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Associate Programs Newsletter #107

Wow! I've just spend the last few hours studying Marlon Sanders' new "How to Create The Ultimate, Automated Web Business".

If you think the idea of automating your business is a dream, check this out. You'll be amazed.

I knew it was possible to automate a few things, but I had no idea automation could be applied in all the 25 ways which Marlon's tutorials describe.

No one else teaches this information anywhere:

"How to Create The Ultimate, Automated Web Business." You'll love it.

(You can earn 50% commission selling it.)


1. Why I'm in such a good mood today
2. New Affiliate Union takes giant strides
3. Free long distance voice and video calls
4. New-look Bach has 56 pay-per-lead offers
5. Best branding expert on the planet
6. Shortest affiliate agreement on the planet?
7. 50% discount for Hawaii early birds
8. ROIbot adds yet another feature
9. Don't be a disappointed advertiser
10. Large Australian store pays 10% commission
11. List Partners will boost your subscriber numbers
12. New affiliate management software
13. Security hole found in Eudora
14. Thought for today: Why women want to be beautiful


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1. Why I'm in such a good mood today

I was making a cup of coffee this morning when it suddenly occurred to me that I was feeling happy for no apparent reason.

It was a sort of smiling-inside feeling and I didn't even know why.

Puzzled, I decided to track down what was causing it. It didn't take me long to figure it out. I'm getting a great sense of accomplishment out of creating something NEW.

On a rainy Saturday afternoon I conjured up the idea of, did some research and - with a little help from some friends - it now reviews 16 pay per click search engines. And it attracted 2,315 visitors in its first seven days. Not bad for a brand new site.

What I like most about it is that it's USEFUL. Because it's useful, people are telling others about it.

I'm really grateful to everyone who has helped spread the word about the new site. People such as...

Ralph Wilson of
Robert Woodhead of
Phil Wiley of
David Carter of
and Mark Brownlow of

You probably already know those sites but if you don't, do yourself a favor and check them out. They all succeed by being useful.

I hope you've discovered how useful is.

Like many website owners, at first I was reluctant to buy rankings on a search engine. However, eventually I learned how some websites are using to attract thousands of visitors every month.

It's highly cost-effective, cheap, targeted traffic - and it's hugely popular. In the first quarter of 2000, had about 88 million paid click-throughs.

The bad news is that the average click-through price paid has risen to 19 cents. It's getting harder and harder to buy cost-effective rankings.

That's why competitors such as and the just-launched search engine are so important. You can still buy rankings for many search terms for as little as 1 or 2 cents.

For example, on this week, first or second rankings were available for these popular keywords, for only 1 or 2 cents per click:


If you choose your keywords or phrases carefully and pay only 1 cent per click-through, that means you can buy 1,000 highly targeted visitors for only $10.

Can you earn $10 profit from 1,000 visitors to your site?

If you have an interesting, well designed site, those 1,000 visitors will visit 5,000 or more pages. You should be able to earn $10 from 5,000 page views. If you can't, you're in desperate need of Ken Evoy's "Make Your Site SELL!" - - the Bible of online selling.

[UPDATE: After selling more than 100,000 copies, it's now free.]

Right now, there's a window of opportunity.

You can buy rankings on the new pay per click search engines very cheaply. I know you'll receive only a tiny fraction of the visitors you would get from However, because you pay only when someone actually visits your site, it's worth while spending a rainy Saturday afternoon creating all those new links to your site. Another option: Hire a student to do it for you.

You can find all the new pay per click search engines here: It has links to excellent articles on how to get the most out of using these search engines.

2. New Affiliate Union takes giant strides

In only a few days, the new Affiliate Union - or whatever it will be called - has made rapid progress.

The early discussions began erratically, desperately in need of a moderator. Posted messages included time-wasting repetition, off-topic items and a hint of mud-slinging.
However, this e-mail discussion list appears to be self- correcting and is already well on the way to creating a useful list of criteria for a sort of "seal of approval" for affiliate program owners.

Now would be a good opportunity to have your say.

Join Harith Al-Jibury, Brian Clark, Wayne Browning, Rita Kershaw, Brad Waller, Wayne Porter, Shawn Collins and the rest of the merry gang at

[UPDATE: Affiliate Union was a good idea but its members seemed to be too busy to make it work, so it died.]

3. Free long distance voice and video calls
=========================================== is an online service which lets you make unlimited, free long distance voice and video calls from your PC anywhere in the world.

The calls - with or without video - are free because the website is supported by advertising, the company says.

For a limited time, visitalk is giving new members a free headset/microphone valued at $20 (for U.S. residents only).

Hundreds of thousands of other members worldwide are using, the company says.

Once you've joined, you can use an online form to refer your friends and family - as many as you like but only four at a time - and earn gift certificates redeemable at

4. New-look Bach has 56 pay-per-lead offers

Bach Systems has a new name and a new look.

Bach, a pay-per-lead network which helps website owners give away free trials, samples, sweepstakes, coupons, catalogs, and a variety of other offers, is now called

It has has 56 pay-per-lead offers for you to choose from, in 12 categories. Payouts vary from 7 cents to $20 per lead. It also has a 10% referral program.

"Some of our busiest affiliates generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each month," says CEO Scott Averbach.

If you haven't checked out the new site recently, you'll be impressed.

[UPDATE: Bach was renamed onResponse and bought by ValueClick in November 2000.]

Loyalty is priceless.
At it's FREE.
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5. Best branding expert on the planet

Is Rob Frankel REALLY the best branding expert on the planet?

Of course he is. Here's a little bit of proof. Consider how many marketing "experts" there are. Which one was clever enough to differentiate himself from the crowd and become known as "Mr Branding"?

Yes, that's right. Rob Frankel.

Here's his famous quotation:

     "Branding is not about getting your prospects to choose
     you over your competition; it's about getting your
     prospects to see you as the only solution to their problem."

And that's exactly what Rob is doing with his own business. His words of wisdom will help your business, too.

Rob is not only clever, he's also funny. I was both educated and entertained by his presentation at the E-Commerce 2000 conference.

I've ordered his new book, "The Revenge of Brand X", and I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Get yours at

6. Shortest affiliate agreement on the planet?

Rob Frankel doesn't believe in wasting words. Here's his affiliate agreement:

     "Terms: Affiliate commissions are paid monthly after
     accumulated commissions reach a minimum of $24 and
     are paid monthly thereafter. Commissions are paid on
     final sales only. Returns are not eligible.

     "And if for any reason, we feel you have abused this
     system, Rob Frankel has the right to cut you off at
     the knees and right out of the program, period."

I am NOT making this up. You can see Rob's agreement here

The affiliate program pays $8 commission per book.

[UPDATE: This program has closed.]


Start earning money from your web site today by joining
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to choose hundreds of merchants and thousands of products
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7. 50% discount for Hawaii early birds

Thom Reece is busy attracting talented new speakers for the E-Commerce 2001 conference in Hawaii.

You'll probably recognize the names . . .

     Matt Mickiewicz of,
     Steven Rothberg of and
     Randy Conrads of

. . . will be joining John Audette, Rob Frankel, Dan Janal, Thom and me in Hawaii in March, 2001.

There'll be no abstract theory. We'll describe the strategies and techniques we use - ones that work. We'll have a lot of fun, too. We did this year.

Register now and you'll get an Early Bird Discount of 50%. That's for all attendees who register and pay before July 31.

Register now. 

See you there!

[UPDATE: This conference is well and truly over.]

8. ROIbot adds yet another feature

When Mark Joyner launched ROIbot he said it would be much more than just a web-based tracking system, and it certainly is.

Version 4.0 a few days ago added the ROIbot Newsletter Server.

Version 5.0 adds the Spider Submission Server.

"As the name suggests, this app will turn your desktop PC into a submission server. It will schedule, spider and submit your sites to all known "spider engines".

"This one is really cool, since, just like our new Newsletter Server, you can set it up on a schedule and just let it work for you while you're taking care of more important things," says Stacie Dufresne of ROIbot.

[UPDATE: Mark sold his business to the innovative Nitro guys -

9. Don't be a disappointed advertiser

Website owners wanting to place a classified ad in the Associate Programs Newsletter are often disappointed to learn that they can't get their ad in immediately.

Because there's a heavy demand for ads and because I have no more than three in each edition, bookings are usually at least one month ahead of publication.

However, occasionally an ad spot becomes available earlier when someone postpones an ad because an affiliate program isn't ready in time.

If you're planning to advertise, please let me know now.

Full details are available on an autoresponder:

classads AT

10. Large Australian store pays 10% commission

Here's an affiliate program Australians will be interested in - dStore. With big money behind it, dStore sells a wide range of goods, in the toys, books, sports, health, videos/DVDs, music and pets categories and has plans for rapid expansion.

(It has lots of suggestions for Mother's Day.)

Affiliates can choose from more than 1,000 banners, buttons and logos, and can link to individual products. dStore pays 10% commission.

11. List Partners will boost your subscriber numbers

If you're looking for ways to add more subscribers to your newsletter, here's an option to consider.

Using the - - free service you can create an associate program and recruit subscribers for your e-mail list in exchange for advertising or cash.

Adam Thyer began List Partners with the intention of making it a fee-based service, but it's now 100% free.

Here's how Adam benefits from running the free service.

After people subscribe to a list, they're presented with a thank you page. This page has a link to another of Adam's websites, . He also recommends numerous resources in his follow-up e-mails.

If you're paying for subscriber sign-ups, you'll want to be sure the e-mail addresses aren't bogus, so I asked Adam about that.

"When we first started beta testing, there were a significant number of invalid addresses," he says. "We have since introduced a number of automated processes which have drastically reduced this problem.

"Our scripts now catch the majority of typos and it is *extremely* difficult for someone to defraud our system. We have not received any complaints whatsoever regarding this issue since making these improvements. We are also working on additional improvements to e-mail address parsing and fraud prevention/detection to provide even greater protection.

"However, I should emphasize, that it is *impossible* to create an automated system which totally eliminates typos, or to guarantee that a talented cracker can not bypass our anti- cheating measures (the same can be said for ANY pay per subscriber, pay per click, or pay per lead affiliate program). We therefore send list owners a list of subscribers at the end of each month and encourage them to scrutinize these addresses manually to check for unusual patterns," Adam says.

12. New affiliate management software

James Morris's team has created AffiliTrack 2000, an affiliate program management system.

"Our ultimate goal was to develop a tool that was intuitive and flexible," James says. "AffiliTrack 2000 has many features that would be extemely beneficial to people participating in affiliate programs. AffiliTrack 2000 allows storing of multiple products for a single program and the storing of multiple linking methods (HTML code or URL) per product."

It costs $49.99. The one-tier affiliate program, which is tracked by ClickBank, pays 25% commission plus bonuses.

You can download the free demonstration version, which will expire after 15 days, at

13. Security hole found in Eudora

ZDNet News reports that a security hole has been found in Eudora e-mail software, and also tells you how to plug the hole. It's just a matter of adding one line to your Eudora.ini file.,4586,2557027,00.html

14. Thought for today: Why women want to be beautiful

"Most women would rather have beauty than brains - because they know men can see better than they can think." - James Dobson.


All the best

Allan Gardyne

May 4, 2000

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