of detail. It is regularly updated. She teaches you a multitude of marketing methods including PPC, email and list building. She also makes good use of blogs. The Super Affiliate Handbook is as much about what NOT to do as it is about what to become a super super affiliate.

Her focus is on choosing affiliate programs carefully, building simple but professional sites, writing compelling text and earning trust.

Rosalind makes it very clear that you have to get the details right first time, every time - that's how she generates more than $1,000 a day in affiliate income.

She describes her systems and how she manages to achieve conversion rates of between 2.5% and 6% (and higher!), when the average affiliate often considers 1% a successful conversion rate acceptable.

Whether you are just starting out in Internet marketing or have been around for a while but are still trying to find the magic formula that is going to drive more traffic and more sales conversions, don't do another thing until you've read the Super Affiliate Handbook.

If you wanted just one book on affiliate marketing, it would be very hard to find a better choice than Rosalind's book. I strongly recommend it.

The King of Step by Step Internet Marketing

Marlon Sanders is a zany, highly innovative marketer with a crazy sense of humor. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, grab it.

Marlon's affiliate program has been very successful for many affiliates, including me.

You may know about Marlon's classic Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy - it's the only Internet marketing manual which has more than 100 pages of testimonials.

If you want to sell lots of products, this the book you must get.

Marlon knows exactly which buttons to push to make people buy. He really DOES know how to make products fast and sell them like crazy.

In recent years he has launched a bunch of new products and new tools which make things easy for affiliates and other Internet marketers, including highly innovative stuff I haven't seen anywhere else.

An excellent example is his Traffic Dashboard which is beautifully simple to use. It has rows of icons you can select to learn how to get traffic, broken down into simple, easy to conquer steps. Brilliant!

Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate

Chris Rempel's ebook, Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate, is NOT for affiliate beginners. It's aimed at intermediate-level marketers and website owners.

In a cool, logical style, Chris describes how to build a super affiliate business in which all the pieces join together, so that each action you takes applies leverage and multiplies your sales and commissions.

He doesn't tell you how to use AdSense. Do things his way, and you can make far more from affiliate commissions. He doesn't discuss paid advertising. He prefers to attract free traffic from search engines.

Don't "follow your passion", he says. Identify markets that have desperate buyers, people that are ready to buy. He tells you how to identify and target streams of such people, who are desperate for a solution to their problem. They make excellent customers.

He provides a multi-step income plan.

The first section describes how to build a 20-page mini-site that is targeted at visitors who are on the verge of buying. That's how you make the real money, he says.

I like this "lazy" man's style. Instead of doing the hard work of convincing someone to buy something, he says you should simply be standing in front of the right crowd and and saying, "Oh - you're looking for XYZ? Yeah, I would be, too. It's over here..."


Your mini-site does NOT merely contain rewritten PLR articles or any old articles on your chosen topic. Remember, you don't just want to attract visitors - you want to attract BUYERS. So you have to follow a carefully considered, logical structure designed to achieve affiliate sales. He tells you how he does it.

This book is NOT about doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It's about building a BUSINESS in which all the pieces belong.

He takes you through a structured process he's using - all the way from research and testing, from one little 20-page mini-site, to multiple mini-sites, to creating related freeware (no, he's NOT a programmer), to viral software marketing, to creating your own little "feeder" products, to creating a huge Mother Site, to creating more feeder products, so that eventually you capture and dominate your market and you own rock solid assets.

Even if you get only as far as Step 1 and Step 2, this book could change your affiliate marketing forever - especially the sections on identifying and attracting desperate buyers.

"Confessions" is very moderately priced. It's excellent value.

Get Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate-Affiliate here.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Online

The Corey Rudl's home-study Internet marketing course is a proven moneymaker that has spent years on my Top 10 list.

This #1 best-selling course sells for $197 - and you get a generous $65 commission for every sale you refer - plus another $20 commission for every sale that your sub-affiliates refer.

The course, now called "The Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Online", is a breeze to promote because Corey's company gives you real meat to work with. It used to consist of 2 binders and 2 resource CDs containing "Insider's Secrets" - a total of more than 1,000 pages of the exact information you need to start, promote, and grow a highly successful, extremely profitable Internet business. It is now totally online, so that it's easy for the company Corey founded to keep it constantly updated with the latest techniques as the Internet changes.

It was from Corey's company that I learned many of my success secrets.

Tips and techniques I learned from Corey's course and his free newsletter have helped me enormously, playing a major role in turning from a hobby into a rapidly growing, full-time Internet business which now employs people in three countries. (Thanks, Corey!)

And that's why I highly recommend it... both as a tool for learning how to increase your affiliate sales... and as an affiliate product you can promote to earn sizeable commission checks!

Corey died in a car crash in June 2005 but his well managed company has continued to go from strength to strength, producing useful new products under the leadership of Derek Gehl.

Get the home-study course here
Join the two-tier affiliate program here

UPDATED: November 3, 2013
March 4, 2007

Comments (127)

Said this on October 2, 2006 At 04:05 pm
I've kept a regular eye on this page for years... One of the things that strikes me is how certain programs have stood the test of time. I know Allan says these are listed according to how much they earn, but I think it acts as a reminder of the importance of consistently promoting programs you believe in, as much as the worth of any particular program in particular.

Too many affiliates flit from one program to the next, for my liking. Yes, getting in fast can reap dividends, but long term I think it's at least as good to pick programs you are happy with, and stick with them.
Said this on October 14, 2006 At 06:27 pm
Uhm, I'd have to disagree with this top billing. I had a SiteBuildIt site for a year, I followed a lot of the 5 Pillar steps, and I've yet made one penny from the program.
Make no mistake, Ken's material is TOP NOTCH and I highly recommend it for learning and using, but as an affiliate program, no thanks.

[Don, Perhaps if you'd followed ALL of the steps, you would have made a success of the site. Allan.]
Said this on October 20, 2006 At 12:22 pm
I would agree with Don, good learning material but hard to promote.

[I've found that one of the most effective ways to promote SBI is to write case studies describing how an affiliate uses the suite of tools, with specific details. Readers can then picture themselves using SBI. We have a couple of SBI case studies on this site. Allan.]
Said this on September 30, 2011 At 02:15 am

Thanks for Sharing Such a Nice list . But i think there should lists of Pay Per Visit (PPV) Programs. PPV is becoming new leader in market.
From my side I am Sharing Websites Which are Best PPV Programs and I used :

1. Clicksor ( - Earning Per 1000 Visitors : $5.20
2. Shineads ( - Earning Per 1000 Visitors : $8.50
3. Infinity ADS ( - Earning Per 1000 Visitors : $4.75

Said this on November 7, 2006 At 03:39 am
It is hard to promote SBI. I never earn commission from SBI and 5 pillar program. But earned over $500 from internet marketing course (i don't have website). That mean if i have a website i can earn more.

[I'm not surprised. It's hard for a newcomer to make good money with any affiliate program if you don't have your own website. Your own website helps give you credibility, repeat visitors and repeat customers. Getting your own website should be a high priority. Allan.]
Said this on November 9, 2006 At 11:13 am
I like the SBI program and have done well. I have been looking at video on the web delivery systems as the second wave of commission earners. One day I believe every website will be like a little tv channel. I signed up at FLV Hosting as they have some tools that earn some great cash up to $200 a sale. I have done as well with that as SBI in a few short months.
Said this on December 28, 2006 At 10:09 pm
I haven't purchased SBI yet, but after originally looking at it for affiliate revenue, I could easily see how SBI far surpasses anything else out there, so long as SBI delivers. As I watched the video, I thought how I might market SBI using the video as the primary tool. We all know, videomarketing is the current trend and probably will be for quite some time. Actually, if SBI does deliver like they say, my mindset tells me to let the hits fall where they may as I intend on having several income streams flowing through one program.

[SBI certainly does deliver. Read the case studies on the site. One of our case studies is there. Yes, the SBI video is a powerful marketing tool. Allan.]
jane yule
Said this on January 6, 2007 At 05:31 pm
As a former fleet street journalist/writer i am very struck by how unexciting most of the stuff i read is (you being the exception of course Allan!) of course this article subscription service interests me but I am astonished that there are no sample bites to get a flavour of their expertise... a must to sign up i feel.
Said this on January 9, 2007 At 08:26 am
i have signed up with sitesell affiliate program twice now but i dont seem to understand its aim.

[The emails are straightforward. If you can't understand them, perhaps affiliate marketing isn't the right career for you. Allan.]
Said this on January 25, 2007 At 09:52 am
Just signed up. Great site and awesome afiliate program ever seen:). Recommended!
Said this on February 6, 2007 At 11:57 pm
Hello Allan, I purchased an SBI! site back in '04 and I jumped right into it, not reading the highly suggested Action Guide first. It ended a year later with my site not earning me a penny and that tore me apart financially.
Over the following year, I scrimped & saved every available penny and I've been spending many hours of many days just reading the public version of the Action Guide and I'm almost ready to try it again. Although, with everything I've been reading & learning, I am very confident that my earnings will at least be a lot better than they were the first time. I just don't understand how or why everyone can't see that the amount of service & features you get for the low price of SBI! would be well worth it X100 fold.

[Oh dear. I've heard several similar stories of people who have rushed in and done things their way with SBI without reading the instructions. Yes, you do receive a LOT for your investment, but any tool is useful only if you find out how to use it. Allan.]
Said this on February 11, 2007 At 12:35 pm
I promoted SBI heavily through PPC and I spent quite a bit of money on the promotion. I read and followed the Pillar program and everything that was available to read on SBI. Although it sounded like a good venture and my CTR promoting it was good, but hard to promote. I haven't made one penny from it. And as Ken suggested I put so much money into it and then waited for a while if it did not convert, he suggested this may take time to convert but after $50.00 with no conversion he suggested giving it some time, so I did and it never converted. I then tried it for another $50.00 and it still never did convert. it's now 3 months since I started these campaigns and not one conversion. That's after following all the guides and Ken himself. So as far as I am concerned it's a DEAD promotion that cost me over $100.00 to trial. But I did send Ken a lot of traffic. Your Welcome :)

[The problem with ads is that the visitor arrives in a suspicious frame of mind. With a high-priced product, it's not easy to overcome that suspicion. One way would be to offer the buyer a special bonus - your special report on SBI tips, or extra tutorials or something. I've found that the most effective way to promote SBI is to write a case study describing in specific detail how we have used SBI to build successful, revenue-generating websites. You can find two of those case studies on Although they were written by a trainee affiliate, they are very effective because they're obviously genuine and the reader can tell that the author is describing first-hand experience. Allan.]
Said this on February 17, 2007 At 12:22 am
I bought SBI, but renewing it wont be my choice.
A few reasons..

1) I spent 2-3 months just reading the SBI forum every day, did my reasearch and then found what I thought was a profitable niche. It wasnt, although competition was so small.

2) I wanted to change domains and concept, but I would then be charged a further $50. I had already registered my domain..

3) So, I looked elsewhere and consider the money burnt. Its really ALOT for me...:( I have since had my "education outside". It opened my eyes to alot of things.

However, I know and believe the Affiliate Program to be good, as Ken really seems eager to help his affiliates. But, in my two cents, Site Build It needs to evolve ALOT more to keep up with all the other very low cost/SE friendly money making ways/systems out there. Else, its really not easy to promote for $300.

[Gareth, If you failed to make it work, you'll probably fail in promoting it. It would make more sense for you to promote something you're enthusiastic about. Those who use it successfully see the value in a suite of tools which costs less than $1 a day - and they can write first-hand success stories. Allan.]
Said this on February 27, 2007 At 01:18 am
I just had to put my two cents in here! I've had my SBI since April 2006! I'm very satisfied with the package, price (enough to subscribe again!), and the ease with which one can build the website. I've got somewhere around 300 pages and I'm looking to post at least another 700-800 pages. I just keep on trucking along. I haven't made one penny yet, that's right, not one! At this point, I don't care! I'm having a blast! I'm getting an average of 40 visitors a day right now (and that's a rush), but I want more. How? Build a site big enough and you'll catch more flies. I still have my part time job right now, but my site is improving and growing every day while I've been challenged to step up to the plate and create something. Everything that Ken E. has written about has absolutely come true so far for me. I'm not there yet as far as making some coin, but I smell it... it's on it's way! I'm not giving up; I'll win come hell or high water.

[Rex, If you've created 300 pages, are getting visitors but haven't made any money yet, I think it's well past time to carefully re-read the SBI instructions. Something's dreadfully wrong if you're getting 1200 visitors a month but aren't generating revenue from them. You should be looking at ways to achieve sales and also attract more visitors by getting good links to your site. At the very least, perhaps you need to add AdSense to your site. Allan.]
Mark Davis
Said this on March 3, 2007 At 01:49 pm
This is great. I got more info from the Affiliate Master Course than anything I bought. This is the best info on the web and it's all free! Now I can get started and with hard work I know that I have a better chance of succeding. thank you Allan.
Said this on March 3, 2007 At 06:04 pm
Hay Rex
I have more then one site that gets about the same traffic as yours or less and I am making 300 to 600 per month from them each and some only through adsense. Get adsense on your sites and a few aff programs ASAP buddy you're losing money
Said this on March 7, 2007 At 04:39 pm
I have had SBI for 9 months and found their 5 Pillar affiliate program fantastic. It works best if you own SBI and follow the process - I've built one site to promote my husband's books and lecturing career (it's a very tight niche - Yiddish - so the money has been coming in but not in a tidal wave - but it's still growing!), helped one friend build another about filmmaking and screenwriting (he gets over 300 hits a day after just three months) and am helping another friend with her site about a social justice issue. I've made two sales (to my friends) which came simply from my enthusiasm about the amazing hosting and customer service at Site Sell. I'm planning my own second site which will make a point of showcasing Site Sell directly. I can't say enough about both the webhosting and the affiliate program. Ken rules.

[Sounds as though you've chosen your niches well - ones that aren't too competitive. That's always a good start. Allan.]
Simply Shonika
Said this on March 13, 2007 At 10:10 am
Ken Evoy's Program is without a doubt one of the best you can find on the web as both an affiliate program for the level of support and as a DIY program as well. The reality is that most people work way too hard at it. Marketing (whether online or offline) is based on a 'formula' more or less. And the starting point of that formula is clearly defining your niche and niche market, which most people fail to do. Finding your niche is easier if you do 2 things: One -- think of a great idea that SOLVES A SPECIFIC PROBLEM and Two -- identify and market ONLY to the specific customer for whom that solution was created. Profile that customer down to age, race, gender, salary, interests, color of shoes etc. Once you are able to market that specific solution to that specific customer over and over again, you CANNOT and WILL NOT fail at marketing. The other problem is that people try to do everything themselves. Everybody is not good at writing sales copy and content and need to come to terms with that. For the hundreds of dollars that people waste trying to figure it out, they could have probably outsourced the work to a freelance professional for a fraction of the cost and made their money back very quickly. For anyone considering buying the program, IT WORKS! Realize that like most things in life, sometimes it's so simple that it seems complex. Don't think too hard about it. Everything you need to know to be successful with the program is there and clearly spelled out.
To Your Success,

[I'm not sure about "race" and "color of shoes", but apart from that I reckon your advice on marketing to a specific customer is spot on. Allan.]
Said this on March 27, 2007 At 01:30 am
I am confused about the comments and trying to sort out what's being discussed or talked about. It seems like there at least 3 things going on.

1. The value, quality, benefit of an SBI web site itself apart from how it is used and how that compares or ranks with other commercial web site providers or hosts.

2. The use of the SBI web site or any commercial web site, and how effective or successful it is in terms of generating income or having a successful business. How well does SBI help with that and how does it compare and rank with others who do the same thing?

3. Then there is the selling, promoting of SBI as an affiliate program and having others use it.

So what's the verdict on 1 and 2 so far? Can SBI do 1, 2 or both better or just as good as anyone else?
Thanks, Randy

[The discussion is getting a bit messy, isn't it? I think these questions are far too complex to be discussed adequately in brief comments at the end of an article. A more appropriate place would be the Site Build It section on our affiliate forum. Allan.]
Said this on April 5, 2007 At 09:50 am
how about GDI and UWA can you comment about it?

[The best place to discuss individual programs is on our affiliate forum. Allan.]
The truth
Said this on April 9, 2007 At 05:23 am
The truth about this whole thing is the guy on this site has posted all of the comments on this site, there not made by real people, what a fraud.

[What on earth makes you believe such nonsense? Allan.]
Said this on April 11, 2007 At 08:11 pm
Well I know that I am not Allan and I think every other person who posted knows they aren't either. Hmm what a strange thing to say!

I love sbi. I'm less than a year in, have made about 1000$ with 25 to 40 visitors per day and only 30 pages. I've got lots more to build so it's only going to get better!
Said this on April 16, 2007 At 10:46 pm
I wanted to thank Allan, (no, I'm not Allan, I'm Rex, a real website owner- note to guy above) and the other gent who said get some adsense on my site. I just did that this weekend! I've been so busy creating pages that I just haven't been moving in the direction I need to - making money. I'm now cruising this site for affiliates that look decent ... so I'm on my way! Thanks guys and thanks for the great information Allan!
P.S. Since I last posted, my traffic has grown to 100 unique visitors a day now! I'm pumped!

[That's good. Now set a new goal of 200 visitors a day. You're looking for affiliates that look decent? I'm an affiliate and I look reasonably decent. Actually, you're looking for affiliate programs or affiliate products, not affiliates. Allan.]
Said this on April 24, 2007 At 03:41 am
Well, I just bought SBI this past week and I'm putting it to the test. I'll update from time to time on this site and others on my progress. So far, I have to say that the video action guide is amazingly impressive. By far the most thorough information of any program I've seen out there yet. I'm working my way toward figuring out my niche and will let you know what happens when I get through my ten "days" :)
Said this on May 2, 2007 At 09:40 pm
Hi Allan,
I've heard that SFI (Strong Future International) is a good affiliate/network marketing program to get started with. [Section deleted.]

[We don't discuss multi-level marketing programs on That's not our niche. Allan.]
Said this on May 4, 2007 At 06:05 pm
May I ask what you think about Stone Evan's plug-in profit site? I hear so many good things about it!

[Multi-level marketing is not our niche. Allan.]
Said this on May 29, 2007 At 01:27 am
I had a site with SBI and truely believe they are sincere and are a fantastic company to build a website with. However my site was getting 108 visits a day and I made nothing out of it apart from an average of .50c per day on adsense. I offered some very good products, but not one sale in 3 years. Mmmm Maybe I was being ripped off by an unknown outside influence and perhaps 'cloaking' would have cured that. I've learnt about this too late as the site is about to lapse. I did manage to sell 2 affiliate programs of Ken's for which I was duly paid. I would recommend SBI to anyone, but what was I doing wrong? I believed I was pre selling well, but it all came to zilch.
ps I have another site with SBI but it was set up purely for a very local (work based) niche market for which it is producing some results.

[Warren, There could be all sorts of things you're doing wrong. From AdSense alone, I'd expect you to earn considerably more than $15 from more than 3,000 visitors - even from a mediocre niche. I suggest you ask for a site review on the Site Review section of our affiliate forum. There are lots of friendly, helpful forum members. Allan.]
Said this on June 1, 2007 At 02:18 pm
Hi. I just found this site and the SBI site yesterday. I realize that I haven't done all of my homework, but was wondering if you can help me get past one mental block that I struggling with. Is SBI a solution that helps one create a web site that is on a topic you love and has affiliate advertiser on it or is it to build a web site to talk about SBI and to advertise that? I've read about 75% of the posts here and the start of the Master's Course free download and it sound like the latter. The case studies seem to refer to the former. The SBI site is huge -- information overload. Can some offer or point to a summary of what I'm considering purchasing?

[Hi Tom, Websites created using SBI cover a wide variety of niches, just about every topic you could think of. SBI is a web-based website building system which enables people with very little knowledge to learn how to build a high quality, successful website designed to attract visitors and make sales. It includes brainstorming tools and keyword research tools to help you choose a profitable niche, and includes web hosting. Most SBI users get their revenue by promoting affiliate products and from Google AdSense revenue. A small proportion create their own products such as ebooks and sell them on their SBI sites. Some SBI sites have their own newsletters, which can be published easily using the SBI system. SBI appeals mainly to newcomers, but some very experienced marketers use it too, because it gives them the freedom to concentrate on writing articles without having to worry about techie stuff. There's a incredibly useful private forum where SBI users share ideas and help each other. The whole idea is to provide you with one package so that you don't have to go scurrying all over the Internet looking for and paying for extra bits and pieces. As you can see, I strongly recommend it. Allan.]
Said this on June 3, 2007 At 12:17 am
SBI = Suckers Buy It. Don't be a sucker.

[How odd. "Suckers" buy it, and then they rave about it on the private SBI forum, and renew their subscriptions in their thousands every year? Why do they do that? Because SBI changes lives. Allan.]
Said this on June 3, 2007 At 02:09 pm
I have just bought SBI and regardless of how much income I may generate through my site SBI offers amazing value for money, in terms of hosting, free support, and site building tools.
Said this on June 4, 2007 At 12:59 am
This is not real.

[I suppose I could give you access to my accountant's records, but as I'm not likely to do that, you'll just have to believe what you want to believe. Allan.]
Said this on June 19, 2007 At 04:22 pm
I am looking at SBI in a serious way and by reading all of the comments before mine, it appears obvious to me that you make a very good income on this affiliate alone, (Just because of your very strong and convincing belief in the product). You defend it religiously and convincingly. After I join SBI, Build my site and Succeed, I will return to this page and post an update.
Thanks for your honesty and for your site!

[That's what I love about affiliate marketing. There are thousands of affiliate programs and millions of products you can choose from. So it's not difficult to find a product to promote that you're comfortable with. The best affiliate programs are the ones you strongly believe in. Allan.]
Said this on June 22, 2007 At 06:33 am
Maybe i'm missing something here but why would people pay all that money for a site when you can get a free one off Google or a free blog off Blogger?

[If you're referring to the Site Build It way of doing things, you're not buying a website. You have to use your own brains and motivation to create the content, just as you have to if you use a free Blogger blog. The huge difference is that you're buying a complete package. "All that money" works out at under $25 a month for a complete package which includes top-class web hosting, domain name, etc., etc., and education on how to build a successful business. Alnost anyone can build a blog, but millions of blogs and websites die because of lack of traffic. SBI sites are designed to get traffic. Allan.]
Said this on June 23, 2007 At 07:20 am
Sorry but i'm not convinced. I'm sticking with Blogger and GooglePages. However I will say that your downloadable
Ebook on getting traffic was most informative.

[That's fine. There are many different ways of doing affiliate marketing. When I started, I used free hosting provided my ISP and created my first site in raw HTML. It took me two years of experimenting and learning before I could quit my job. Allan.]
Said this on June 26, 2007 At 12:00 pm
I just had to post this in lieu of all the negative comments about SBI!. I bought it in 2005 and in less than two years my site was earning enough to pay my mortgage from mostly Google Ads alone, and I'm in a pretty competitive niche. SBI! works, but YOU have to work IT. I bought it for the first time in 2003 and failed because I didn't follow the guide. I think a lot of people believe it's some magic tool that will instantly get you rich. No, it's a system of tools, all in one place that helps you become successful if you are willing to work and learn. Some creativity is needed too. Sure, you could go to a cheap host but you don't get the automatic sitemap submissions (a true treasure!), blog, newsletter manager, and the list goes on. And as for the affiliate program, it works just as well and I am not surprised it has remained at the top of Allan's list. The key is to use your own SBI! site as a testimonial/case study and that will help you succeed with the affiliate program. You need credibility to sell SBI!. It certainly worked for me and I have the checks to prove it.
Said this on July 2, 2007 At 01:26 pm
I'm just about to buy the program, but by reading the comments , there are some things that probably I'm missing. What is that to promote SBI to sell it and earn a commision of that?? Also, is there in SBI program package of affiliate program and products to advertice ??....and what would be the estimated time to start earning some "cents" with this program ? Thanks...

[I'm not sure I understand all your questions. It's not necessary to buy anything to be an affiliate. If you go to the company's website and click on "SiteMap" you'll be able to see a list of the company's products which affiliates can promote. Some products which used to be sold are now free. If you have difficulty writing a clear sentence in English, you may never earn a commission. Allan.]
Said this on July 5, 2007 At 10:54 pm
Ahem.. Ok, let me put it this way. You are NOT going to find somebody involved in internet marketing who is more hard-working and delivers more than what he promises than Ken Evoy. The only thing I'm missing is his main product. Site build it! And I've tried almost all of his products. Ken is the man. He truly cares about your success, no matter how you define it. As soon as I have enough money, I'll get my hands on SBI. And I agree. It's really hard to promote SBI, but, and that's a big but, IF you don't own SBI. This way people don't have a big enough REASON to believe you. My passion is basketball and I already have a website ( which I plan to transfer the content to this new SBI website I'm about to build. Thus, I think I can let my passion speak and convince people that they can try SBI, risk free (affiliate income) - that is something that Allan is very familiar with:) and...

Allan, what a great website you have. So professional and yet, it has a whoooole bunch of useful content. Not an easy thing to find these days.
Spike Parker
Said this on July 9, 2007 At 05:49 pm
Hello everyone. I am strongly considering buying Site Build It!. I believe that the first time I heard of it was here on Allan's site. Then Rosalind Gardner mentioned it in one of her newsletters. Then something happened that really got my interest. One of my personal friends mentioned that he had gotten involved in affiliate marketing and had a web site that he built that was bringing in about $800 a month and required very little attention for maintenance. I asked him for the URL and went to have a look. He had mentioned something about Dreamweaver in our conversation, so I was totally surprised when I got to the bottom of page 1 of his site and found "Built with Site Build It!". Come to find out, he was using Dreamweaver to enhance the HTML code of his site (something SBI allows that some other "providers" don't.) After that experience, when I see some blithering idiot saying something like "This is not real" or some other ridiculous comment, I just have to laugh and realize that not everyone can be a winner.
Said this on July 15, 2007 At 11:55 am
It would be interesting to see the websites of those that made their testimonals, but sadly there are no link to take a look?

[Not telling you their sites was their choice, not mine. If you want to see sites made using SBI, you can find many good examples here:
Said this on July 27, 2007 At 09:59 am
Just a thought, but it seems most (yes, most, not all) of these programs are just selling information to tell people to make money by selling information. And having read a fair number of these programs, most, if not all of the information, is already available in the public domain.

[As I say, these products are suitable for my audience. They may not be sitable for yours. Internet marketing information products have a major advantage - they nearly always pay high commissions. They also have a major disadvantage - it's an intensely competitive field, not the best place for a newcomer to start. If you think you can find most of the information free, good luck to you. My experience has been that it's possible to waste an awful lot of time trying to find free information. When you do find it, it's usually very difficult to know how reliable that information is. Buying information from a solid, reliable source is an excellent investment. Investing in knowledge is one of the best investments you can make - as long as you then use the information. Allan.]
Said this on August 3, 2007 At 07:14 am
I have been researching SBI and affiliate marketing and I am a little confused. What is the difference between SBI and Clickbank? Meaning, what am I actually selling with SBI? (Something in my niche, I know, but where is this product? on SBI or Clickbank?) Also, where I am promoting this? So, once I have a website and a product, and sales copy and/or articles, where am I advertising? How are people finding me? It's all such information overload I can't seem to figure out how to begin. I did download the Masters Course but I am still not understanding how this all works.

[I think you need to revisit each site and carefully re-read what is written there. ClickBank is an affiliate network. People who have products to sell list their products there. If you're selling a product, ClickBank can handle the tracking and pay your affiliates. SBI is a package of tools which includes web hosting, website building and marketing. Websites built using SBI are designed to be found by visitors who are using search engines. Our affiliate forum is a good place to ask questions. Allan.]
Said this on August 4, 2007 At 12:33 pm
I wasn't able to take the time to read each & every comment but I want to address the few at the top. I think Mr. Gardyne very adequately replies to all or at least most of the comments listed here and I think he's done a great job. I'm going to look into the companies he represents further in the coming days, weeks or even months but I'm already a proud affiliate of Site Build It! As a matter of fact, I found SBI! back in January of '05 because I was looking for a way to work and earn money so I could get off of disability forever.
Please take some time to read more about it on my site at http://www.physically-disabled-man-earning-money-o...
jane larsen
Said this on August 12, 2007 At 12:52 pm
It looks to good to be true.
I will try it and see what it can do for me too!
jane larsen
Roy Carter
Said this on August 15, 2007 At 09:09 am
I started out with an SBI site and now have two, with one more in progress. Each of them is earning money for me every month. I also have sites that have been built using other software now as well. The real interesting thing for me though is what my partner Lyn has done with her SBI site. A couple of years ago she literally hardly knew how to send an email, never mind build a website. She didn't even have a mobile phone and was a complete technophobe. I introduced her to SBI and this is the site that she has built herself, totally from scratch, by following the Action Guide to the letter.. The site now has around 5,000 visitors a month and she is making an excellent income from her new business, far outweighing what she earned previously from her 9-5 bank job. So anyone thinking of promoting SBI as an affiliate, at least you can be assured that you are promoting a product that really does work for people.
Said this on August 17, 2007 At 09:02 pm
Where are the other 9 of the top 10?

[There's one page for each of the top 10 affiliate programs. Scroll to the end of the article (NOT the end of the comments) and you'll find the links to the other 9. Allan.]
Ivan Piskov
Said this on September 4, 2007 At 02:44 pm
A live dog costs more than a dead lion. Allan, sad to say it, but either the success or the failure belongs to the main responsible person. And you are pointing at IMC course 2007 as one of your bestselling products, but you are praising Corey who died 2005. If this is the bestseller you are talking about, you should mention Derek Gehl. The King is Dead, Long live the King. Now Derek is the Man at IMC and he deserves the whole respect and honor as CEO. You know why you wrote it this way, but
Said this on September 16, 2007 At 02:19 am
Thank you for the info. I found an affiliate website to start multiple streams of residual income. It's called Loads of Cash. All I did was sign up for "Ultimate Wealth Package" for $50 and I collect checks for people who sign up on my site. It's so easy!

[HTML is disabled in comments on this site, so there's no point trying to place hyperlinks in comments. Allan.]
Shannon Macri
Said this on October 30, 2007 At 06:17 pm
It seems to me that we have a lot of people in here that keep blaming the "AFFILIATE" sytems offered these days. I've seen a lot of the affiliate sites from members that claim they never make any money. WELL, IT'S BECAUSE YOUR SITES SUCK!!! The sites look terible and have a "Mom and Pop" feel to them. IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTENT!!! If your site looks like a sales pitch no one person in the world is gonna buy. YOU NEED TO LOOK LIKE AN EXPERT AND OFFER FREE THINGS ON YOUR SITE!! Get people to trust you. STOP USING BANNER ADS AND LOADS OF TEXT LINKS IN YOUR BODY COPY. Too much of anything isn't good. My site is just about "Reviewing Diet Plans". I pretty much talk about the side effects of diet plans and I also compare diet plans for the average consumer. I only use text links !!! NO BANNER ADS. I also only recommend 2 diet plans that are safe to my readers. It makes me seem honest and trustworthy. I also love what I write about!!!! That's the #1 thing. Be in love with what you're promoting!! GREAT JOB ALLAN.
mister happy
Said this on November 3, 2007 At 11:23 am
Hi Allan
Couple of comments on SBI. After reading for 4 hours on the SBI site about how it works I jumped in with both feet. The revelation that it was a great move came days later. The mantra was build content on a subject you love.

What was the revelation - it happened while reading a case study and visiting another SBI site. I spent over an hour at the site and it was on a subject that really didn't attract me. It was the content that moved me to click through the whole site and then I realized that Ken was on to something big.

For those who don't think it is a great program - consider this. Little effort will get you a little reward. At $25 per month I have gained back 100 times that in knowledge. Faith is believing what you can't see, and based on the facts presented by SBI, those that follow the program will end up with a site in the top percentile world wide.

Allan - love it that you post the good and the bad. Ken doesn't need defending though. His bank account keeps him well defended I am sure.
Best wishes
Said this on November 8, 2007 At 05:04 pm
Wow, great information. I will begin applying it to my website :-D

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